Monday, October 31, 2011

A Picture Of Hypocrisy

My name is Shar and I'm a fully fledged, self confessed hypocrite.
This is what my hypocrisy happened to look like today :
Hubby agreed to join some neighbours in celebrating Halloween and trick-or-treating this year.
I usually stock up on treats for the local kids, but am not a big fan of celebrating Halloween myself.
Whilst I wasn't going to be a total party pooper and stand up for my beliefs stop Magoo from joining in, I didn't feel comfortable with the whole thing.
I asked Hubby if he would accompany Magoo and the other kids 'cause trick-or-treat doesn't sit well with me - and told Magoo I'd prefer him to greet people with 'Happy Halloween' please!

A hypocrite and a coward - I'm quite the catch, really.

I feel that Halloween is an Americanised commercial occasion that is creeping into Australian culture for some unknown reason.
I feel that the whole premise of trick-or-treat is nasty and rude (as well as sugar loaded before bedtime!).

I feel that one look at this little pirate man all dressed up turned me to mush.
I pathetically grabbed the camera and followed his cute little self out the door and straight up the neighbour's drive!!!
Happy Halloween after all!!
Shar :-)

Point + Shoot : Paddling Peeps

Sunday 10.30am
This shot was taken from the Fremantle shore where we cheered Hubby/Daddy on in his Classic Paddle event.
After competing in the same event a couple of years ago, in the roughest conditions on record, I was absolutely delighted to be on the sidelines and enjoying a gorgeous morning with friends in the sunshine.

Now, it's not about winning or losing, just how you play the... paddle?
But Hubby came second for the record!

Doggy on board!

Our weekend here has been go, go, go and go some more.
We demolished an entire bathroom, ran,  shifted two tonne of tiles, shopped, swam, gardened, cooked, worked on school reports, laid flooring, dismantled and re mantled(?) a trampoline, paddled and cleaned.

Sunday evening ended with neighbourhood drinks on our lawn - this week with the addition of the 'gifted trampoline'.
As in a friend of mine gifted Magoo (and therefore, the street) a perfectly wonderful, barely used trampoline.
I know. Beyond spoiled.

A certain Hubby/Daddy may have also over-indulged in the post-race-great-weekend-mate beverages on offer and subsequently scooted to the local shop for a chocolate fix after dinner!
Man, I love that man-boy!!

Hope your weekend was your version of awesome.
Pointing + Shooting with Lou @ Sunny and Scout.
Shar :-)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Grateful for... A PH 4 HRH & CHOGM.

Over here in little ol' Perth we are currently entertaining The Queen,

This means that the Monday public holiday was moved from the recent school holidays to today.
A Friday. A day when both Hubby and I would ordinarily be at work.
Thank you very muchly, your Majesty.

Whilst our state has come to a standstill for the
Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting,
we have come to a standstill here at our place too.
For a different meeting.
Our very own Commoner Heads of Grottygroutville Meeting.

Today's meeting of all the influential parties in this household has been monumental and groundbreaking - literally.
Told you so.

We hereby declare the en suite of horrors no more and raise our jackhammers in salute to you, Queenie.

Happy CHOGM Demolition Day!

Linking with Grateful For... @  Maxabella Loves
Shar :-)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say...

This week in the blogosphere it appears -
if you don't have anything nice to say...
opt for anonymous nasty comments to satisfy your soul.

I'm starting to feel a little paranoid that some nark has infiltrated my reader and is deliberately dropping pellets of mean spirited crap all aroud the place to spook me.
Thankfully not here (yet!) - but on an alarming number of blogs I read.

That reminds me of my 'it's not all about me' post a while back.
Paranoia and I are well acquainted.

I'm all for open discussion, expression of opinion, differing perspectives - that's the stuff that keeps life interesting and people authentic.

But rude for the sake of rude?
I don't get it.       
You're not going to identify with, or even like, a portion of what you read in blogland.

Fact, that.
Move on.
Click away.
Check the weather.
Do some housework.

Why would people deliberately expend energy on typing up spiteful, hurtful comments  - and then opt NOT to put their identity to it??

Or this really a masterfully crafted plan devised and executed solely to creep me out in a space that usually does the opposite?
Am I falling for it by acknowledging this evil presence lurking around my feed?
Am I a couple of sentences away from revealing the ridiculous workings of my fragile mind?

Seriously - are you encountering this phantom nasty character(s) around too?

Shar :-)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

52 Week Project : Wk 6

This 52 Week Project offering is proudly brought to you by the
Oversharing On Blogs Foundation.

This little dolphin has been my constant companion for 11 years now.
He sits on my hip and rarely sees the light of day anymore.

I still acknowledge him though and love what he now reminds me of.

I've always loved dolphins.
They appear to be perpetually happy, playful and chatty.

Who wouldn't be if they spent their days gliding and frolicking in the water though?

This was my friend ('s backside) and I the day we were 'inked'
- before it was fashionable, I'm sure!

Hmmm - young, dumb & frequenting the solarium, it seems!
I thought the thirty something pic would be shameful, not this twentyish one!
I am very proud to say that this friendship is going as strong as our 'toughstickers' though.

In the throes of pregnancy belly swell, my little dolphin friend grew over a centimetre.
I'm pretty sure he's managed to drop that baby weight and keep it off.
Probably thanks to his good friends at New Idea or Weight Watchers or something.

I have no issue with tattooing the body - it has travelled this journey with us and bears all kinds of evidence of ups, downs, joys and pains.
However, I wouldn't cover my exposed skin with them for a number of reasons.

I was tickled pink when a couple of years ago my mum in law asked if she could get an identical tattoo in the same spot with the addition of the pink ribbon.
In fact, Hubby and I gifted it to her.

The only downside to this is that Magoo mistakenly believes that every woman has a little dolphin on their hip.

Have you been 'inked'?

Exposing myself for the 52 Week Project with the gorgeous My Mummy Daze and Co.
Go on, get your gear off!!
The 52 Week Project
Shar :-)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love Thy Neighbour

The Great Book encourages us to love our neighbour.

Maybe in biblical times, they didn't have brilliant neighbours like ours though.
I don't need to rely solely on scripture to help me to appreciate what's across the street, down the road or over the fence.

I've got this kinda reminder :
I returned from Relay For Life on the weekend to be greeted by this great big palm
(don't take my word for it's 'classification' - botany bores me
at the front door.
Attached was a note :

Hi guys,
Sorry about the palm damage to your plant at the back.
Hope this can be a replacement.
Cheers, Julie & Gary (over the back!)

While we were camping recently, the neighbours did a little (lot of) pruning.
We found some large palm fronds in our back garden and put them onto the verge for the upcoming make your street look derelict roadside collection.

And didn't think about it again.

In fact, a couple of days later I tutted the dog for killing the plant pretty much right where the palm fronds had been.
(I'm one switched on operator.)

And didn't think about it again.
(These thumbs aren't even tinged with a hint of green.
Plants die here. Human life goes onAwful, I know.)
Until the arrival of the much-larger-than-the-last-plant gift at the front door.

The neighbour gods have been ridiculously kind to us.
We can unashamedly brag that we live in the best street this side of that Ramsay one.
Nothing to do with market value or location
- just the immeasurable heart that beats around here.

As long as Hubby isn't coveting thy neighbour's wife, we'll be here for eternity.
Shar :-)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Point + Shoot : Weep + Cry


 Celebrate - Remember - Fight Back - Hope

These pics were taken over the course of the 'Relay For Life' on the weekend.

I had the privilege of again participating in this amazing, inspiring event as a team member with my running group.
I also had the privilege of having a complete meltdown (as in ugly crying/hyperventilating/scary sobbing) in my team's tent when it all became too much.

I went all completely sooky-la-la this weekend, crying at the drop of a hat.
All. weekend. long.

Crying at the sight of my 'big boy' enjoying independent swimming lessons without me in the pool.
Crying when I finally had the guts to let go of something that has been getting me down on a regular basis.
Crying at the moving tributes to cancer survivors and particularly to those lost and so sorely missed.
Crying and absolutely losing my shizzle every time I ran with, or past, our friend who lost her beautiful daughter to that devastating cancer thief three months ago.
Crying at the commitment of this gorgeous man who completes the entire 24 hours solo in remembrance every year.
There's nothing wrong with being human every now and then.
My sore, red eyes are my reminder not to lose sight of what and who are truly important.
To live as though there's no tomorrow - because sometimes there isn't.
Northern Suburbs Running Group - winners of the 'most laps' award - yay!

Hope your weekend was a celebration of life too.

Linking with Lou @ Sunny + Scout's Point + Shoot

Shar :-)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Grateful For..Pressure & Plenty

This week life has turned it up a notch once more.
Letting me know that holidays are to be earned if they're to really be appreciated.

Most definitely half full

The social calender is filled to capacity.
School's in - in a biiig way.
Renovations are revving up.
Commitments are calling in all at once.
Ye old lists are my new, old best friends again.
The pressure is mounting....                                 and I'm loving it!

I work best this way, it seems.
Deadlines, dates, lists, efficiency bordering on neuroses.
I feel very much alive and kicking!

As long as I don't lose sight of how utterly blissful it is lying there in the moment, tearing up with those pudgy little fingers on my face (Magoo's - not Hubby's) or how important it is to stop and truly listen, busy is my friend.

I could choose to pee and moan, couldn't I?
Poor me.
I am lucky enough to have family, friends, communities, gatherings, a home, fulfilling work, healthy obsessions interests...
Woe to be me.
My life is full. My heart is full. My brain is probably over-full.

A chain-poem-thing I've read in the past springs to my dizzy head - about being grateful for the snoring beside you because it means you have a partner, about being grateful for the piles of washing because you have a family (a family with an extensive wardrobe, it seems!), about being grateful for cleaning because it means you have a home to maintain.

I get that.
I feel that.

I'm grateful for every last person, group and commitment that bulges out of my diary right now.
I am busily blessed - and destined to outrun boredom as long as I shall live.

Linking up with other Gratefuls over @ beautiful Maxabella Loves.

Shar :-)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

52 Week Project : Wk 5

Going incognito for the 52 Week Project - Week 5

My uncanny disguise is a bunch of flowers purchased for a beautiful friend and the home of my dreams
- which she just happens to have purchased recently.
My eyes may or may not have been a little greener after leaving her stunning, welcoming new abode.

After my naturopath got all iridology-y on me last week, I see those green peepers in a different light.
Yep, deliberate pun.

Iridilogy is an alternative technique whose proponents claim that patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient's systemic health.
(You took the words, right outta my mouth Wikipedia!)

Her reading (jury's still out on the actual factual of it here) did make me think and give me insight (yep, another deliberate pun) into just how the eyes can be the window to the soul (and inner health).

Joining the beautiful My Mummy Daze in her 52 Week Project vision.
Take the opportunity to see yourself from the other side with us.

Shar :-)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


As the highly decorated writer that I am, I have now taken it upon myself to go around handing out awards.

The much anticipated (no?) inaugural 'Mum on the Run' award for
'Most Under-Rated Attraction in Perth'
goes to..... insert drum roll please....

Beware the monster at the entrance!
  We ventured there on a couple of friend's recommendations last week and were suitably impressed.

We were joined by one of our nephews and two of their grandparents.
If you happened to be there that day and have an allergy to young boys laughing, having fun and wrestling each other to the floor, I'm sorry for heightening your symptoms.

There's plenty on offer - at super reasonable prices.
Even if some.young boys don'
(Looking at you, fraidy Magoo!!).
Entry is $7 for adults & $4 for children over 4yrs.
This gives you access to everything.
Without being narky, there is a well known aquarium on the opposite side of the marina charging three times as much for a very similar experience. Just saying.

The centre is clean, new, spacious and beautiful.
I would happily move in if invited, you know.

We watched part thereof a gorgeous movie presentation about the reef.
(Little boys + 10 min movie = restless to the power of 20)
We visited the touch pool. Some touched. Some did not.
(Not bothered by that at all, Magoo, really.)
AKA the ('I don't wanna) Touch Pool

I'll say we leisurely meandered our way our way through the many exhibits, but in reality we followed two happy, energetic little land creatures around the place, managing to stall them for a second or ten here or there.

I can't show you this man's face 'cause he's a fool.
Guess it takes one to marry one.
Haven't you always wondered if you're worth your weight in herring?

Wouldn't mind dropping a herring or two, myself. Just quietly!

We even got to watch scientists check their Facebook work away in the labs.

There was calander and badge making activities for a tiny fee - but we're cheap and grabbed some free colouring-in sheets instead!

We were treated to Perth's happiest, friendliest, most satisfied employee of all time when we visited the cafe and enjoyed gorgeous little babycinos with a side order (slash meal) of biscuits, marshmallows and other embellishments.
The apple was BYO. The dainty tea hands self taught.

Without being asked this lady pandered to the boys every need, pre-empting them and cutting straws in half, giving equal proportions of everything and imitating an ambulance when one of the boys hurt himself.
She wisely declined our offer to leave them with her though.
Right back atchya sweet cafe lady.

To top it off (and when the wrestling comes into play) there's a huge, hidden park with a playground directly across the road.
You can pop over for a play, a picnic lunch or a spot of personal trainer perving.

Congratulations, to the folk at Naturaliste Marine discovery Centre on a job well done.
I can only imagine how elated you must be with your award.

This is by no means a sponsored post.
We paid for everything - but that is my point.
It was great value!

Shar :-)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Point + Shoot : Family Day Double

Magoo On Wheels : Saturday 7.30am
This week's Point + Shoot was taken at my running group's Family Day where runners are invited to drag their families along for a run (or ride), a bite to eat and most importantly to raise funds for the great work of the Cancer Council.
We are on the home stretch in our fundraising campaign leading up to next weekend's Relay For Life.
You can donate to our cause by clicking here, if you wanna make my day
(oh, and contribute to fighting against the big C that has touched all of our lives).

Nanna and Her Boys : Saturday 11.00am
In the same morning we attended my mum in law's family morning tea at  Amazons Dragon Boat Club's clubroom.
Amazons is a group of pink-clad Breast Cancer survivors and supporters who paddle dragon boats amongst other shenanigans.
"Through hell and high water" is their motto and they're a bunch of super inspirational ladies.

Between filling our shoebox with gifts for the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Appeal, donating to our state's awesome, record breaking Telethon, fundraising for the Cancer Council and buying my ticket for a Cancer Council Ladies Night this Friday, my halo must have been bumping and blinding people this weekend!!

Lucky I have such great measures of selfish, vain, nosey and annoying to balance it all out.

I hope you had a great and charitable weekend too!

Donating my Point + Shoot to Lou over @ Sunny + Scout.
Saint Shar :-)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Grateful For... A Boring Tile? Really???

This week it was a toss up of grateful proportions.

Harp on about the fabulous people in my life who have made these school holidays just magnificent (because they are and they have)?


Exalt the praises of one materialistic little thing that I think is pretty magnificent too?

After laughing at Hubby and his ridiculous 'love at first sight' moment with a surf ski yesterday, I proceeded to have my very own 'birds singing around my head' fall in love moment in the middle of a Craft Decor store that very afternoon.

It's a sad but satisfying life I lead.

Once I had this tiled little baby in my hands, I clutched it to my chest and held it up to every other tile in the place, confirming my heart thumping suspicions that it was indeed 'the one'.

The one that turned the overwhelming but exciting prospect of a bathroom reno into pure colour-scheme-in-an-instant bliss.

Um, you can't tell in the pic but there are tiny lines of glossy white (hello wall tiling) and chrome (hello fittings) within the tiles of natural colours (hello floor tiles and benchtops). Boring. Practical. But cleeeeean (and grout challenged).

I'm shamefully grateful for this little piece of colour coordinated magic that has me in a superficial, vain spin.
(As well as the prospect of overhauling the 'ensuite of horrors' in the near future.)
Not so grateful for the price tag.
Turns out it wasn't 'per metre' of gorgeous little border but 'per 25cm tile' of gorgoeus little border.
You can't put a price on true love though.
Right, Hubby??

Linking up with other Grateful Gerties @ Maxabella Loves  this week.

Pop over and see if someone is going to make you watch paint dry to beautifully complement this post.

Shar :-)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

52 Week Project : Wk 4

52 Week Project - Week 4

Sandboarding Mama...

This pic was taken as I prepared to eat sand on a camping trip this week.

I do like to put the camera down occasionally and get in the mix.
Partly because I hate to miss out on the fun and partly because of the kind of Mum I want to be.

I have plenty of respect for my own mother and the hard work she put into raising us, but I remember her as more of a bystander during some of our most fun escapades.
Mum would often sit by the side of the pool reading or lay in the sun while we ran amuck on slides, rides and adventures.
I did wish she would let her hair get wet and come join us.

I want Magoo to recall that I was happy to make a fool of myself, ditch composure, attempt stand up sandboarding and consequently (and literally) eat sand in the name of positive parenting!!
I want him to remember me as part of the action - not just the one who cleaned up the spills, warned about every hidden danger or videoed the fun.

I'm linking up with the 52 Week Project which is the brainchild of the fabulous My Mummy Daze.
The 52 Week Project
Come on, get in the action and in front of the camera with us!
Shar :-)

Hey, wouldya look at my form pre sand-sandwich, wouldya??!!
Gooooo Mum!

The Princess and The Slater

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful, curly-haired princess.
Let's call her Nat.
(Mainly 'cause that's her name.)

Nat appreciated the gorgeous, fine things in life and camping most definitely did not fit into that category for her.

Despite her princessly-ness Nat befriended a commoner named Shar in her high school years. Even though Shar's parents were not, under any circumstances,  going to buy Shar a car, Nat stayed true to her common little Irish friend and their friendship endured into their thirties (and far, far beyond I'm sure).

Over many years of their friendship Shar tried to open beautiful princess Nat's lovely contact lens-ed eyes to the joys of the great outdoors and sleeping under the stars.

Finally in the Spring of 2011, princess Nat hesitantly agreed to accompany Shar on a camping trip with their families.

Shar was overjoyed and vowed to ensure that beautiful princess Nat would not be disgusted or disappointed in her choice.

Shar booked the cleanest, least skankiest caravan park she knew of. She chose a park with electricity and  close proximity to the castle so that the travel wouldn't cause princess Nat any undue anxiety. Shar and her Hubby went about packing every possible shelter, bedding, cookware, utensil, beverage, gadget, dust busting appliance they had and couldn't wait to share their passion with the princess.

'Camping time' arrived and thunderstorms were forecast. Shar was dubious but the apprehensive princess allowed herself to be chauffeured to the tent site as arranged.

The beautiful princess Nat then set about embracing the common life and having herself a great old campin' time. 
   Nat and Shar (with their families) pitched tents, set up a makeshift castle, explored the park, nibbled, sipped, supervised swimming (even Shar couldn't brave the ice cold waters), rode quad buggies, played, beach walked, cooked, used communal showers and ablutions, nibbled more, sipped more, chatted, slept poorly, woke early (by castle standards), ate, sandboarded, parked, nibbled some more, sipped some more, lounged, read, fished, nibbled again, sipped again, toasted marshmallows, slept less poorly, and cooked once more before packing up the castle and tents.

You can take the princess outta the castle...
On the last day, when packing up the tent - yes, the princess swept and packed and tent folded - the beautiful princess noticed a large population of slaters right under the spot where she her precious self had been sleeping.

Common Shar was worried about the future of princess camping at this point, but was delighted to see the beautiful princess Nat actually pick up a slater to show Master Magoo. How far she had come!

Once home in her castle of serenity the beautiful princess rejoiced in having survived and even enjoyed her first ever foray into the common world of camping. She could see little evidence of fungal infection or any permanent damage to her children.

Within hours, the beautiful princess Nat realised how much she missed the commoners and invited them over to share yet another banquet (Indian for the record - and divine!!) with her and her family.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Now, I believe there's a little something in that for all of us.
Like a fabulous time with great buddies.

Nat  - you're the sweetest princess I know.
Hooray for princess camping!

Shar :-)