Monday, October 10, 2011

Point + Shoot : Magoo Wiggle

This weekend's point + shoot is brought to you
by four Wiggly men and their friends.
Sunday 9.45am : Langley Park, Perth
Go on - play your guitar with Murray
As much as I didn't want to, I've become one of those Wiggle loving Mums.
I even have a little 'thing' for Anthony, the blue Wiggle.
I just adore that he's cheeky and fun and a little spunky.

Oh man - would you listen to me?!
We could pretend that the picture quality is deliberate
- like I'm one of those arty folk
and not a half door who forgot the camera.
I love that these blokes gave my serious baby his dancing feet
- and arms and hips and shoulders and head....
(If I had a buck for every "Oh, he's very 'serious', isn't he?")

I love that he rocks out to their tunes and performs Magoo concert extravaganzas on a daily basis.
Like most of the Aussie population under four, Magoo just loves to
 'play his guitar like Murray', 'move his arms like Henry', 'rock-a-bye his bear'
and throw himself a 'Wiggly party'.

There was loads to see and do at the Wiggles concert even before entering the big top, with activities and attractions on the grass.

I'm proud to say I didn't put my hand in my pocket once.
(Yep - headliner - 'parent of only child did not purchase paraphenalia'.)
Ahem - Unless you count the musical Wiggles shirt [it sings!] and Wiggles undies
- but I bought them on sale the day before the show!!
There was so much free stuff on offer, Magoo didn't even bat an eye at the merchandising stands anyway and he still managed to head home with masks, hats, books and a show bag.

I do feel for the sucker parent that forked out 25 big ones for a helium filled Dorothy that ended up waaaaay up in the roof before the show even began.

Ooooh - particularly 'arty' pic, this one.
As usual, the Wiggle boys put on an awesome show and managed to make us feel like they wouldn't want to be anywhere else on a Sunday morning - even after 20 years and heart surgery. (On ya, Jeff!)

Oh - he's very serious, isn't he?
The huge tent was a hit and I think it's terrific that there was no such thing as a bad seat.
The round stage means everyone has prime possie and they were mindful of doing anything spectacular twice over - one on each side.
(I don't recall Beyonce making her way out into the crowd and acknowledging her fans so enthusiastically at her last gig.)

Come toot toot chugga chugga Point + Shoot 
with Lou @ Sunny + Scout.
Shar :-)
If you're as Wiggly pathetic as me,
you can create your own personalised
Wiggles photos and e-books


Vicky said...

My little man and I are off to this concert at the end of the month. Looking forward to it now... you see I have been wiggling for a LONG time... and done several concerts now... dating back at least 13 years. And I think Anthony has gotten better with age ;)

Me 'N My Monkeys said...

Loving your photos!

He looks like he had a blast. x

Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Awww gorgeous! I've been to two Wiggles gigs and loved each if them (the kids thought they were pretty OK too ;)

Looks like a lot of fun, x

Teresa said...

Looks like the guys put on a great show/birthday party for you Shar!..oh and Mr Magoo likes them too, right? ;)

You should ask for a commission, I've just bought two tickets!

p.s I like anthony too.shhh

MaidInAustralia said...

OH dear ... I spent many hours at Wiggles concerts when my kids were young. And their DVDs gave me many hours of peace. I think I know all the songs off by heart. (And Anthony was my favourite too)

Kylie @ The Rockgarden said...

So cute! My little one loves the Wiggles too (is there a kid out there who doesn't?!).

Mama of 2 boys said...

You're so cute Shar and Magoo is pretty darn cute too! That is fantastic of them to offer lots of freebies at the show, I always think that is a really nice gesture when parents have sprung for a ticket for themselves and child/children. I don't get the spending obscene amounts on gimmicky items either. I may be called stingy, but I don't care, those outings are all about the experience as far as I'm concerned. And it looks like you two thoroughly dug the experience :o) xo

Lou said...

It actually looked kind of cool! Mr Magoo might be serious...but he is seriously gorgeous! Love his cheeky smiles in the second last photo :)

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

Your little munchkin is sooo cute. Looks like you guys had a brilliant time and credos ton you for not forking out a fortune for all the paraphernalia :)

Farmers Wifey said...

Action shots, awesome! I'm a wiggles mum too, but also a Ben 10 mum, a Star Wars mum, a Barbie mum..shall I go on...

Oh I really like Captain Feathersword too ♥

Cheryl said...

You know, I have no idea what Wiggles is! Lol! We don't have them over here but it looks like you guys had a great time!


Cathy said...

Certainly great entertainment value!! It's all a bit sad that they have damaged their brand by the bad handling of this latest changeover of the yellow skivvy!

MultipleMum said...

All of my kids have had a Wiggles-stage (Dew Drop is having his currently). They are great musicians and entertainers so I don't mind (although, after nearly 7 years I am pretty over the music!). I can't believe you like the blue Wiggle. What about his teeth?!? Eek! Thanks for Rewinding x