Friday, January 4, 2013

Grateful For... A Reprieve

You may or may not recall that Missi had quite the adverse reaction to her first round of immunisations.

I just love how that sentence makes one of the most terrifying experiences of my life sound like a simple sniffle!!

Since then, I have discussed our options for future immunisations
with the immunologists from the hospital and nurses at the central immunisation clinic here in the west.
After many phone calls and consults, it was decided that Missi would be immunised at the clinic this time
and that we would head to the hospital at the first sign of trouble in the nights/days after.

I was okay with this.
Okay as in petrified of the whole thing, but taking on the advice of professionals
 and feeling that the whole immunisation thing is just something we have to endure - as safely as possible.

I know there is a whole school of thought that would advise we avoid immunising Missi altogether
 - and I have certainly considered it - 
 but I don't have the knowledge or confidence to go against the societal/national health system grain on this one.

Anywho, after an anxious, sleepless night on my behalf, we turned up to the clinic this morning only to be rejected!
The staff at the clinic and doctor at the hospital have made a last minute decision
 to immunise Missi through the hospital later this month instead.

One look at these cute, chubby legs and they couldn't jab 'em!

So, instead of spending the next few days and nights on super high alert,
I can go back to my slightly wired version of relaxed.

I'm choosing not to focus on the fact that they pretty much wasted my day
 or that we are simply delaying the inevitable.

No, today I am grateful for the stall. And the vigilance of the medical staff.

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Elisa {With Grace and Eve} said...

Such a tough decision! But like you, I'd be grateful for the staff's vigiliance too. Hope you can relax easy, and all goes extra smoothly when the time comes. Oh, and they are very cute legs!! xx

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about delayed immunisations. Ie waiting to continue once she turns 2 or 3?

Toni said...

Better safe than sorry! Apart from the annoyance of time wasted etc, I'm sure you are VERY grateful for a team that is putting Missi first.