Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good Times

Parenting and aging 
- not only do they alter our physical appearance, but they redefine the simplest of terms.

My definition of fun/socialising/a good time has completely changed
in the past few years (and especially in the last five months).

Watching my son dance joyfully, half naked atop a piece of furniture just about trumps the days of doing that myself!!
(And is much easier to live with the next morning!)

Seeing my baby girl content and comfortable is far more important
than chugging that champagne or whether or not my right arm is numb and about to drop off.

9pm is the new 'late' and a big night tends to take place in the nursery rather than a nightclub these days.

An anniversary/birthday/valentines spent as a family doesn't really phase me at the moment. 
A cooking-free evening is a celebration in itself as far as I'm concerned.

Evenings at the beach, quiet drinks or barbeques with friends appeal to my weary head
far more than any fancy nocturnal shenanigans right now.

Yep - I'm finally acting my age - and then some.

I've had my nanna knickers on lately and politely passed on a few night time 'activities' with girlfriends.
A part of me (that old 'fun' part) is a tad guilty and ashamed.
However, the greater part that is utterly exhausted come 9pm
and is rising at 4am thinks I'm simply being kind to myself.

I'm sure the motivation to party beyond sunset will return.
I'm sure my chamomile tea on the couch version of 'nightlife' will take a backseat soon enough.

But right now, this Baby Mama just wants to chill.
And can't wait to hit my new you-beaut memory foam pillow at the end of each day.
(Do yourself a favour - get your head onto one of those babies.)

Shar :-)


Anne Downing said...

I can totally relate to your post!

Lou Patton said...

Hi Shar. Don't worry, it'll come back. This time is exhausting but precious! Great that you can recognise your limits. What brand of pillow did you get and from where? Been thinking of getting one.

Mandy Ferry said...

I like to think of life in era's. we have our party era, our in bed by 9pm era and who knows what will be in stall for you down the track. Might as well enjoy it whilst it lasts.

Farmers Wifey said...

ahhhhhhhh dancing half naked on top of tables...those were the days....ahem...not that I know..:)


Mama of 2 boys said...

Yep, you're right, it IS all about being kind to yourself. I think that knowing your limits and staying within them is the key. So happy for you and the space you're in right now Shar.
And what is it about holding babies and not being able to just move them when your arm goes numb? I mean, they wouldn't care! Used to happen to me all the time xo