Sunday, April 15, 2012

Point + Shoot : Childhood v.2.0

Hubby and I, we're at that stage.
Along with most of our social circle, we fit in the stereotypical 'young family' box.
Very happily.

We like to think that weekends (and pretty much our lifestyles these days) are all about 'the kids'.
(Wedding weekends excepted) like most people we hang out with, we spend our weekends with our child and the children of friends.

We plan most chores, parties, outings, adventures and activities for and around 'the kids'.

So, if it's all 'for the kids' - why do we enjoy it so much????

Hey Mum, I don't remember this particular image featuring anywhere in my first childhood by the way...

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Hope you've had a fantastic second childhood weekend too.

Shar :-)


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh I get this Shar, we're pretty much the same. It's all about the kiddy activities and catching up with friends who are relaxed and totally appreciate the chaos that is having children... friends who don't have children are a little less tolerant.
Your photos are awesome. Always good to see a grown man on a jumping castle! xo

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh we never really fitted into the young family mould as i have spent so much of the last 13 years on my own (husband away, for months at a time, the weekends just passed us by) & the main social circles, due to being posted their for the Army, not choice - revolved around Army friends & my husband, couldn't think of anything worse than spending weekends with the same soldiers he is at work & war with. I would love the whole picnic weekend lifestyle, but due to the nature of every-day-we-spend-together-is-so-precious, that time is reserved for him. When he's home, it's always the busiest party & sports weekends, times 4 children . . . now our youngest is 8, life is very different to cruisey weekend BBQs on bases. I kind of missed the whole younge family thing, i guess as a full time mum, i did it my own way, only on week days with my girlfriends, who were a joy to see, not a drag. Enjoy it Shar, i don't regret missing it, we just did it differently & i could completely appreciate my husband's angle, especially as he got higher & higher in rank, i.e. 'the boss' as it's exactly how my parents rolled with the Navy - weekends were FAMILY time. Again with 4 children, that meant sport, ballet & parties, not BBQs with friends so much, love Posie

Celia said...

haha we are childless but i totally get it. sometimes i ask if we can borrow a friend's child so i may go enjoy chuck e cheese ;)