Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love Thy Neighbour

The Great Book encourages us to love our neighbour.

Maybe in biblical times, they didn't have brilliant neighbours like ours though.
I don't need to rely solely on scripture to help me to appreciate what's across the street, down the road or over the fence.

I've got this kinda reminder :
I returned from Relay For Life on the weekend to be greeted by this great big palm
(don't take my word for it's 'classification' - botany bores me
at the front door.
Attached was a note :

Hi guys,
Sorry about the palm damage to your plant at the back.
Hope this can be a replacement.
Cheers, Julie & Gary (over the back!)

While we were camping recently, the neighbours did a little (lot of) pruning.
We found some large palm fronds in our back garden and put them onto the verge for the upcoming make your street look derelict roadside collection.

And didn't think about it again.

In fact, a couple of days later I tutted the dog for killing the plant pretty much right where the palm fronds had been.
(I'm one switched on operator.)

And didn't think about it again.
(These thumbs aren't even tinged with a hint of green.
Plants die here. Human life goes onAwful, I know.)
Until the arrival of the much-larger-than-the-last-plant gift at the front door.

The neighbour gods have been ridiculously kind to us.
We can unashamedly brag that we live in the best street this side of that Ramsay one.
Nothing to do with market value or location
- just the immeasurable heart that beats around here.

As long as Hubby isn't coveting thy neighbour's wife, we'll be here for eternity.
Shar :-)


Cherie @ 'a baby called Max' said...


You are HILARIOUS lady!

This was a fantastic read, & I have me a case of neighbor envy.

Ours are rude, mostly rude.


Peggy said...

That is just lovely! What nice neighbours! And I love that you didn't even notice the carnage. You are funny. ;)

Thea said...

Oh you lucky thing!!
We're pretty much the only people in our street that are not renting. Our neighbours change more often that a baby's nappy!

Toni said...

It takes TWO lots of people to make good neighbours though, so you should take some credit yourselves.

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

What an awesome neighbour. Any houses for sale on your street?
As Toni said - it takes two, so you must be pretty good neighbours yourself hun ;) xx

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh how lovely!! I don't like any of our neighbours, except the fantastic couple next door who are so so nice, empty the letterbox & help start the lawnmower types. We keep getting new ones on one side, over the back complain about our dog barking, he doesn't but theirs DOES, all round icky, i long for our last 'hood, it was fantastic!! I wonder if we'll even know our neighbours when we move onto like 100 acres in the country?? My husband likes privacy, we'll see about that, i'd throw the house open constantly if i could. Love Posie

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh that is awesome Shar. It does sound like you do have truly good neighbours and my, that is a blessing. Love this post, one of your best :o) xo