Thursday, June 30, 2011

Taxing Times

Confessions of a wannabe accountant...

Ever since clearing my hefty HECS debt
I get a tad smiley about the end of the financial year.
Like one of those irritating EOFYS ads -  without the S.

Tax time is looming...and my excitement is building!

I've never, never, not ever had my tax 'done'.
That would be like paying someone to go out and run for me or shop on my behalf.
Giving my fun away freely - and paying for the privilege.
Think not.
Even if it is tax deductable.
(I am completely at ease soldier with having other things 'done' though
- hair, nails, waxing, boobs... please.)

I delight in receipt accumulation from July to June
- spiking those babies regularly.

Have you seen anything so beautiful??

Then, come June 30, I get to sort through Mount Receiptmore and categorise those little beauties into different mini mountains based on their 'powers of deduction'.

The next phase of the game involves waiting oh so (im)patiently for our friendly Australia Post representative to bring home the bacon - or the group certificates and other documentation really.

Then I can embark on the evenings of online dalliance with my E Tax toyboy, inputting 'data', attempting to make sense of 'subsection3a, point 74, part b' and working my amateur tax man magic.

It's a bit akin to my fascination with The Biggest Loser.
It's all about the numbers.
I do love watching my estimated return bobbing up and down like those stupid electronic scales they have.

Except these days I get to be two fat people stepping on the scales.
Hubby entrusts his tax baby to my care.
I fear, not because of my outstanding skill base but more than likely my proximity to his home.
He's a lazy biggest loser.

So, I bid you goodnight as I head off to download this year's pin up  E Tax file.

Now, should I (or Hubby) incur a tax debt come this July (or any time in the future), I may take a completely different- less smiley - view of the whole square silly season.

Are you a taxtotaller or a taxaholic?

Shar :-)

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MultipleMum said...

It is all about outsourcing here. I haven't done my own for at least a decade. It isn't complicated but it gets done. Having said that, our accountant only just lodged 2009/10 two days ago so I won't hold my breath for 2010/11! I hope you get a gigantic return x