Tuesday, October 18, 2011


As the highly decorated writer that I am, I have now taken it upon myself to go around handing out awards.

The much anticipated (no?) inaugural 'Mum on the Run' award for
'Most Under-Rated Attraction in Perth'
goes to..... insert drum roll please....

Beware the monster at the entrance!
  We ventured there on a couple of friend's recommendations last week and were suitably impressed.

We were joined by one of our nephews and two of their grandparents.
If you happened to be there that day and have an allergy to young boys laughing, having fun and wrestling each other to the floor, I'm sorry for heightening your symptoms.

There's plenty on offer - at super reasonable prices.
Even if some.young boys don't.want.to.touch.the.sea.creatures.
(Looking at you, fraidy Magoo!!).
Entry is $7 for adults & $4 for children over 4yrs.
This gives you access to everything.
Without being narky, there is a well known aquarium on the opposite side of the marina charging three times as much for a very similar experience. Just saying.

The centre is clean, new, spacious and beautiful.
I would happily move in if invited, you know.

We watched part thereof a gorgeous movie presentation about the reef.
(Little boys + 10 min movie = restless to the power of 20)
We visited the touch pool. Some touched. Some did not.
(Not bothered by that at all, Magoo, really.)
AKA the ('I don't wanna) Touch Pool

I'll say we leisurely meandered our way our way through the many exhibits, but in reality we followed two happy, energetic little land creatures around the place, managing to stall them for a second or ten here or there.

I can't show you this man's face 'cause he's a fool.
Guess it takes one to marry one.
Haven't you always wondered if you're worth your weight in herring?

Wouldn't mind dropping a herring or two, myself. Just quietly!

We even got to watch scientists check their Facebook work away in the labs.

There was calander and badge making activities for a tiny fee - but we're cheap and grabbed some free colouring-in sheets instead!

We were treated to Perth's happiest, friendliest, most satisfied employee of all time when we visited the cafe and enjoyed gorgeous little babycinos with a side order (slash meal) of biscuits, marshmallows and other embellishments.
The apple was BYO. The dainty tea hands self taught.

Without being asked this lady pandered to the boys every need, pre-empting them and cutting straws in half, giving equal proportions of everything and imitating an ambulance when one of the boys hurt himself.
She wisely declined our offer to leave them with her though.
Right back atchya sweet cafe lady.

To top it off (and when the wrestling comes into play) there's a huge, hidden park with a playground directly across the road.
You can pop over for a play, a picnic lunch or a spot of personal trainer perving.

Congratulations, to the folk at Naturaliste Marine discovery Centre on a job well done.
I can only imagine how elated you must be with your award.

This is by no means a sponsored post.
We paid for everything - but that is my point.
It was great value!

Shar :-)


Mum's the word said...

wow that looks like a great place to take the kids! and a really cheap day out! looks like a lot of fun!

Farmers Wifey said...

I love these pics, you have the best, funniest family! I wish I lived near you and we could hang out and do lunch, and have bbqs on a Saturday night with wine, while the kids watch dvds IN MY NEW HOUSE, sorry had to get that plug in :)

Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha! Love it Shar! It IS hard to keep young boys on track isn't it?! They get together... and go mad! And don't worry about Magoo making it a 'no touch' pool, they ALL go through that stage. Angus quite often takes a back seat with experiencing certain things... then talks about them all the way home and asks to go back to 'experience' them, incessantly. Hmmm!
Always great to make a discovery like this one... and I LOVE a place that does offers a similar product, without charging an exorbitant fee. Great pics also, it looks like you ALL had a blast! :o) xo

Peggy said...

I've never even heard of this place! Well I have now. Thanks for sharing Shar, must check it out. :)

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i love this, what a fantastic adventuer. Touch Pool - oh my 3rd girl would be in there like it said "Wading Pool". She's THAT child, the one who is always in water, as in people's garden ponds, reflection pools, fish bowl at a dentist surgery, yes, she's 10, nothing has changed!!
Yay for being as silly as your husband, keeps you young darling. Love Posie

Bubby Makes Three said...

ha ha, we LOVE the indoor aquariums!! We might also have been daggy enough to get a season pass last year... Im not sure.... fun for all the fam, I say!! x

Katie said...

Those 'dainty tea hands' just made my day! So cute, too funny :)

Teresa said...

Looks fantastic...I am still laughing about "dainty tea hands", "scientists checking their facebook" and "..worth your weight in herring?" I laugh out loud while reading your blog Shar - you are hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Amity is going here for a school excursion on Tuesday... It should be an improvement on her last excursion... To the rubbish dump lol!