Saturday, July 2, 2011

Grateful for... Saturdays

In direct oppostion to the whole spirit of 'Grateful For...',
welcome to Whingefest 2011.

I usually love "Grateful for...Saturday"s, but I'm struggling this week.
Couldn't find a grateful word in my head last night
(plenty of words, some choice ones, but not an appreciative one to be found).

Now on Saturday morn, I'm typing this in bed for goodness sake.
At an ungodly hour -
as in an hour when I would usually have my running gear on and be out the door.

Instead, I can't find any motivation to 'rise' and I definitely can't find any motivation to 'shine'.
I'll wait here until Magoo comes a cuddling.

Hey - I'm super grateful for Magoo and cuddles. Sincerely.

Coincidentally, I have not run in ten days and counting.
I'm not injured or taking a 'break' - well, not voluntarily anyway.
I'm single parenting again and running doesn't find it's merry way into that programme.

Since the high of the marathon a couple of weeks ago,
I have run a measly total of thirty minutes.
I suspect it may be getting to me!!!

The other half to my (not so) dynamic parenting duo was due back yesterday,
but I arrived home from a particularly crapola day at work,
to be greeted by an email - yes an email - from him
stating the obvious.
That our little slice of Gotham City would have to continue
to be saved singled handedly for now.

Gratitude was not what sprung to mind...or mouth.
Batgirl's a little tired here!

Work has been relentless, Mum's health saga depressing,
Magoo a little challenging, sleep intermittent, the weather blinkin atrocious...
Blah, blah and blah some more!!

And look who's padded in to put in all back into perspective -

Bless his little bed head wings.
I'm sooooo grateful for that sweet little face, that cute little voice, those warm little hands, his crinkly eye smile - that wipe this big ol cranky mug away.

It's Saturday.
A new day.
A weekend.
Let's love it.

I'm sorry I let you down Maxabella.
The sun will shine here next week.

Shar :-)


Tara @ Mum-ments said...

Aww hun i hope you have a fabulous saturday just snuggling your gorgeous little man sometimes thats all we need
And youll get back into running in no time when your ready, the hardest part is getting started once youve started you'll be running your little heart out again

MultipleMum said...

For a whingefest, you sure are positive! Don't worry! You will hit the streets again soon and all balance will return. It is probably good to rest a bit after a marathon anyway? In the meantime, snuggle that little bundle of cuteness. What could be better than that? I hope you get a break soon x

Maxabella said...

See, that's the most positive whinge I've heard in ages. It's gotta help, right?

You'll get back to the running. I've been much the same with my Commando eating program - so off it. Not motivated. I think I was very, very bored and it just slipped away. I felt it going and I said to LOML on Friday - you know what, I'm going to take a break (even though techinically I'm on a break already). If I make it official, I think I just might get it back... you know what I mean?

And, again, making something fit in with changes in our lifestyle is critical. It won't work if we can only do it when X = Y, you know? So maybe a readjustment there. You might not be able to go out running, but a pram and a big, long walk might help for a bit? Or running around the clothesline again and again and again... oh, no, wait. That's REALLY boring!


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Shar, I am feeling your pain... although you have kind of trumped my dodgy week with that lot... so big hugs to you!
I like that you can find some positives in the negatives. Well done for solo parenting for so long too, let's hope you receive an extra special pressie upon hubby's return... or even just an hour to go running :o) xo

Miss Mandy said...

Sounds like my post a few days back. knacked sums it up right now. I hear you.
I'm learning to run and the biggest frustration is being tied to the house cause there is no one else to look after the children. It's such a juggling act this parenting, especially when you're stuck at times doing it on your own.
Hope you feel better soon.