Thursday, January 3, 2013

That Grass

We all know that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.
It is greenest where it is nurtured most.

I know this.

I also tend to forget this regularly.

I can spend valuable time and energy rubbernecking into other peoples' lives imagining
that they are having a much easier/happier/healthier/wealthier time than I am.

I want to stop engaging in such a wasteful and pointless exercise
 - and a new year is the perfect time to ditch the habit.
If only there were a patch I could wear to wean me off the comparisons.
2013 - the year of focusing on, and tending to, my own lawn - weeds and all.

Shar :-)


Louise voss said...

The grass often seems greener but believe me it's because it's been painted or full of artificial pesticides etc. it's all a facade. Louise

Amelia {Weddings, Babies... Everything} said...

I try to tell myself that people only share what they want you to see. You can never get the full picture.
Enjoy what you have. :) And a big Happy New Year! xxx

Coal Valley View said...

Happy New Year Shar! Love your words and enjoyed your last Post too. Sometimes people's grass IS greener because they care for it better and sometimes its greener whether they tend to it or not (it's only human to be annoyed at that!). Sometimes it only seems greener but it is astroturf and not real. I think it's too hard to compare shades of green. Your grass is a mighty fine shade of green my friend. Here's to a less full-on 2013. Mel x

robyn said...

Your grass is your grass and their grass is their grass:) Enjoy and tend your won lawn and a fantastic New Years resolution - Happy New Year!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Yes, yes, indeed. Too true Shar. I think I need to do a bit more of this also. Sometimes I find a break from the online world just the ticket for helping with those urges. Way too easy to start comparing, when it's right there in front of you, day in day out xo