Thursday, August 16, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 48

In the next couple of weeks, my baby girl shall be leaving the building.
Maybe even to thunderous applause, who knows?

As Mrs Woog  refers to it - she will be making her exit through the sun roof.

(Props to her brother who unfortunately abused the traditional exit so convincingly during his own birth
that he has rendered that route unavailable to any of his siblings.)

Four years ago, I was petrified of facing a caesarean.
Now, I'm petrified of the alternative.

When I think about this baby being delivered in theatre and under such controlled conditions
- I no longer pull my 'sulk' face.
It's a-ok with me.

The recovery will be what the recovery will be.
I do find my bottom lip protruding when I think about my driving privileges being revoked for weeks.

I've mentioned before how harrowing it is to have my car 'amputated' for a single day  -
let alone for weeks.

That said, with a newborn attached to you 24-7, 'freedom' really is a redundant term anyway isn't it?

Also, a license to drive can be a dangerous thing.
Often it leads to this sort of business...

Have you been grounded by a c-section?

Shar :-)
Yep - I'm still persisting with that 52 Week Project caper.


javajane2011 said...

Your tummy looks s cute! This post made me smile throughout!! Love the sunroof analogy!!! I didnt have a C section.. but my close friends that did didnt mind not driving.. and said it went pretty fast!! So exciting that its all happening so soon and you meet your baby girl!! xx

Leesa @ loveteaandme said...

Hello! I had a c-section with my daughter and I don't remember being too bothered about the driving...mind you she was my first which made it easier. I found the recovery went quickly and felt like I was back in my usual routine in no time! Wishing you well! :-)

Kate Sins said...

I love that you're still taking selfies!!

Don't know what a c-section is like but I was happy to walk everywhere for the first few weeks. In my mind it's less effort than getting babies in and out of car seats...x

Mama of 2 boys said...

I've had two c-sections Shar, thanks to a mighty Angus turning breech in the latter stages... then being 4.6kg... my obstetrician described me as "having form" while I was pregnant with Felix, so strongly suggested another c-section... he was 4.4kg, so my nether regions were thankful ;)
Whilst I was absolutely devastated when I found out I'd be needing one with Angus, I was totally at ease with the news I'd need one with Felix.
The best way I can describe it is unusual. But then any birth could be classed that way I guess. And the same could be said for recovery too. It's a little uncomfortable and tender... but then I have heard of many a tender and uncomfortable recovery after natural birth also.
And don't worry too much about the driving. I drove after 2 weeks with Angus... but was back behind the wheel after 1 week with Felix. You just do what you feel comfortable doing. Just take things steady and you'll be perfectly fine my friend.
If you have ANY pre or post c-section questions, I'm only an email or phone call away xoxo

Tamsyn said...

Your belly is so gorgeous!! I had a c-section with Max (and am having another one in November), it honestly wasn't as bad as it's made out to be.

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

I love pregnant bellies! You look great. So lovely to have been here for the whole journey. Can't wait to hear the big news soon too. xx

Sim said...

I've had two C-sections and 1 natural. I was driving in a week after my 3rd bubba was born due to necessity - I was home alone and had to ferry the other children to school and preschool. Recovery wise, yes I was a bit tender, but both types of deliveries made me tender in different ways. Good luck with everything.