Friday, July 22, 2011

Grateful For... This Chance

This week I could write a book on what I'm feeling grateful for,
 but I'll spare you the waffle and go with the blurb version.

I'm so very grateful for families.
Two in particular- the one that I have created and the one that created me.
Magoo is warming my heart with the way he's taken to my family 
 - and lapped up the rockstar treatment!
In Australia home, I'm happy
- but I'm a bit of a floating vessel with nowhere to really anchor.
Here in Ireland home,
I'm flanked by Mum, Dad, sisters, brother, cousins, aunties, uncles...
I couldn't float away if I tried!

I'm grateful for my own lack of usual indecisive to-and-froing.
I celebrate the impulsive decision that has brought me here to Ireland at exactly the time when I'm supposed to be here.
To think, I was coming over for my Mum. Genuinely.
I am so pleased to be with her as she faces the next week.
But, I am in some sort of Nirvana state myself!
I needed this as much as my Mum did, I just didn't know it.

I'm so grateful for this chance to 'return to my roots' again.
And this time I've been lucky enough to bring a little branch that I've made with me.

I'm very grateful for the gorgeous pink piglet stroller that Mum's friend has lent Magoo and I!
Look past the gender bias and see the gift.
Each morning, while the rest of the house (and the whole town, it seems) is just thinking about rising, Magoo and I head out for a beautiful walk into town, around the castle or up to my favourite spot in town - our church.

Let's play Spot Magoo!
I'm grateful for opportunities here to run every morning, to rest, to recharge, to reconnect with people, to be the 2IC instead of always the CEO with Magoo sometimes, to laugh until my belly aches and drink my year's quota of tea!

I'll spare you the next few chapters and get back to the 'craic'.

Joining in with Maxabella's Grateful For...Saturday (via BabyMac this week).

Shar :-)


Kellie said...

Ah, what a fabulous list. You have been blessed this week.
And the pink piglet stroller sounds absolutely fab!! ;)

Teresa said...

I had to smile when I read your comment about being the 2IC for a change instead of the CEO! On a recent trip 'home' to visit my sisters, I couldn't believe the difference a few extra, willing hands to help makes. Enjoy!

Loz said...

Sounds bliss. Enjoy! Nothing better than family to anchor you... I really love that sentence :)

Seana Smith said...

How lovely to be back in your Irish home, my family is all in Scotland and I just love going back there with the kids. It's so true that having lots of people around makes mothering SO much easier. Especially people who really, really love them. Great to meet you via Weekend Grateful.

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Gorgeous! What a wonderful time you had. I hope you are still feeling warmed by the memories.

Visiting via the REwind.