Friday, April 27, 2012

Grateful for...Katy

I've allowed myself a few indulgent "woe is me", "some crappy things have happened to my family and I lately", "boo to the hoo" pathetic moments this week.

A touch of sooky-la-la silliness that allowed me to cry like a baby before pulling myself together, hardening up and putting those big girl knickers back on.

Then, yesterday, I met Katy.

Katy Hutchinson captivated and amazed me with her story.
Katy Hutchinson humbled and shamed me with her strength.

I could never do Katy's (or Ryan's) story justice here, but do take a look.

In (ridiculously) short, Katy lost her supremely fit, devoted, loving husband in a tragic, violent, alcohol fuelled act.
At the hands of a young man named Ryan.

Katy now works alongside Ryan - at her invitation -  educating students, parents, educators and fellow human beings about the power of forgiveness.
But also about the reality of young people + alcohol + violence and what that can =.

Katy spoke to our school community this week and is a living, breathing reality check.

Katy commented this week that anger is a powerful, yet destructive emotion.
It is the emotion that killed her husband - but it also the emotion that she refused to let break her down or rob her children of their mother.

Her strength of character is testament to what we can aspire to as people.
If she can stand beside her husband's murderer and feel, above all else, compassion for that boy's mother ...
- what on earth was I whinging about again????

I'm grateful that people like Katy (and Ryan) exist.
That they put life in perspective so eloquently.
That my so-called 'problems' are insignificant in comparison.

Shar :-)


Lifeasmummymax said...

Wow. I don't think I could ever forgive like that. What they are doing is a great thing. I imagine the world would be a better place without it. I certainly know I'd feel better knowing alcohol and drug fueled violence was rare instead of something that keeps me awake at night

Mama of 2 boys said...

My goodness Shar, what a powerful team Katy & Ryan must make. I love this notion of finding good in the bad and positive from the tragic. Though I think it would be hard to achieve for most people.
A fabulous example for the young ones though, it can never be underestimated what sort of impact real life stories can have on the youth.
We had people with HIV visit our school and talk to our year when we were in year 11, it was so incredibly emotive and confronting, that I still remember it today. And I dare say it shaped the kind of person I chose to be in some ways too.
It's good to receive a little perspective sometimes xoxo

Teresa said...

Oh my goodness! I just read Katy and Ryan's story and am in awe and humbled by Katy's strength in character and the power of her forgiving heart. Ryan made the most devastating mistake but instead of two lives lost he is making a difference - both to other young men who may learn from his experience and for Katy who is choosing to make her and her children's life about something positive. Powerful.

P.s you're allowed to feel sad no matter what is going on in the world. Perspective doesn't always mend hearts. Take care xox

Lipgloss Mumma said...

Wow. what a story, so much to be learned and taken. Thank you for sharing their story and your thoughts. I needed that.

happylan said...

Katy's story is amazing. I cannot imagine beginning to forgive someone who took my children's father away. Wow.

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky said...

W O W. What an amazing story. I can't imagine going through something so horrific and coming out the other side with so much light.

It reminds me of a story I was listening to on Radio National the other day, about Post Traumatic Stress/Post Traumatic Growth. In this case there has definitely been growth.

Lisa H said...

Wow... goosebump city! It is SO inspirational when people decide to use the most difficult challenges of their lives in a postive way, to help others. I am in awe of people like that. Thanks for sharing.

javajane2011 said...

Wow... that is so inspiring ..... that just brought tears to my eyes... I hope there are more people in the world like Katy and Ryan...xx

Maxabella said...

Shar, I haven't even clicked through to meet Katy and already I have goosebumps.

Thank you for the (very timely!) reminder to be grateful for all we've got. x

Red Dalish said...

Awesome story. So human and yet, so magnificent. Thank you for sharing.

Kate Sins said...

Wow, some people are just amazingly compassionate and forgiving. I'm not so sure I could do that. I'd like to think I could be so forgiving, but who really knows until you're there.

Perspective is great but 'problems' are relative. Don't ever discount the importance of your own life just because someone's seems worse.