Sunday, October 2, 2011

All About Balance

There might just be something in all that astrological caper.
I am a Libran and obsessed with the notion of balance, symmetry, equality.

I am constantly striving for balance in every aspect of my life.

This morning was one of those beautiful unplanned ones that unfolded into my perfect idea of balance.
I'm feeling incredibly content - even if Mt. Housework is yet to be fully conquered.

Every now and then, I get a hankering to punish myself change things up a bit and head to Jacob's Ladder in the city. Jacob's is a set of 242 steps that attract maniacs people looking for a solid workout followed by jelly legs.
After a family snuggle in bed, we decided we'd all head to Jacob's.
While Hubby or I tackled a couple of sets of the stairs at a time, the other parental played on the grass with Magoo.

I enjoyed a few sets of these

interspersed with a bit of this

then back for a few more sets of these

and some of this.

Luckily I wore this as a  reminder

NEVER GIVE UP -  well, not until after at least 7 of 'em anyway

If Jacob's doesn't take your breath away (then maybe you're a robot?) - the view might.

All that action on the calorie burning side couldn't go unanswered from the calorie consuming team, so this was their reply.

Bit of this, bit of that.
Exactly how I love it.

Happy Sunday!
Shar :-)


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh how fantastic Shar! That is exactly what hubby and I do when we exercise at the park. Take shifts on kiddy time, then running time for each of us. Everyone is happy!
Jacob's Ladder looks sensational. We also used to take on a massively steep set of steps down near the beach. Never counted the steps... because they were so hard and there was so damn many of them, we couldn't be bothered ;o) But I have never felt fitter than when we were doing those steps regularly.
Looks like your steps are helping you maintain that gorgeous bod Shar :o) xo

Peggy said...

Shar my husband tackles Jacobs almost every day. I went with him once and I swear I dropped a lung on my way up and then had an exercise induced asthma style cough for hours later (I don't suffer from asthma). It was BRUTAL. Kudos to you.

Next time if you see my lung there send it home will you?

Kate Sins said...

oh, that looks like great fun and you look smokin' in your tank! i'm going to see if there's anything similar in melbourne...the closest i get is the 2 flights of 50 stairs at the train station! maybe i could just go up and down..