Thursday, August 9, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 47

So here's young Magoo sweetly doing what he has sweetly done for a few months now.
(Not talking our bub through the making of berry muffins, per say.)

Trying to lull me into a false sense of security.
Trying to make me believe that he will be nothing but beautiful to his baby sister.
Trying to maintain a front that the green eyed monster won't be rearing it's ugly, tantrum throwing "but, look at ME" head in the next few weeks.

I'm not buying it. No, sirree.
(But there is a glimmer of fairy tale induced hope in every girl's heart, isn't there?)

After taking centre stage in the solo division around here for almost four years, it will be an adjustment for Magoo to share the limelight - not to mention the audience, costumes, make up and bouquets.

I have bought gifts for him on behalf of his sister and he has chosen a gift to give the baby. 
I plan to spend some one on one time with my big boy as soon (and often) as possible after his sister's arrival.
I have a stash of little 'surprises' for feeding time, should they be necessary.
Magoo is now wiping his own bottom and dressing himself. (As well as loading & unloading the washing machine, wiping down his table and 'making' his bed - of his own accord, I swear!)

Any other hot tips for navigating the first few weeks (years?) of sibling-hood?

In the home stretch of Fi's 52 Week Project - even though it is officially over as a link up @ My Mummy Daze.

Shar :-)

BTW ~ please don't be concerned for Magoo's welfare.
It was a very mild 15 degrees in Perth the morning of this pic.
After receiving the gas bill the day  before, I was encouraging the household to refrain from turning the heater on without due cause.
Magoo has an unfortunate double dose of the smart ass gene, so was subtly making a point with his pyjamas, dressing gown and beanie. He did take his thermal gloves off to stir the mixture at least.
I predict some teenage fun ahead of us. :-)


sascedar said...

You can stop worrying about this, right now. My boys are the same age gap. One of the most beautiful moments of my life was seeing Harry become a big brother. He seemed to grow taller and more grown-up the moment he walked in to meet his baby brother, I cry even thinking about it. All will be so very well. :)sarah

Shelley said...

We had similar age gap which i think helps. And they love to help, so put him to work ;) getting Nappies etc... We had moments but she was mostly ok . I did the presents thing too, she still loves her music box and tells everyone her little sister gave it to her in hospital. Magoo will be fine xo

Lisa said...

I think its really hard to predict how he is going to be. Some children LOVE babies and some aren't phased by them and some have a really strong negative reaction - I think its just a bit of a gamble! Your preparations sound great though so I am sure you'll be fine! :)

Jess said...

Know what you mean Shar! These are some good tips! Will be taking these on board myself I think!

Farmers Wifey said...

My first born bit my second born on the toe, during the first few weeks. Now they get on fabulously.

Just saying.....

Mama of 2 boys said...

Love this post Shar, gorgeous photo!
You might find Magoo will be very at ease with a new baby, he is a bit older, which will make him more of a 'helper', than a baby himself.
Angus was possibly the most jealous child I've ever seen. Despite all of our best attempts to make the transition easy for him, none of it worked. He went a little nutso for the first 6 months actually... but he was only 2.5, so his world kind of fell down around him.
Like all of us, children are all different and will react very differently to the situations they find themselves in.
Just know, that whatever happens, they will end up being best of buds as they grow. It is my greatest joy watching the boys play together and be there for one another now... and I'm hoping the bond is only going to become stronger.

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

cute and I love the way your belly is just perched on the bench, perfect height for Magoo to chat. I am sure he will be fine, after a while;)x

Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

Great pic! He will be fine I'm sure! I just kept making my big girl part of everything and telling her what a great mummy's helper she was and she thrived on all the compliments! xx

Jane said...

Oh Shar, I remember worrying about those things before India was born. Joshie had just turned 2. It took him about 3 weeks to accept she was here to stay and then he returned to normal.

My tip is to have a box of his favourite books and toys within arm's reach when you are feeding her. Then you can read to him (you become very skilled at breastfeeding with one arm and holding the book and turning the pages with the other!) so he doesn't feel left out. J x