Friday, April 6, 2012

Grateful for... This Man

This week (but always) I'm grateful for the man that is my Hubby.
As I've mentioned before, my Hubby is so easygoing he may as well be horizontal most of the time.
But he's also extremely patient, tolerant and caring - when he loves ya.
(No, other drivers around Perth - he doesn't love ya.)

I think a great indication of a man's heart is how he treats his Mum.
Hubby has a great relationship with both of his parents.
Yes, he takes advantage of their extreme patience, tolerance and care  - but he also genuinely looks out for them.
Hubby's Mum has been really unwell the past week and he has (of his own accord - and without any fanfare) visited, gifted and checked in on his Mum daily.
I love that he speaks to his folks frequently and values their opinion.
It's because of him that I'm lucky enough to have a lovely relationship with my in-laws.

He doesn't ask for much, my Hubby.
Well. He drops a lot of not-so-subtle hints.
But, he isn't phased that most of them go ignored - or get shot down in flames.
(There will be no boat.)

Case in point.
I may just have made Hubby's week by picking up a $7 Big W flannelette shirt for him.
His inner bogan is jumping for joy - and his early morning paddles are a little warmer.

There are real issues and tragedies playing out all over the world during this privileged Easter break we're heading into.
Beth from BabyMac put it perfectly in her post 'She's A Rich Girl'.
Eden from Edenland is living it - in the midst of true poverty in n]Niger as I type.

But closer to home for me...
Tomorrow a woman my age is laying her beautiful husband to rest.
Her two little boys have spent all the time they're going to get with their Daddy in this world.
A mother and brother will farewell their Pete - probably terrorised by images of the way his life was taken.
My heart hurts and my head cannot even comprehend.

Twice in the past week since hearing of my school friend's death in the ocean, Hubby has set out to paddle and not returned at his usual time.
I can't begin to tell you how far in my throat my heart sits as the time goes on.
The release of tension in my body when his ski appears and his car pulls into the driveway.

Thursday, he and his buddy did have a scare. A genuine one.
When he left the bathroom after telling me, I sat and bawled in the shower.
I can't - and won't - imagine our life without him.

Another woman doesn't have that luxury anymore.
Pete, the loss your family and community feel is like your spirit -  immeasurable, mate.

Hubby, you are loved, needed and wanted more than you will ever know.

So, so grateful with Maxabella Loves 52 Weeks of Grateful.

Shar xxx


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Shar, this post gave me chills... and tears. So beautifully written. The love you and your hubby have is genuinely gorgeous. I am so sorry to learn of your friend's passing. Life can be so unfair at times and there is no reason or sense of understanding for some of the tragedies that occur. Keep appreciating that wonderful love you have, as you so obviously do. And really, not much else says love like a flannie, that was very cute xoxo

Kate Sins said...

Oh Shar, what a special bloke you've got. You've gotta love a guy who loves his mum.

I can so relate to the heart-in-throat-when-husb-is-late. The Innovator rides a motorbike and on more than one occasion he's been so late I've planned his funeral in my head. He thinks I'm crazy when I worry but to think of life without him makes me gasp for air.

Teresa said...

Shar, you say the things that matter most and need to be said always so beautifully.

javajane2011 said...

What a gorgeous post... what a man you have !

That stress you must feel is tremendous when he doesn't return on time..or when he has had a scare....

sending lots of hugs for those moments ... xxxx

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

A gorgeous woman deserves a wonderful man, so you two are a match made in heaven.
I know that feeling you have when you fear for your loved ones safety. Every time I hear of a shark attack I kick myself for falling in love with a surfer. When my hubby sets off for the day and I know he has to travel on the highways for work, I ring him regularly to check in and the last thing I always say to him when he leaves, even if I am really mad at him about something is, please be careful, I love you. I have become almost overly superstitious about it, like if I don't say it, something bad will happen.
Sometimes life has a way of making sure we always appreciate how lucky we are. Xxx