Friday, January 25, 2013


Hubby has a bit of a habit that irks me.
Well many, really -  but the one that springs to mind is the habit to make plans as loosely as possible.
For instance, he might say that he's meeting 'the boys' for a paddle on the weekend.
No specified day, no specified time, no specified location.

So as the weekend approaches, there will then be a further phone call/text or twelve to decide on a day that suits 'the boys'.
Then, once the weekend arrives, there will be another flurry of 'comms' about what location would be best.
Then, hours later, some more calls/texts regarding a meeting time.
Until, eventually, after a lot of faffing (in my opinion) the boys will paddle.

This happens regularly.
My stance is - why can't the day, time and location all be discussed, decided and communicated to - say,me - in the first phone call???
I'm a planner.
Planners like to plan. To have plans planned.
Why do we have to plan to plan to plan some plans???

But then, am I any better at this plan making?

Weeks ago, I left my phone at home a-charging on the bed.
Usually, this would leave me feeling a tad vulnerable and disconnected - but fine.
Except that on this day I was taking my children to the zoo to meet our friends.

I was supposed to text my girlfriend when we arrived to organise a meeting place.
Slightly difficult without the mobile phone that I had left behind.
After waiting at the gate for some time playing the 'guess what time they would have left home' game, we just went into the zoo and figured we may run into our friends on our travels.
It seems Perth Zoo is a tad larger than I gauged.
We didn't hear or see them once.
I could almost envision us from above narrowly missing one another at various exhibits around the place!
Not to mention, my friend was getting a tad stressed about the various reasons that I may not be answering her texts and calls.
You know, the perfectly rational reasons like having rushed the baby to hospital or being locked out of the house with the children inside or being involved in an accident.
Valid possibilities, really.

Now today as I type, I am waiting for the little lady to wake from a nap.
The plan was then to text a (different) friend who is out and about to meet up for a coffee/play.
Except that my friend's husband has now text me to say that she has left her phone at home.
We may also dance the merry dance of just missing each other now.

Guess I should have planned things better, hey Hubby?!

Shar :-)
So, how did people rendezvous (or instagram!!) pre-mobiles again??


Robs Con said...

They used to plan!!!! My man is the same - he hates to make an actual plan. Heaven forbid there are some restrictions on his time:) lol,

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

hmm we really used to plan, and those phone calls after 7,30pm at mum was always arranging things at the end of the day.x

Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha, very true, we have definitely become a society heavily dependent on mobiles and just constantly 'being in touch'. I literally feel like I'm missing a part of me if I leave the phone at home. Insane.
But what about these men?! My hubby does the same, but the end result will always be... they DO play golf.

Elisa {With Grace and Eve} said...

Ha! Wow we/they must have been really good planners. It's just so convenient now isn't it? Nice food for thought Shar x