Friday, August 24, 2012

Grateful for... Calmmmmmm

This week I'm taking the liberty of giving myself a pat on the back.
Well, in truth, more a patting and rubbing of the belly - but nonetheless.

After a tumultuous week on the home front and with people around me choosing some unusual ways to conduct themselves... I'm grateful for the general sense of calm I have maintained here.

Maybe I'm just too busy rubbing my belly and dreaming of little pink fingers and toes to be phased.
Maybe I've simply been too lazy or self indulgent to fire up where I would have normally taken the bait.
Maybe I sense something bigger coming into my bubble of baby bliss here to worry myself silly or take on board others' issues.

Either way, it's been a welcome state of mind this week.
So welcome, I cordially invite it to stay for at least the next six months to sixteen years if it wants to.

On a more Magoo note, one day we may just be grateful for this impromptu daddy tutorial.
As disturbing-ish as it is ... I guess, they're never too young to learn hey?
Linking with Maxabella Loves' 52 Weeks of Grateful
         Shar :-)


ally said...

Looks like he's got great technique!
Always grateful for calm - when it chooses to visit

Laura @ Twenty5seven said...

it is kinda scary and yet very important. Those kind of skills need to be seated deep in your brain so that even when you're scared and nervous, you can somehow do it on autopilot.

Mama of 2 boys said...

OH WOW, look at little Magoo go! That is wonderful Shar, what a clever boy. And so pleased to hear you have that sense of calm, so very important for the new adventure you're about to embark on... well not completely new, just different I guess xo

Posie Patchwork said...

Best part of pregnancy hormones, the calm, just letting the drama pass you on by. I'm learning not to take the bait, especially with a teenager, she's pretty wonderful but you have to stay on your toes & keep calm, it's where the power is, truly, love Posie

Seana Smith said...

Keeping calm is one of the greatest skills, cos flinging oil on the fire or meeting fire with fire rarely helps... no, never helps. I live with some very... errr... lively and spirited people and if I can only keep calm... mostly do, but sometimes not.

Anyway, here's to hormones and your body letting you know what is most important.

Tat @ Mum in search said...

I've been feeling the same way and it's great, isn't it? I even had a hard time writing writing my grateful post this week... I'm feeling so grateful for everything, but it's like normal part of life, nothing to write about. You've managed to explain it beautifully!

Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

Never too young to learn! That's awesome being in a bubble of calm. Thinking it means you're ready to meet your beautiful baby xx