Thursday, January 31, 2013

Goodbye ... And Hello

Goodbye January.
It really has been a pleasure.

Farewell easygoing mornings.
Salute' to Mummy's timetable (well, Missi's really!) calling the shots.
Bye bye bathers as clothing.
Hoo roo to catch up after catch up through the week.
Hellooo February.
Short, little February - with all your firsts and your playing with my heart moments.
With your routine, your making my boy start school, your waking Missi up constantly to get Magoo to and from school,
your birthdays to celebrate, your wedding to anticipate, your return to part-time work,
your getting me back into that rotten Babyswim pool, your appointments to make...
With your - my sister is coming to visit uuuss!!!! Yaay!!

I have a feeling this will be quite a ride.

Shar :-)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Point + Shoot : The Lucky State

While parts of our beautiful country are being ravaged by Mother Nature right now,
we here in W.A. have been blessed with a sensational Australia Day loooong weekend.

I hope you are safe and secure wherever you are today.

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point + shoot
Shar :-)

Friday, January 25, 2013


Hubby has a bit of a habit that irks me.
Well many, really -  but the one that springs to mind is the habit to make plans as loosely as possible.
For instance, he might say that he's meeting 'the boys' for a paddle on the weekend.
No specified day, no specified time, no specified location.

So as the weekend approaches, there will then be a further phone call/text or twelve to decide on a day that suits 'the boys'.
Then, once the weekend arrives, there will be another flurry of 'comms' about what location would be best.
Then, hours later, some more calls/texts regarding a meeting time.
Until, eventually, after a lot of faffing (in my opinion) the boys will paddle.

This happens regularly.
My stance is - why can't the day, time and location all be discussed, decided and communicated to - say,me - in the first phone call???
I'm a planner.
Planners like to plan. To have plans planned.
Why do we have to plan to plan to plan some plans???

But then, am I any better at this plan making?

Weeks ago, I left my phone at home a-charging on the bed.
Usually, this would leave me feeling a tad vulnerable and disconnected - but fine.
Except that on this day I was taking my children to the zoo to meet our friends.

I was supposed to text my girlfriend when we arrived to organise a meeting place.
Slightly difficult without the mobile phone that I had left behind.
After waiting at the gate for some time playing the 'guess what time they would have left home' game, we just went into the zoo and figured we may run into our friends on our travels.
It seems Perth Zoo is a tad larger than I gauged.
We didn't hear or see them once.
I could almost envision us from above narrowly missing one another at various exhibits around the place!
Not to mention, my friend was getting a tad stressed about the various reasons that I may not be answering her texts and calls.
You know, the perfectly rational reasons like having rushed the baby to hospital or being locked out of the house with the children inside or being involved in an accident.
Valid possibilities, really.

Now today as I type, I am waiting for the little lady to wake from a nap.
The plan was then to text a (different) friend who is out and about to meet up for a coffee/play.
Except that my friend's husband has now text me to say that she has left her phone at home.
We may also dance the merry dance of just missing each other now.

Guess I should have planned things better, hey Hubby?!

Shar :-)
So, how did people rendezvous (or instagram!!) pre-mobiles again??

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Round 2

Laaaadiezzzzz aaaaannnnnd  gentlemen, welcome to 'Immunisations - Round 2  -Take 2.'
It's a fine afternoon here at the children's hospital and the air is alive with nervous energy.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

Iiiiiin the red corner we haaaaave Mummy and Missi.
The little one is looking resplendent with her gorgeous big eyes and that sweet baby skin.
The bigger one - well let's be honest - she looks like she could do with some decent shut-eye.
But they're a formidable team, mother and child.
I don't think they'll be going down without a fight this afternoon.

Aaaand in the blue corner - those damn needles and all their microscopic buggy things.
Looking sharp and nasty - they're quite a sight to behold.

I don't like their chances this time, the needles.
They may have KO'd that red team in round 1, but the girls look far more robust this time around.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

Shar :-)

NB - We won!! Not a single respiratory alarm in 20 hours and counting. Atta girl!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh My...

Oh my sweet boy, Magoo.
You are so, so ready for school.

You are inquisitive, curious and ever-questioning.
You're making all sorts of connections and exploring language constantly.
You're responsible, considerate, independent and love being around other kids.
You have an awesome sense of humour and your enthusiasm for pretty much everything is infectious.
You've taken to big brotherhood more beautifully than I could ever have imagined and are growing up right in front of my teary eyes.

You are a constant source of pride, hilarity and joy in my life.
Your face - and all of it's many, many expressions - literally light up my days.

Oh my sweet boy, Magoo.
I am so, so not ready for you to go to school.

(Not that I will ever tell you that. Nothing but positive school talk here!!)

I think I miss you already.
My mate, my helper, my "classic crack up".

I'll miss your cuddles and "I really love you"s throughout the day.

Your clever ideas and your lame jokes.

I'll miss the way that your little blonde head peeks around the door when I'm putting Missi down for a sleep.
(Let's not talk about that little 'feed to sleep' situation we have going on there!!)
Just checking that all is ok with your girls.
I give you a thumbs up, you wink back and go on your merry way to Legoland or your next 'concert performance'.

The way you want to keep and recycle absolutely everything we use "for my crafts, Mum".

The not-so-subtle ways you try to convince me its a great day for play-doh or the slip 'n' slide.

I'll miss our real 'taste plate' lunches together and our imaginary restaurants, all that chatter and laughter...

The uniform thing nearly broke me - and not just financially!

I want to suspend time and keep you right here, right now - for as long as possible.
But that's Mummy being selfish.
I have to be a good girl and share you 4 days a week this year.
Even if it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Mum xx

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Girl Talk

I try my hardest not to dwell on the negative, to keep perspective, to hold silver linings in my sight... etc. etc. etc.

Hey, sometimes I fail.
Apparently, it's a necessary part of being human.
I'm learning to live with it. Often.

When I do fail the 'positive energy' test, I let my mind go to yukky places.

You know, the dark spots that give you the shivers and have you physically trying to wipe away such thoughts.
The thoughts that follow newspaper articles and media stories that I wish I had avoided altogether.

These thoughts are often so far projected into the future, that it's ridiculous.
And the past few years, as a parent, there's a whole new dimension and intensity to those thoughts.

Being gifted with a daughter still feels like a surreal privilege to me.

As I've mentioned before, I thought I had it sorted.
I was a  'boy Mum', you see.
The simple life! (Apparently.)

And a part of me was relieved to be a 'boy Mum'.
Not just because I would rather wash the stereotypical footy jumpers than sew stereotypical sequins, but because I have far more 'girl worries' swirling around this head.

Here's just a few...

*I feel greater pressure in mothering a girl.

I'm not a terrific role model when it comes to self image.
I'm not a terrific role model when it comes to those damn scales.

I know that insecurities and body issues aren't a female monopoly - but the game board sure is tilted in our favour.

*I don't feel that I live up to my 'womanly responsibilities'.

Well, they're actually someone else's traditional womanly views - but either way, I'm not living up to them.

I keep a clean home and look after my family well - but I ain't made no organic spelt flour something something from scratch lately. Or ever.
And I don't wear an apron.
Or a bra half the time.

*There are 'female' cancers plaguing my family.

Breast, cervical and ovarian cancer have stolen beautiful women from us  - just in my lifetime.

*The sexualisation of young girls scares the pants off me - no pun intended!

I could rant all day about this one.
My inner Grandma has a field day when I begin thinking/talking about the whole thing.

*The media scrutiny of females in bikinis, in workplaces, in labour, in politics, in Hollywood, in the bloody aisle at Woolworths... is intense and unfair.

I feel an immense responsibility to raise a young woman who will be strong, smart and self assured enough to see society's prejudice and pressures for what they are.

As usual, I'm over thinking this.
I think I'll just get back to staring at this little lady who kills me with her cuteness.

And who is perfectly content with (or blissfully unaware of)  the way her gorgeous gooshy legs look in her bathers right now.

Shar :-)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Time Out

On Sunday, Hubby ended up pulling out of a paddling event he had planned to compete in.
Not so fun for him -
but excellent for me because it meant that I could accept an invitation to join some 'ladies who lunch' after all.

Lunch was out at a gorgeous spot on the coast to celebrate my newest neighbour-but-more-like-a-friend's birthday.
I squeezed myself back into a pre-bubby outfit
and tried not to dwell on the fact that the only woman I would know was the birthday girl herself.

Even waiting for the other ladies to arrive was blissful!!

I enjoyed a beautiful meal, a glass of bubbles and fantastic conversation with a great bunch of girls.
I ate at my leisure, went to the toilet alone, finished the odd sentence and didn't whip out a baby wipe once.

Today, I have started my week with a bit more of a spring in my step and far more energy to give to my family.

I do believe a wee bit of 'time out' was just what this Mummy needed.

What's your favourite 'escape'?
And wanna do lunch???
Shar :-)

Point + Shoot : Crab Cook Up

I seriously love where we live - and who we live alongside.

You never know what will eventuate in our street and we're never short of a reason to celebrate.

A neighbour's impending birthday was our impromptu excuse reason this weekend.

A couple of casual beverages and a bag of chips shared on our lawn 
somehow morphed into a feast of fresh crabs and champagne.

One of the neighbours happened to be 'gifted' a haul of 'today's crabs' on his travels
and proudly presented them to the gang gathering out the front.
In no time at all, my handy Hubby had the camp stove out,
cooking instructions googled and a little seafood treat on the go.
Party hats and toasts were called for - and the kids ran amuk.

Couldn't have planned it better if we had actually planned it, really!

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Shar :-)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Grateful For A Goal

This week I have been given a little carrot to reach out for.
And it's made this bunny very happy indeed!

I have finally accepted that I work better with a deadline looming,
a list to conquer, a mission or some purpose to my existence, you know!

It's not that "surviving this" or "feed the children" or "get through the day"
aren't valid aims at times - but I need to feel that there's more than that to life.

This week I was offered one of those 'more than that's in my running.

In the form of an invitation to join some old running comrades in a team marathon event later in the year.

Who would have thought that such a simple conversation
(and some good natured old fashioned slagging/banter)
would have left me a little giddy and invigorated.

I've now got a goal to focus on when running and a reason (other than my mental health) to train.
Some external motivation (other than the jelly belly variety) to push the distance and speed.
I have a commitment to someone other than myself and the chocolate stash - and it feels good.
I look forward to this bit of accountability and to
reigniting the social side of running again in the coming months.

A few years ago, we won this event as a marathon relay team -
 so there's an element of pressure too.
What if I let the team down?
What if they expect me to be as fast as I was pre-Missi?
What if Hubby has something on that day?
What if the baby keeps me up all night the night before the event?
What if, what if, what if...

What if I just stop overthinking and enjoy??
Be grateful that they thought of me and that I have a goal to work towards.
(And, man, do I need to do some work!)

Linking with the 52 Weeks of Grateful
Shar :-)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good Times

Parenting and aging 
- not only do they alter our physical appearance, but they redefine the simplest of terms.

My definition of fun/socialising/a good time has completely changed
in the past few years (and especially in the last five months).

Watching my son dance joyfully, half naked atop a piece of furniture just about trumps the days of doing that myself!!
(And is much easier to live with the next morning!)

Seeing my baby girl content and comfortable is far more important
than chugging that champagne or whether or not my right arm is numb and about to drop off.

9pm is the new 'late' and a big night tends to take place in the nursery rather than a nightclub these days.

An anniversary/birthday/valentines spent as a family doesn't really phase me at the moment. 
A cooking-free evening is a celebration in itself as far as I'm concerned.

Evenings at the beach, quiet drinks or barbeques with friends appeal to my weary head
far more than any fancy nocturnal shenanigans right now.

Yep - I'm finally acting my age - and then some.

I've had my nanna knickers on lately and politely passed on a few night time 'activities' with girlfriends.
A part of me (that old 'fun' part) is a tad guilty and ashamed.
However, the greater part that is utterly exhausted come 9pm
and is rising at 4am thinks I'm simply being kind to myself.

I'm sure the motivation to party beyond sunset will return.
I'm sure my chamomile tea on the couch version of 'nightlife' will take a backseat soon enough.

But right now, this Baby Mama just wants to chill.
And can't wait to hit my new you-beaut memory foam pillow at the end of each day.
(Do yourself a favour - get your head onto one of those babies.)

Shar :-)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Point + Shoot : Tent Time

If the concept of taking a 'staycation' is perfectly acceptable,
then so too is camping on your own doorstep - very literally.

As this mean mummy refuses to go camping with anyone who has not had themselves at least one birthday
(yes, I'm looking at you Missi!!)
we offered Magoo (and our neighbours) a compromised, home based version this weekend.

The kids certainly weren't complaining.
(Or asking 'are we there yet?'!)
And neither was I when, after dinner and games,
Missi and I retired to our very civilised conditions indoors!

Linking with Lou's Point + Shoot
point + shoot

How was your weekend?
Did you water down any experiences and get away with it??

Shar :-)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Grateful For... A Reprieve

You may or may not recall that Missi had quite the adverse reaction to her first round of immunisations.

I just love how that sentence makes one of the most terrifying experiences of my life sound like a simple sniffle!!

Since then, I have discussed our options for future immunisations
with the immunologists from the hospital and nurses at the central immunisation clinic here in the west.
After many phone calls and consults, it was decided that Missi would be immunised at the clinic this time
and that we would head to the hospital at the first sign of trouble in the nights/days after.

I was okay with this.
Okay as in petrified of the whole thing, but taking on the advice of professionals
 and feeling that the whole immunisation thing is just something we have to endure - as safely as possible.

I know there is a whole school of thought that would advise we avoid immunising Missi altogether
 - and I have certainly considered it - 
 but I don't have the knowledge or confidence to go against the societal/national health system grain on this one.

Anywho, after an anxious, sleepless night on my behalf, we turned up to the clinic this morning only to be rejected!
The staff at the clinic and doctor at the hospital have made a last minute decision
 to immunise Missi through the hospital later this month instead.

One look at these cute, chubby legs and they couldn't jab 'em!

So, instead of spending the next few days and nights on super high alert,
I can go back to my slightly wired version of relaxed.

I'm choosing not to focus on the fact that they pretty much wasted my day
 or that we are simply delaying the inevitable.

No, today I am grateful for the stall. And the vigilance of the medical staff.

Linking with the 52 Weeks of Grateful
Shar :-)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

That Grass

We all know that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.
It is greenest where it is nurtured most.

I know this.

I also tend to forget this regularly.

I can spend valuable time and energy rubbernecking into other peoples' lives imagining
that they are having a much easier/happier/healthier/wealthier time than I am.

I want to stop engaging in such a wasteful and pointless exercise
 - and a new year is the perfect time to ditch the habit.
If only there were a patch I could wear to wean me off the comparisons.
2013 - the year of focusing on, and tending to, my own lawn - weeds and all.

Shar :-)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

Twenty Thirteen.
Welcome, my newest friend.
Come in, sit down, stay a while.
Like 365 days, I guess.

I'm glad you're here.
And it was great fun ringing you in.

I don't like to speak ill of others (especially those that have now left us)
but that 2012 was quite the drama queen, really.

She brought with her the highest of highs -
which is what I will choose to remember her for from here on.
28th August 2012 - my family -  forever changed and beautifully complete.

But, she did like to play with my head, that 2012.
She threw up some serious challenges and big scares.
Kept me on my toes, she did - and robbed me of far too much sleep.
Moving from one dramatic scene to the next - I struggled to keep up some days.
Just quietly, her rollercoaster ways very nearly exhausted me.
And I've always considered myself fairly energetic!!

I'm hoping that you will be more the sedate type, 2013.
Content with my little village here going about our business
- growing little people, enjoying each other and spending time in the moment.
I won't ask much of you and would be terribly happy
to simply balance out the stress that 2012 caused around here.

Of course, you have some surprises, challenges and mysteries in store for us.
I look forward to what you will bring - but don't feel the need to compete in the dramatics.
Honestly, the soap opera lifestyle is overrated.
We're much more rubbishy, reality tv people anyway.

Each of us have lots of change coming our way this year
- we want to embrace it, savour each fleeting day and approach our life with gratitude and appreciation.

So, 2013, I hope we're on the same page here.
Let's begin as we mean to go on and chill out for a while.
Maybe a swim, some good food, a tune or two and a cuddle of the baby?
How about it?

Wishing you exactly the kind of year you are hoping for.
Or quite the opposite - and plenty of joy in it either way.

Shar :-)