Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Introducing Our 'Missi'...

She's here...

And she's got us all wrapped around her perfect tiny little princess fingers already.

Our adorable 'Missi' arrived on Tuesday 28th August weighing a sweet 3.16kg.
Can you tell I'm just a little smitten here?

Must get back to that intoxicating newborn skin.

Wishing you a beautiful week doing whatever it is that might be happening outside of this beautiful baby bubble I currently occupy.
I'm sure we'll surface soon enough.

Shar xx

Monday, August 27, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 50

Totes cheating this week.

As hard as it is to believe, I did not take those snaps.

I didn't take these either...

Or these...

I didn't snap these...

Or even these...

If you don't tell, neither will I. 

Thank you Amelia Claire Fine Art Photography for doing my 52 Week Project homework for me this week.
Shar :-)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Point + Shoot : Roll Up, Roll Up

For a long time now, I've wanted to take Magoo to the circus.
(Let's be honest - for a long time now I have wanted to go to the circus!
Isn't this 'forever young' deal why we have kids in the first place?!))

I purchased tickets during the week and was delighted to see Magoo's excitement grow each day.

Poor little guy doesn't quite realise that we're about to embark on
our very own at-home-three-ring-circus within the week!

Saturday's show did not disappoint - either of us.
It was good old fashioned entertainment that had us mesmerised, laughing
and in some cases gripping the arm next to us and freaking out.
That 'Wheel of Death' could very nearly be rechristened
'The Wheel of Holy Heck Mummy Might Just Go Into Labour Watching This Business'.

Aside from the circus to enjoy, there was sunshine to soak up, birthdays to celebrate
and ridiculous levels of nesting to engage in over the weekend.

How was yours?
Much clowning around?

Linking with Lou's Point + Shoot
point + shoot
Shar :-)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Grateful for... Calmmmmmm

This week I'm taking the liberty of giving myself a pat on the back.
Well, in truth, more a patting and rubbing of the belly - but nonetheless.

After a tumultuous week on the home front and with people around me choosing some unusual ways to conduct themselves... I'm grateful for the general sense of calm I have maintained here.

Maybe I'm just too busy rubbing my belly and dreaming of little pink fingers and toes to be phased.
Maybe I've simply been too lazy or self indulgent to fire up where I would have normally taken the bait.
Maybe I sense something bigger coming into my bubble of baby bliss here to worry myself silly or take on board others' issues.

Either way, it's been a welcome state of mind this week.
So welcome, I cordially invite it to stay for at least the next six months to sixteen years if it wants to.

On a more Magoo note, one day we may just be grateful for this impromptu daddy tutorial.
As disturbing-ish as it is ... I guess, they're never too young to learn hey?
Linking with Maxabella Loves' 52 Weeks of Grateful
         Shar :-)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 49

Fresh hair - tick

Pedicured toes - tick
(Thank you my beautiful girls. Not my ugly toes.
As in my lovely friends who gifted me the treatment!)

Waxing braved - tick

(Pleeeeeease. Image unnecessary.)

Capsule fitted - tick

Final ob appointment attended - tick
(Guess who's a tad snap happy this week?)

Okay, baby girl.
Mummy's reeeeeeaaaadyyyy!.

Shar :-)

The 52 week project continues in my own little world.
3 weeks of selfies to go.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Whether The Weather

One of those notorious  - and pretty boring - fallback polite topics of conversation is the weather.
So, I guess that makes a weather watcher like me pretty boring too.

I don't necessarily like to discuss the weather constantly - although I have been heard to make a number of planny plans for when the 'Summer weather' arrives and we haven't actually reached Spring yet.

I don't even particularly understand a lot of the weather conditions and terminology.

I just LOVE to check the weather.
Maybe it's another one of those 'control' things I've got going on.
No rogue storm is going to catch me  - or my washing - unawares!
Name a day this week and I can tell you the forecast without hesitation.

I'm always checking the BOM website religiously and it's first in my bank of 'favourites' tabs.
The Elders 28 Rainfall Chart is on my regular hit list (only a medium probability of rain for Magoo's birthday party at two and a half weeks out) and I'm loving myself some too.

Be still my beating heart :-)
I like to plan my exercise and wardrobe dependant on the weather. To be prepared like a good boy scout.
I get excited at the prospect of bright mornings, sunny days and balmy evenings - and get disgruntled when 'they' get it all wrong.

I'm definitely a believer in 'Seasonally Affected Disorder' and feel that people's moods are often affected by the weather.
I find it very hard to be down and out when the sun is shining - but am much less inclined to hang about chatting if my feet are cold thank you very much.

However, last weekend we had a family photo shoot booked.
As the end of the week approached, the forecast was becoming dodgier and dodgier - until the day itself saw a severe weather warning issued and torrential downpours.
After to and fro-ing with the photographer for a couple of days, a last minute decision was made to brave the weather with boots and brollies anyway.
All that weather watching to go right ahead regardless!

For the record, we had an absolute ball in the wind and rain.
The actual shots? Well, we'll see!

You a weather nerd?
Couldn't care less?

Shar :-)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Point + Shoot : Bentos + Babies

I think family traditions are so beautiful and rich in emotion.
I love precious little customs that are meaningful to family members
and that will form the basis of so many treasured memories.

We have a rather moving Friday evening ritual around here.
Involving a sweet local guy named Shingo.
Shingo happens to make THE BEST teriyaki chicken - in his tiny kebab shop.
After work on a Friday, I look forward to gathering with my boys and sharing a Bento with my little man.

See, almost brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

But things have changed.

This week, there was no after work for me - but bentos nonetheless.
This week, Magoo declared himself ready to tackle a 'big boy bento' all of his own.
This greedy Mummy happily complied as Magoo's share of her Friday feast has been increasing each week.

I've heard Mums tell of how grown up their other children seem when they have a newborn in their arms.
There's no hope for me then, because this boy has graduated to the big boy bento
- a rite of passage around these parts - 
 and bub isn't even here yet.

On a more seriously sweet note,
I had the pleasure of 'showering' a gorgeous friend's bub with a lovely bunch of ladies on Sunday afternoon.

And ladies we were -
with a stunning setting, china teacups and divine treats laid out like a magazine spread.
 I just can't wait to meet the adorable little person that was so stylishly celebrated this weekend.

How was your weekend?
Any highly emotional rituals to speak of?

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Shar :-)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Grateful For... A Special 'Kiss'

This week, Master Magoo decided that a week of no medical attention whatsoever just wouldn't do.
Without a single appointment planned for the first time in a while, he took matters into his own hands... or nose.

In a bid to entertain a beautiful young girl, Magoo put a piece of popcorn up his nose.

I have a feeling this won't be the last time he opts to do something pretty dumb to impress the ladies.

That kernel was well and truly lodged though, so off to a nearby medical centre we did go.

After an hour of the doctor trying in vain to extract that salty goodness with suction tools and various instruments, then threatening anaesthetic intervention - Mummy stepped up to the plate.

Showing his gratitude the next day.
What self-respecting blogger doesn't
photograph the actual kernel extraction??
If you happen to find yourself in a similar position - which Magoo now assures me I won't - I can vouch for the following technique :
  • Block the unaffected nostril with one hand.
  • Place your mouth over your child's mouth - CPR style.
  • Blow, blow and bloooow again.
  • Catch that sucker as it flies out.

Master Magoo later told his Daddy that the whole thing was "easy, peasy, Japanesey".
Mummy just had to do "special kissing".

I'm grateful that we avoided that dreaded children's hospital and any more drama than necessary.

What are you grateful for this week / day / moment?
Come join us @ Village Voices for Maxabella Loves' '52 Weeks of Grateful'.

 Shar :-)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 48

In the next couple of weeks, my baby girl shall be leaving the building.
Maybe even to thunderous applause, who knows?

As Mrs Woog  refers to it - she will be making her exit through the sun roof.

(Props to her brother who unfortunately abused the traditional exit so convincingly during his own birth
that he has rendered that route unavailable to any of his siblings.)

Four years ago, I was petrified of facing a caesarean.
Now, I'm petrified of the alternative.

When I think about this baby being delivered in theatre and under such controlled conditions
- I no longer pull my 'sulk' face.
It's a-ok with me.

The recovery will be what the recovery will be.
I do find my bottom lip protruding when I think about my driving privileges being revoked for weeks.

I've mentioned before how harrowing it is to have my car 'amputated' for a single day  -
let alone for weeks.

That said, with a newborn attached to you 24-7, 'freedom' really is a redundant term anyway isn't it?

Also, a license to drive can be a dangerous thing.
Often it leads to this sort of business...

Have you been grounded by a c-section?

Shar :-)
Yep - I'm still persisting with that 52 Week Project caper.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ladies, All The Ladies...

Clumsily scramble onto soapbox, pull knickers from behind, adopt hypocritical stance, clear throat...

Ladies, are you 'looking after' yourself in the midst of all that 'looking after' everybody else?
Are you in the Martyr Mummy Brigade - 'cause, you know,  that's just how it is - suck it up and keep on keeping on?
Are you waiting until tonight/tomorrow/next week/your birthday/next year/school age/when the kids leave home... to do that something for you?

Uh huh. Me too. Guilty, your honour.

This week one of the fittest, healthiest women I know has had a scare.
A scary scare - that has me reeling.
And wanting to send each and every one of my beautiful girlfriends off on a mini break.

Yes, we can't 'afford' to get sick - so we convince ourselves we're not.
Yes, we can't 'afford' to drop any of the balls - so we run ourselves ragged. 
Yes, no one else will do it if we don't - so we do it.
Yes, so-and-so manages even more than us - so we can't possibly ask for/accept help.

Will it take a serious kick in the visible panty line to make us prioritise our own health and happiness though?

Of course our families, partners and children need us.
They need us alive and kicking.
Healthy and happy.

I dare you (and I ) to...
  • Ignore the dust and have a cuppa.
  • Use the creche/neighbour/family member and schedule that exercise/pedicure/dance class/coffee break.
  • Put eggs on toast on the dinner menu.
  • Make that doctor's appointment - for you.
  • Say no occasionally.
  • Close the bathroom door.
  • Ask for a hand.
  • Offload some guilt - and any unnecessary energy sappers.
  • Demand a day off - and find a way to make it happen.
  • Be your own best friend - and heed the advice you would give her.

I say all of this as I look down at my lists of lists of lists  - so please do as I say, not as I do!

I'm also slightly intoxicated by that extra freedom, chill and luxury that the first week of [baby free] maternity leave brings.     Direct me here in a month's time, won't you?

Make ungainly descent from soapbox, catch breath, re-adjust knickers.

Shar :-)

Monday, August 13, 2012

All Creatures Great and Small

There's nothing like the last weeks of pregnancy to get you in touch with our friends of the animal kingdom.

Right now I'm...

waddling like a duck,
eating like a pig,
feeling like a hippo,
feathering my nest like a bird,
sporting the cheeks of a bullfrog and the patience of a gnat.


clucky like a chook,
protective like a mama bear,
wide eyed in the night like an owl,
swimming like a turtle (a turtle with an unfortunate injury even)
and have the short term memory of a goldfish.

Hubby would probably like to add that at times I'm bearing a striking resemblance to a female dog.
But like an ostrich, I'll just keep my head in the sand on that one.

It's some comfort to know that very shortly I'll leave many of these creature features behind 
- only to adopt the role of a haggard dairy cow for a while.

You feeling particularly feral at the moment?

Sharrrrrrr :-)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Point + Shoot : Bubby Brunching

I've said it before and I'll say it again...
and again...and again...

The women in my life are utterly fabulous.

I love a celebration - of any kind.

The generosity and kindness of people borders on embarrassing.

These seem to be common trends in my life - and therefore, this space.
But, not really.
I make no apology that I am one fortunate lass with amazing friends.

This morning a Baby Brunch was held in honour of this little lady inside me.
(I always knew there was a 'lady' in me somewhere - too bad she has to vacate the premises shortly!)

The beautiful company was a treat in itself - and then the gifts started to surface.

My baby girl is a super spoilt little one already
- but now I can blame everyone else when she turns out to be quite the madam!

Aren't second children supposed to have to fight for attention and spoils?
The gorgeous women who have literally 'showered' us this week have made it far too easy on this bub.
And have made her Daddy slightly nervous about the wardrobe space that is going to be required from here on in.

Linking with Lou's Point + Shoot
point + shoot
Did your weekend leave you slightly red faced but super grateful too?

Shar :-)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Grateful For... Goodbye...For Now

Today was my last day of (paid!) teaching - for 2012 anyway.

As much as I absolutely love my part time role and the super special school community I'm part of -
this heavily preggo (emphasis on the heavy) body does not.

My aching back tells me it's had enough of small people, desks and chairs -  all that bending and squatting.

My throbbing feet tell me they are over shoes that aren't soft, fluffy or able to be showered in.

My pounding head tells me that although their little voices are oh so sweet -  it's sore from hearing at least thirty of them in succession or even all at once.

My heavy eyes tell me that while 8 hours in a working day isn't an eternity
- it's a long time to be switched on at this stage of the game.

I'm so very grateful to take maternity leave today.
My back, feet, head and eyes second, third, fourth and fifth that motion.

I'm grateful to have thoroughly enjoyed the job I'm vacating and for the possibility of returning to a similar role at some point too.

The countdown begins! (Or continues, if i'm honest!)

Linking with Maxabella's 52 Weeks of Grateful 

Shar :-)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 47

So here's young Magoo sweetly doing what he has sweetly done for a few months now.
(Not talking our bub through the making of berry muffins, per say.)

Trying to lull me into a false sense of security.
Trying to make me believe that he will be nothing but beautiful to his baby sister.
Trying to maintain a front that the green eyed monster won't be rearing it's ugly, tantrum throwing "but, look at ME" head in the next few weeks.

I'm not buying it. No, sirree.
(But there is a glimmer of fairy tale induced hope in every girl's heart, isn't there?)

After taking centre stage in the solo division around here for almost four years, it will be an adjustment for Magoo to share the limelight - not to mention the audience, costumes, make up and bouquets.

I have bought gifts for him on behalf of his sister and he has chosen a gift to give the baby. 
I plan to spend some one on one time with my big boy as soon (and often) as possible after his sister's arrival.
I have a stash of little 'surprises' for feeding time, should they be necessary.
Magoo is now wiping his own bottom and dressing himself. (As well as loading & unloading the washing machine, wiping down his table and 'making' his bed - of his own accord, I swear!)

Any other hot tips for navigating the first few weeks (years?) of sibling-hood?

In the home stretch of Fi's 52 Week Project - even though it is officially over as a link up @ My Mummy Daze.

Shar :-)

BTW ~ please don't be concerned for Magoo's welfare.
It was a very mild 15 degrees in Perth the morning of this pic.
After receiving the gas bill the day  before, I was encouraging the household to refrain from turning the heater on without due cause.
Magoo has an unfortunate double dose of the smart ass gene, so was subtly making a point with his pyjamas, dressing gown and beanie. He did take his thermal gloves off to stir the mixture at least.
I predict some teenage fun ahead of us. :-)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Running - Let's talk

Shar (
Sent : Aug 2012

Subject : Um, us.

Hi there,
Hope you are well.

So this is a little awkward.
It's been a while.
A long while.

I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you in the past few months even though we haven't spent any time together.

It's not that I haven't wanted to, but it just hasn't been the right time.
Even though I've missed you, I've needed to put my family first this year and play it safe.

I hope you are still as terrific as when we last hung out and that all the cold, wet weather lately hasn't got you down.

I see you've been hanging out with a couple of my friends recently too.
Maybe when you and I have had a decent catch up ourselves, we could all venture out together one weekend?

I must warn you.
It'll be different.
I'll be different.
I don't look like I used to and I sure as heck won't feel like I used to.

But if you're willing to give me another chance, I look forward to getting together again before the end of the year.

Shar xxx

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Blog Post (It Note)

Friends, bloggers, countrymen...

It is Master Magoo's 4th birthday early next month.

I have bought, wrapped and hidden his presents.

Considering the fact that I will be having a craniotomy baby between now and then...

I feel the need to tell you that they are under the bub's cot in the nursery, concealed by the grey blanket with the pink elephant on it.

Please drop me an email or text at the start of September with this information to save me from crying and wailing that I am the worst mother in the world because (among many other reasons) I forgot to organise birthday presents for my poor, gorgeous son.

On the upside, watching Magoo open his presents will have a double excitement factor to it this year - as I'll get to rediscover each one myself.

Shar :-)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Point + Shoot : Avon Adventures

Bells Rapids - not so 'rapid' in 2012
   For 16 of his, ahem, 21 or so years my Hubby has competed in an international white water endurance event called The Avon Descent here in WA.

This event is sometimes known as The 'Avon Divorce' in the smart-alec wifey circles that I like to associate in. 
The Avon is a huge commitment in training terms - but also seems to consume a man's every thought (not to mention finances) for weeks and render him unable to speak about anything else for longer than ten seconds.

Whilst the lead up to the Avon is sometimes a tad fractious on the family front,
the weekend itself is one I really look forward to.
Once I realised, a few years ago, that support crew are prone to abuse/neglect
and adjusted my expectations accordingly -  I've always enjoyed the experience.

Magoo and I only joined in the fun on the Sunday this year -  and only in a cheer leading capacity. 
My front-heavy status deemed me a tad too clumsy (read 'useless') for scrambling across rocks, onto river banks and over fences this year.

So with little responsibility or pressure and a beautiful dry day, Magoo and I had a wonderful time visiting a few vantage points along the way.

(Hubby was obviously fortunate enough to secure a sponsorship this year - can you guess who?) 
7am - slightly keen
9am - what do you mean 'selling out'?
11am - happy riverside
1pm - Daddy spotting with Grandad
1pm - preparing for a pit stop and more riverside repairs
1.30pm - making new friends in trees
2pm - Finish line bound

With hideously low water levels and a run of bad luck, Hubby did not have such a wonderful time though.

Linking with Lou's Point + Shoot
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How was your weekend?
Any battle scars/interesting chafe to share this Monday?
4.30pm - war wounds
Shar :-)