Friday, October 28, 2011

Grateful for... A PH 4 HRH & CHOGM.

Over here in little ol' Perth we are currently entertaining The Queen,

This means that the Monday public holiday was moved from the recent school holidays to today.
A Friday. A day when both Hubby and I would ordinarily be at work.
Thank you very muchly, your Majesty.

Whilst our state has come to a standstill for the
Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting,
we have come to a standstill here at our place too.
For a different meeting.
Our very own Commoner Heads of Grottygroutville Meeting.

Today's meeting of all the influential parties in this household has been monumental and groundbreaking - literally.
Told you so.

We hereby declare the en suite of horrors no more and raise our jackhammers in salute to you, Queenie.

Happy CHOGM Demolition Day!

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Shar :-)


Maxabella said...

Grottygroutville - fabbo!

Not sure if I'm at all excited about this queen business, but if you got a holiday out of it then I guess that's a good thing!? x

Anonymous said...

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Felicity said...

A great gratefuls list this week and I'm in great admiration of your ability to lift a jackhammer.

Enjoy all that the weekend has to offer,
Felicity x

Deb @ home life simplified said...

I think the queen would approve - i doubrt she putts up with a grotty anything...

I have never done a spot of DIY so will ignorantly say good luck and have fun 9at least picking things out will be fin)

Vicky said...

I love you "voice" Shar. I always get a giggle. (except when nasty annoymous people are upsetting you of course!)

Look forward to seeing the transformation of the ensuite...

Miss Mandy said...

How lovely to get an extra day off.

We get melb cup day here but I don't work that usually anyway. *sigh

Have fun with your reno, hard work but always worth it.

Expect photos of the finished product. lol.

Peggy said...

Oh now THAT is exciting (the refurb not the Queen visiting). How lovely, can't wait to see the finished product. You will share the finished product, right?

I fittingly had lunch yesterday at The Queens. I'm witty without even trying! ha! Actually no I am not, my friend chose the venue. ;)

Teresa said...

Good luck with Grottygroutville (hilarious!)! And you got a holiday - always grateful for those! xo

Down that Little Lane said...

Grottygroutville...fabulous and who doesn't love some jackhammer action ? xx

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

Just think how gorgeous it is going to be when it is done. Enjoy your long weekend hun xxx

jody said...

love it! enjoy the extra long break! x

Tat said...

Now, I've worked out CHOGM, but what does A PH 4 HRH mean? Or is that a trick to get people to stay on your page longer trying to figure it out? It worked in my case. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh YAY YAY, a new bathroom! Gotta love a reno on one of my fave blogs :o) Hope to receive some updates and pictures very soon... maybe prettier pictures than the one here ;o) xo

Posie Patchwork said...

Will it be dubbed the Royal En Suite?? Exciting times in your bathroom!! Love Posie

Ms Jelena said...

lovely grateful and how exciting that you had a public holiday thanks to Her Majesty :)