Thursday, July 7, 2011

7th of the 7th

Dear Diary,

  • is my Mum's birthday. Every year I wish I could spend it with her. This year she marks her 'special' day by attending the burial of her cousin who died in tragic circumstances and then an appointment with her cardiac specialist to discuss her impending heart surgery. A 'happy birthday' indeed.

  • began with a win. Literally. I rose to an email from the gorgeous Alex @ Whoa Mumma informing me that I had won myself a copy of the new 'The Little Engine That Could'. The perfect antidote to waking up feeling like 'The Little Engine Who Couldn't (Be Bothered).

  • the students at school were a mirror of my heart. How come they get to be cranky, feral monsters while I have to maintain my smiley composure?

  • I purchased some adorable pics of my Magoo and little family. We cooperated with a family photo fundraiser at Magoo's child care centre recently (mainly because of my 'I'm on the committee' guilt) with little expectation. Last year's freebie pic is still in it's envelope as Hubby hated the photoshopping of his freckles and Magoo couldn't muster more than a grumpy scowl for the nasty man behind the camera. I looked fabulously fake (thank you, retouching editor) but the photo hasn't seen the light of day. Today, I rushed in, saw three, large, really-looks-like-us smiles on that glossy paper, gave another for good measure and bought the lot. The fantastic, super child friendly photographer added her own smile to the mix and pocketed the cash. A happy unbirthday for her.
  • I was summonsed to jury duty - and was sadly excited by it! Just last week, I was teaching a unit on law and government (yee haa) and realised that I'd never been (randomly) selected for jury duty. Obviously, because I wasn't considered worthy by whatever random citizen generating contraption they have. Relieved to see I've earnt my place as a citizen after all.

  • I received the annual water rates and was not the slightest bit excited by it - nor the inevitable sequel of council rates to follow.

  • I finally scheduled a much longed for movie night with special friends. We may just be the last three women in Australia to view 'Bridesmaids'. But I'm sure we'll love it.

  • I have had Paula Abdul's 20 year old tune 'Opposites Attract' stuck in my head. It came outta absolutely nowhere in the car this morn and has stuck around since. Thinking it has something to do with the "two steps forward, two steps back" business.

Shar :-)


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh what a lovely family photo Shar. Your Magoo looks so much like you!
I feel almost guilty that we have never done a professional sitting as a family... lots of candids though, gotta love the candids ;o)
Your poor Mama, I hope she at least has a moment on her birthday where she gets to enjoy it for herself.
Eek, jury duty scares the daylights out of me... I am happy if they never get around to calling on my name for that community service.
And nope, you're not the last women in Aust to see Bridesmaids... my best friend and I have a date to see it this weekend... hope it's as good as we're expecting!?

Sarah said...

The family photo is really lovely. I've never been picked for jury duty and I would LOVE to be part of a trial as well. As regards the teaching *sigh* I had many days of feeling crappy but like you, had to maintain the professional demeanour. Times like that, being a teen again would have been great. Hope things improve xxx

Miss Mandy said...

having that paula abdul song stuck in your head has to be the most terrible thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

What great photographs! Your magoo is just adorable.

Enjoy the movie.