Sunday, April 29, 2012

Point + Shoot : Down Time

Our weekends have taken a turn for the 'chilled' lately.

Combined with cooler, soggier weather and a nesting Mama - there's no place like home right now.
Extra snippets of down time have meant a slower pace and even more impromptu cuddles to enjoy.

'Laid back' is definitely a good look on my boys!
But I may just be biased.

How was your weekend?

Linking with Lou's (in Perth - yaaay !!!) Point + Shoot

point + shoot

Shar :-)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Grateful for...Katy

I've allowed myself a few indulgent "woe is me", "some crappy things have happened to my family and I lately", "boo to the hoo" pathetic moments this week.

A touch of sooky-la-la silliness that allowed me to cry like a baby before pulling myself together, hardening up and putting those big girl knickers back on.

Then, yesterday, I met Katy.

Katy Hutchinson captivated and amazed me with her story.
Katy Hutchinson humbled and shamed me with her strength.

I could never do Katy's (or Ryan's) story justice here, but do take a look.

In (ridiculously) short, Katy lost her supremely fit, devoted, loving husband in a tragic, violent, alcohol fuelled act.
At the hands of a young man named Ryan.

Katy now works alongside Ryan - at her invitation -  educating students, parents, educators and fellow human beings about the power of forgiveness.
But also about the reality of young people + alcohol + violence and what that can =.

Katy spoke to our school community this week and is a living, breathing reality check.

Katy commented this week that anger is a powerful, yet destructive emotion.
It is the emotion that killed her husband - but it also the emotion that she refused to let break her down or rob her children of their mother.

Her strength of character is testament to what we can aspire to as people.
If she can stand beside her husband's murderer and feel, above all else, compassion for that boy's mother ...
- what on earth was I whinging about again????

I'm grateful that people like Katy (and Ryan) exist.
That they put life in perspective so eloquently.
That my so-called 'problems' are insignificant in comparison.

Shar :-)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Escape Routes

Something is going on.
My mind, she's wandering to funny places.

Right now, I'm perfectly happy and content - not feeling smothered, anxious, overwhelmed by domestic duty etc. etc, etc ....
but maybe I know a storm is brewing?

Maybe I'm preparing for times to come.
Like the nesting.
Man, I love the nesting.

But this forward planning has a different feel to nesting.
It's less about pretty colours, tiny clothes or super soft blankies.

For some reason I keep coming up with little escape routes in my head.
Little tricks of the mummy trade that make me giggle- and then want to swiftly store them away upstairs for tougher times on the home front.

Maybe I am missing my running more than I realise!

 Some ideas to escape the daily household grind, the incessant whining (of a junior or senior variety) or just squirrel away a few seconds of relative peace and quiet to gather yourself....

1. Start vacuuming.
Head towards a room and close the door (I choose the study - computer's there).
Keep the vacuum running  - but sit down and do whatever you feel like.

2. Take a leaf out of the man's book
Head for the shelter of the loo.
Heaven forbid, close the door. (Watch for inevitable little fingers.)
Make disgusting noises to ward off door chatters.
Drop small rocks (or similar) into the toilet at irregular intervals to avoid detection.
Do whatever else it is you feel like.
ie. read the magazine you stashed in there earlier.

3. Tell Hubby you're out of an essential sanitary item and must go to the shops. Alone.
Tell the children you're going to the change rooms at the shops.
Go anywhere you like. Do whatever you like.

Muuum, why you running away??
Got anything to add to my repertoire?
How do you 'escape'?

Shar :-)

Monday, April 23, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 32

Living dangerously - mummy style!
Forget bungee jumping, sky diving or abseiling
- here I am living on the edge, baby.

I'm on the freeway in peak hour traffic.
Uh huh.
My petrol gauge is singing 'low,low,low,low - seriously low'.
Uh huh.
I have a super chatty three year old strapped in the back.
Uh huh.
A three year old who has already sat in an ob's waiting room for 90 minutes.
Uh huh.
Hardcore adrenalin junkies unite!

Then I snap a pic so that the other drivers can shoot me weird looks.

Tell me that doesn't get your heart rate soaring!! :-)

I'm still hosting this week's 52 Week Project for the lovely Fi from My Mummy Daze.
Link up below and give us a peek.
The 52 Week Project

Shar :-)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Point + Shoot : Lounge Lizard

I do believe I've just experienced what weekends mean to many people...
and quite liked it!

We've had a very rare party-free, commitment-light couple of days.
A weekend all of our own to fill with everything or nothing at our leisure.

This pic was taken on Saturday
- during. the. day. people.
We'd had a morning walk and beautiful breakfast out with friends.
Then meandered home via a friend's place, mooched about having cuddles, read the paper
and were just deciding to get a movie out to watch
during. the. day. people.


It felt a little criminal to be doing 'nothing much' on a precious Saturday.
But pretty damn good at the same time.

A case of the guilts saw me do a little washing, some housework, a spot of schoolwork, and a bit of baking  
- but all if and when the urge took me.

My ears and shoulders no longer feel as connected,
but my butt and the couch are getting along famously!
I could get used to this.

Hope you've had a fabulous weekend too.

Do you subscribe to the school of chill on weekends?

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Shar :-)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Grateful for...Intensity

Some days you just know you're alive.
I've had that kind of week, really.
What a week!

A week that started with a surprisingly small set of lists and commitments.
With a sense of calm contentment.

A week that turned on it's head.
A week of intense emotions  -  highs, lows and plenty in between.

A week of a few moments that I have tried hard to erase from my consciousness each night and a week of many beautiful moments that I desperately want to burn into my psyche forever more.

I've felt my heart beat out of my chest in fear and heard a sound that I didn't even know was possible escape my lips in shocked panic.

I've also felt my heart beat clear out of chest with pure joy, love and pride and heard the glorious sound of good ol' Bev telling me that my baby girl was just perfect.
Hi Mum!
I've cried myself to sleep over the dark nature of some people and laughed myself stupid with the most beautiful of people.

I've waited patiently to see how things will unfold for my family in the coming months and I've waited impatiently for details, particulars, dates, specifics...

I know I'm alive.
And for that I'm grateful.

Linking with 52 Weeks of Grateful over @ Maxabella Loves.
Shar :-)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wired for Sound

I love the way these 'little person' minds work.

Allow me to introduce you to Magoo's "acoustic toofbwush" ...

as opposed to his "lectric toofbwush".

Said with a perfectly straight face and the most earnest little boy peepers .
The boy's into guitars.

Shar :-)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'd like to buy a vowel, please Posie.

A. E. I. O. U.
A mid month linky created by Posie Patchwork.
It goes a little something like this...
Awesome – something you baked/ created/ photographed/ a bargain you found
Exciting – share your news/ event/ holiday/ a gorgeous butterflies-in-tummy moment
Interesting – teach us information/ discovery/ facts/ a chance to show off your quirky side
Opportunity – embrace the unknown/ put yourself out there/ show off a new experience
Understanding – learning to appreciate/ forgive/ love/ unleash what helps you grow

i host a mid-month-link-list-party

A - awesome.
How could I go past this beauty?
The true definition of awesome for me.
As in some serious awe.
I am continuously dumbstruck by the literal miracle of life.
All those teeny, tiny organs and body parts - fully formed and functioning in miniature. Awesome.

E - exciting.
And daunting at the same time.
The baby formerly known as 'Muppet' would now like to be addressed as 'Miss Muppet', thank you very much!
There's a little lady in my belly.
What on earth does this family do with a tiny girl??? 

I - interesting.
There have been some tragic events occurring here in the West lately.
My heart goes out to the victims and their families in every instance -
but I'm also a tad disturbed by how quickly we, as a society, pounce on the police.
These officers are ordinary people who put their lives on the line each day. 
Actual husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers who consistently contend with abuse, red tape, bureaucracy, media slaughter and criminals with no regard for social values.
If we supported our police force and their right to protect us, instead of taking every chance to tear them down - maybe we wouldn't have the level of violence and crime we do.
Just a thought.

O - opportunity
Hopefully, Hubby's forced change in direction (career-wise) will unearth opportunities for him.
Hopefully, in the big scheme, last week's turn of events will be one of those turning points/stepping stones/blessings in disguise type occasions for him - and our family.

U - understanding
(also stands for unfortunately)
This week I learnt that a small amount of cash means so much to some people that they will look a pregnant woman in the eye and snatch her purse from under her armpit as she helps her son into the car at the shops.

So, there's my vowels.
Show me yours?

Shar :-)

Monday, April 16, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 31 (Hosting For Fi)

Hey! Hiiii there!
Thank you for popping in.

This hair and face obviously weren't expecting you - but that's a-okay.
That's kinda the point of popping in, isn't it?

Come in.
Kettle's on.

Well, this week gorgeous Fi from My Mummy Daze carefully considered various bloggers and their respective merits before selecting little ol' me to host her fabulous 52 Week Project initiative.
The 52 Week Project
 Fi's computer's stuffed, her mojo's missing and she needed someone in a hurry.
I'm already the host body for a little person right now, so a linky shouldn't be too taxing.

So, are you a fan of the 'pop in'?

Years ago...
 the idea of unannounced visitors definitely wasn't my cup of tea.
It sent me into a spin of "but I haven't..."s

These days...
 I have a husband and a child - so I can blame the state of the place on them.
I shop and stock as though we're destined for nuclear warfare - so there's always the makings of a meal (or at least a really generous snack) in the fridge.
I live in a brilliant, close knit cul de sac - so rarely even bother to close the front door.
I'm more than happy to ditch the housework, schoolwork, artwork or any kind of work to sit and have an impromptu chat.

If you're lucky, I'll have heard your footsteps on the path and have raced to put a bra or pair of pants on.
If you're not, well - don't look down!

Please snap yourself and add your selfie to the link up below.
No rules - just an opportunity to get on the other side of the lens for a moment.

Shar :-)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Point + Shoot : Childhood v.2.0

Hubby and I, we're at that stage.
Along with most of our social circle, we fit in the stereotypical 'young family' box.
Very happily.

We like to think that weekends (and pretty much our lifestyles these days) are all about 'the kids'.
(Wedding weekends excepted) like most people we hang out with, we spend our weekends with our child and the children of friends.

We plan most chores, parties, outings, adventures and activities for and around 'the kids'.

So, if it's all 'for the kids' - why do we enjoy it so much????

Hey Mum, I don't remember this particular image featuring anywhere in my first childhood by the way...

Linking with Lou's Point & Shoot
point + shoot

Hope you've had a fantastic second childhood weekend too.

Shar :-)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Grateful For...Flexibility. It's Contagious, You Know.

Just yesterday, I was a-pondering on the way to my new role at work.
Thinking about how much this motherhood caper has taught me in the past few years.
How much my perspective has changed and my reactions have mellowed.
How my habit of catastrophising events or issues has slowly subsided over the past three years.
How I can actually be flexible in all areas of my life - internally and not just on the surface.

I'm not entirely sure whether this taming of my rigid, irrational self is really due to the mummyness factor.
It could well be put down to aging, marriage, the craziness of my work life in the past two years, greater faith, recent tragedies that put things in perspective or just plain fatigue.

But these thoughts were part of a silent prayer that I will cope with whatever this little one within my belly throws my way. That I won't punish myself with unrealistic expectations and let anxiety dictate my days - or those looooong nights -  this time around.

Then Hubby's company decided to drive the point home for me yesterday afternoon.
He lost his job.
Pretty much out of the blue.
The company is folding.

Obviously, my initial reaction began with "what the..."
We won't go into where that sentence went next.
But I was amazed by the sense of calm that followed immediately after.

It's not ideal.
By a long stretch.
The timing is terrible.

But I (finally, honey) have such trust in my husband.
He will fall on his feet.
He always has.
(And no amount of panic or ranting on my part has ever made one bit of difference to that.)

He's not too proud to work hard for a dollar and he will do what he can to support us.
He was lining up job interviews within thirty minutes of telling me yesterday.
We will do what we need to.
Whatever that entails.

This time four years ago, I spent much of my pregnancy with Magoo awake at night budgeting and stressing about how we would manage financially, among other things.
So, so, so many things!
This time around, we face going down to not just one income again, but possibly none - and I slept soundly last night.

I'm so grateful for the place that my boys have brought me to.
It's quite lovely here in the land of 'contentment'.
There's this deep seeded feeling (that may well turn out to be foolish ignorance!!) that nothing can truly destroy us.
That we'll be okay and we'll have each other regardless of what's happening outside of that.
That if 7.30pm finds the three of us (and a tiny one) snuggling on a single bed - then how can it not have been a good day?
It's a bit like a semi-permanent 'I just enjoyed a glass of wine in the afternoon sun' buzz - without the wine in the sun part.
(See, Mr. Bank Manager? Not scared. Not one bit.)

I quite like this person he encourages me to see/be.
It's like I've married my very own chill pill.
 Linking with Maxabella's 52 Weeks of Grateful.
Shar :-)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 30

 Once I caught a fish alive...

While camping at Easter (the time, not a place) we had ourselves a spot of fishing.

Apart from a weedy attempt (the sea plant variety, not the smoking sort) to beach fish last year,
 I haven't gone fishin' since I was a kid.

Having Hubby set up my line and handle the disgusting, smelly bait for me,
took me back to going fishing with my Dad and our friends all those years ago.
I remember catching plenty of blowfish and even a rogue thong (the footwear kind, not the other) down at the river - before losing interest and playing around on the jetty or banks.

On the weekend, I had originally intended to set the boys up with their riverside possie and refreshments,
then head off for a nice walk myself.
But once we were throwing lines in and getting a nibble,
I became quite captivated by the whole thing and stayed.

Once I'd caught one of my own, I was hooked - pardon the pun.
I may or may not have a competitive streak - and Hubby was fishless!!
I also have a pretty powerful 'don't want to miss a thing' streak.

Watching Magoo bring in his first ever fish was as satisfying as catching them myself.
Watching him set himself up, reset his gear, move his chair, fiddle with the lines, check out the tackle box, move his gear again, take a bunch of hilarious photos, test the muddy bank, move his chair... was pretty amusing too.

The boy might just make a great fisherman though.
(If you can discount the short attention span and need to talk constantly.)
We actually caught six fish, but I heard him tell some kids back at the campsite that we had caught eight.

6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Then I let him go again.

Linking with lovely Fi and her
The 52 Week Project
Shar :-)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Storage Problem?

What storage problem?

Any ingenious space-saving tips you can offer wouldn't go astray around here.

(Despite my occasional 'stomp and steam' fests - moving house is not an option.)
(And yes, that is a breast pump in full view. What about it?)

Shar :-)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Point + Shoot : Easter Feaster

Delayed Point + Shoot telecast - due to super relaxed transmission.
And twenty five loads of washing.

Pretty damn relaxed, actually.

Over the Easter break, we camped at a beautiful spot about 4 hours north of Perth.
(5 hours if you account for large appetites and small bladders.)
Just the three of us this time - oh, and about 2000 other happy campers in the park.


I think that just about sums it up!

Confucious say : camping or no camping. Pregnant woman can never have too many pillows.

We just enjoyed.
Enjoyed hanging out, fishing, napping, swimming, eating, sandboarding, sightseeing, playing on every playground in the area, picnicking, walking, paddling, meeting the 'neighbours', reading, reclining, getting a bit feral...
all at our leisure.
No plans, no time frames, no commitments or obligations
- apart from to each other and the pursuit of relaxation!
The Easter Bunny must have G.P.S. - and E.S.P.

Camping's not everyone's cup of tea (or hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows),
 but it's definitely ours.

I hope you had yourself a beautiful loooong weekend too.

Linking with Lou's Point + Shoot
Life Love and Hiccups
Shar :-)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Grateful for... This Man

This week (but always) I'm grateful for the man that is my Hubby.
As I've mentioned before, my Hubby is so easygoing he may as well be horizontal most of the time.
But he's also extremely patient, tolerant and caring - when he loves ya.
(No, other drivers around Perth - he doesn't love ya.)

I think a great indication of a man's heart is how he treats his Mum.
Hubby has a great relationship with both of his parents.
Yes, he takes advantage of their extreme patience, tolerance and care  - but he also genuinely looks out for them.
Hubby's Mum has been really unwell the past week and he has (of his own accord - and without any fanfare) visited, gifted and checked in on his Mum daily.
I love that he speaks to his folks frequently and values their opinion.
It's because of him that I'm lucky enough to have a lovely relationship with my in-laws.

He doesn't ask for much, my Hubby.
Well. He drops a lot of not-so-subtle hints.
But, he isn't phased that most of them go ignored - or get shot down in flames.
(There will be no boat.)

Case in point.
I may just have made Hubby's week by picking up a $7 Big W flannelette shirt for him.
His inner bogan is jumping for joy - and his early morning paddles are a little warmer.

There are real issues and tragedies playing out all over the world during this privileged Easter break we're heading into.
Beth from BabyMac put it perfectly in her post 'She's A Rich Girl'.
Eden from Edenland is living it - in the midst of true poverty in n]Niger as I type.

But closer to home for me...
Tomorrow a woman my age is laying her beautiful husband to rest.
Her two little boys have spent all the time they're going to get with their Daddy in this world.
A mother and brother will farewell their Pete - probably terrorised by images of the way his life was taken.
My heart hurts and my head cannot even comprehend.

Twice in the past week since hearing of my school friend's death in the ocean, Hubby has set out to paddle and not returned at his usual time.
I can't begin to tell you how far in my throat my heart sits as the time goes on.
The release of tension in my body when his ski appears and his car pulls into the driveway.

Thursday, he and his buddy did have a scare. A genuine one.
When he left the bathroom after telling me, I sat and bawled in the shower.
I can't - and won't - imagine our life without him.

Another woman doesn't have that luxury anymore.
Pete, the loss your family and community feel is like your spirit -  immeasurable, mate.

Hubby, you are loved, needed and wanted more than you will ever know.

So, so grateful with Maxabella Loves 52 Weeks of Grateful.

Shar xxx