Wednesday, October 26, 2011

52 Week Project : Wk 6

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This little dolphin has been my constant companion for 11 years now.
He sits on my hip and rarely sees the light of day anymore.

I still acknowledge him though and love what he now reminds me of.

I've always loved dolphins.
They appear to be perpetually happy, playful and chatty.

Who wouldn't be if they spent their days gliding and frolicking in the water though?

This was my friend ('s backside) and I the day we were 'inked'
- before it was fashionable, I'm sure!

Hmmm - young, dumb & frequenting the solarium, it seems!
I thought the thirty something pic would be shameful, not this twentyish one!
I am very proud to say that this friendship is going as strong as our 'toughstickers' though.

In the throes of pregnancy belly swell, my little dolphin friend grew over a centimetre.
I'm pretty sure he's managed to drop that baby weight and keep it off.
Probably thanks to his good friends at New Idea or Weight Watchers or something.

I have no issue with tattooing the body - it has travelled this journey with us and bears all kinds of evidence of ups, downs, joys and pains.
However, I wouldn't cover my exposed skin with them for a number of reasons.

I was tickled pink when a couple of years ago my mum in law asked if she could get an identical tattoo in the same spot with the addition of the pink ribbon.
In fact, Hubby and I gifted it to her.

The only downside to this is that Magoo mistakenly believes that every woman has a little dolphin on their hip.

Have you been 'inked'?

Exposing myself for the 52 Week Project with the gorgeous My Mummy Daze and Co.
Go on, get your gear off!!
The 52 Week Project
Shar :-)


Romina Garcia said...

Oh it's beautiful!!
Yes, yes I've been inked...Three soon to be four times.
I too have dolphins - alhough before I got pregnant with my fourth I tattooed three little dolphins on my arms to represent my three little dolphins at home. Now just to add one more!
Ps - The tattoo I have on my stomach no longer says what it said before pregnancy!! It's too stretched lol!!

Cherie @ 'a baby called Max' said...

And in other news, you have the most amazingly trim taut & terrific stomach I have ever seen!

Way to go sister! :)

I'm not inked, but that's noy because I avoid pain at any cost :)

Woos-bag right here xx

Lee said...

Love your toughstickers! Aweome fit tum too.xx

I haven't been inked. I am not anti ink at all, just can't commit to a design. xx

danneromero said...

i do not have any tattoos - yet, i have a few i would like if i ever was motivated to get one, two, or three....

great spot for your dolphin.... great abs for it to swim on...

that's awesome... mom in law wanting the same one..... :D

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Shar, just another reason why I love your work :o)
One of my besties and I did the exact same thing the year we turned 18. Hers on her back, mine on my lower back/bordering on backside! Both rarely see the light of day either and much like yourself I did it for me, not to show the world and I certainly wouldn't be coating myself in ink for that matter. I would however, consider another one some day in an inconspicuous position. Watch this space ;o)
Love your little dolphin and love that he grew when you did. He's certainly looking as fit and fine as your gorgeous belly nowadays though xo

Teresa said...

I don't have any tatoos but if I had a wonderfully flat tummy like yours I think I would get one that said "Look at my fabulous flat tummy!!!"

Seriously though, what a gorgeous thing for your mother in law to do - she sounds like a young spirit. xo

Anonymous said...

Oh my! How white is my skin. Yes your tummy is the best! Hehehe xxx

Peggy said...

No I don't have a tattoo (though I have often thought of getting one on the back of my neck - would have been nice now that I have short hair) however I will be striving to get a trim, taut tummy such as yours. WHERE ARE MY RUNNERS!?

Nice one Shar, tat and tum. :)

Megan Blandford said...

Cute :)

Dolphins are amazing creatures - even just watching them gives you a surreal feeling of calmness.

Bubby Makes Three said...

Oh I shouldnt, but I cant resist having a little giggle, that dolphin is such a sign of the times 11 years ago and then, dolphins were just EVERYWHERE weren't they? I was such a dolphin freak too.... but anyway, back to the point. Naw I havnt been inked, too much of a wussy. But I admire anyone else that has -- I cant even commit to my nail polish colour! xx

Ms Kate said...

I change my mind too often to have a tattoo, and i'm kinda scared of pain too, so no, not for me!

permanently amanda said...

My SIL is married to a tattooist, but my husband is very anti tattoos, so I don't have any (but his mum has 2!!). These days I am not sure I could go through with it. Or body piercing. i've become wimpy in my old age, LOL

I love that you are sharing other parts of you body :) We get so caught up in our face being who we are ...

Thea said...

I love dolphins too!
I considered getting a small tattoo on my hip for my 30th birthday....aaaaaaaaaaages ago...but it never happened.
Clever photo for the 52 Week Project!! :)

Daisy, Roo and Two said...

I was obsessed with dolphins as a child, OBSESSED I tell you!
Same reasons - they just seem to have it all going on!
Love that you love your ink!
I have two tattoos - one young and dumb and one that means quite a bit to me. I love them both!

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

You have the best abs - I cannot beleive you are a mum :)

I have a tatto on my lower back - it is the ever seeing eye and I use it to full advantage with the kids telling them that I have eyes on back that can see everything, even when they dont think I am looking :)

Still blown away by your perfect tum - BIATCH :) xx

My Mummy Daze said...

That's a gorgeous story about your MIL wanting a matching dolphin tattoo! You must have a special relationship!

May I ask Shar - are you genetically blessed? Or does your marathon running scare off any fat cells on your tummy? You look AMAZING! Go you!