Monday, April 2, 2012

Eleven Things ...

Thank you for the tag, Lou.
And what a tag it is.

  • A photo of me.
  • Eleven things about me.
  • Answer your eleven questions.
  • Make up my own eleven questions to pass on.
I had to cooperate though, because you never do these things.
(Gee, I sure hope you're reading, Lou. Else I'm out here talkin' to myself. Again.)

So, here's me...
I'm on the right.
(Man, I hate my voice!)

Eleven things...
1. Well, I hate my voice.
That hang-up on the answering machine?
It was me.
Listening to myself when playing back interviews for a thesis - torture.
2. I love birthdays.
My birthday. Your birthday. Any one's birthday.
It's taken me a few years to cotton on to the fact that not every one's into birthdays.
3. I really think about the gifts I give.
To the point of ridiculous.
Browsing, considering, choosing, weighing up, browsing some more...
I'm thinking this habit will not be conducive to being a Mum of two.
4. I laugh too loud, but speak too soft.
5. I'm so nosy.
You can call it inquisitive, inquiring, curious. But it's just nosiness.
6. I have a thing about symmetry.
Things must be symmetrical for me to feel right about them.
7. I would love to own/run a newsagency.
Then I would be surrounded by cards, magazines and stationary.
8. I would also love to work in the fitness industry.
Then I would be paid to train.
9. I would love to write children's literature.
Then I could relieve my brain of half it's weight. Soooo many ideas.
10. Hey, I'm actually too chicken to be anything but a primary school teacher.
A good one, though!
11. I honestly believe I can run another marathon  - and better my time.
Aaaggh - I've said it out loud. Sorta.

Lou's Questions... 
1 // The best birthday present you ever received?
That's tricky - 'cause I love birthdays. And presents!
A gift from Hubby stands out.
It was a year I said 'no presents' as we were strapped for the cash, you know.
He gifted me five small, inexpensive presents each one with a sweet love note explaining which of the five senses it related to and why.
I really do mean it when I say "it's the thought that counts".
Also, I treasure a necklace I received from a friend a couple of years ago.
It's a gorgeous silver dove and it's nest - the symbolism and quirkiness captivated me.
2 // Your go-to, never-fail meal?
Hmmm. You can't stuff up a roast. Can you?
3 // Your most unfortunate holiday experience?
Well, I'm not one to look a holiday-horse in the mouth.
Any holiday has got to be better than none?
Although, on a brilliant Europe trip years ago, my girlfriend and I were really disappointed in Naples, Italy. Scarily so.
Luckily, the Amalfi Coast more than made up for our couple of days in that seedy port.
4 // One thing that you wish you had?
My family close by.
5 // Your Facebook friends: The more the merrier or select few?
Somewhere in between?
I don't do the 'cull' but I also don't see the point in following the life and times of someone who doesn't interest you in the slightest - or vice versa.
6 // Your shoe size?
Ladies seven.
Apart from after Magoo's birth - when they were a monster's eleventy billion!
7 // What names are NOT on your baby names list? If you don't have a list, just pretend you do!
Oooh - this will offend.
I'm a teacher, so unfortunately, some names have had to be stricken for occupational reasons.
Christian is off the list.
Declan is one I had to wrestle out of Hubby's clutches before Magoo was born.
Lily (which I love) is out simply due to saturation.
Sharon is a definite no - 'cause I hate it on me - and therefore on my offspring!
Anything so unusual it cannot be recognised visually/phonetically is a bad idea.
8 // Your morning routine?
Exercise. (Outdoors on 'my day', at home on 'Hubby's day'.)
Magoo cuddles.
Put on washing.
Breakfast with Magoo.
Make and pack lunches/bags/supplies - depending on the day
Shower with or without Magoo.
Wash dishes
Express-iron clothes, do hair and make up.
Magoo's clothes, teeth and hair!
Quick walk of the dog with Magoo.
Hang out washing.
Water plants.
We're off.
Usually by 8.30am.
(Washing and the poor dog are neglected on work days to be out by 7.30am or earlier.)

Is anyone actually still reading???????

9 // Your favourite thing about blogging?
Laughing at a computer screen.
The beautiful people I've met - but have yet to meet.
10 // What were you like at age 16?
Very different to now.
Drinking too much.
Social - living for parties and friends.
Freaking out that my parents were going to make me move to Ireland.
Plastering my walls with photos.
Super insecure.
Or not so different to now maybe?!
11 // What is your biggest accomplishment thus far in life?
Each x 1 at this stage!

My Own Eleven Questions For YOU...
What makes you squirm?
What relaxes you?
Where else would you like to live?
Weird things you do while on the phone?
Where do you keep the tomato sauce?
What is your 'vice'?
What is your 'pet peeve' in other people?
What's your favourite meal?
Who do you wish you could meet?
The toughest thing you've ever had to do?
What do you avoid at all costs?

I won't tag individuals, but if you've made it this far - goooo on, do one of your own.
I'm seriously interested in where you keep the sauce.

Shar :-)


Lou said...

Shar! I love your questions!! I'm going to have to answer them in a comment later on today... I read allll the way to the end and I was captivated. Laughing at the computer screen? That was me.


Jane said...

Oh Shar! This was fabulous fun to read. So tell me - is your name really Sharon? I had *never* made that connection until now ☺. J x

Mama of 2 boys said...

Shar, funnily enough I actually read this post last night, but minimised the window as I wanted to write so much in response to it, but didn't have time... and in the end, didn't write anything at all!
Thoroughly enjoyed learning more about you. I'm with you, can't stand the sound of my own voice, I'm such an occa *cringe*. I'd also LOVE to own a newsagency, I've had that dream ever since I was a child... either that or a shop like Typo, Kikki K or going really old school, Granny May's. And I also think about gifts to the point of ridiculous, on many occasions just buying a bunch of things I like and working out who gets what later.

Kate Sins said...

You are so funny and yes, I read the whole way! Of course you will run another marathon. And you must write children's literature at some stage... It would be SO good.

What makes you squirm? The spine - I fainted on a train once reading about a spinal tap.
What relaxes you? Reading and going to the movies.
Where else would you like to live? Long Island or the Bellarine Peninsula.
Weird things you do while on the phone? Squats. Sometimes, when I remember.
Where do you keep the tomato sauce? The fridge. Where else could you keep it?
What is your 'vice'? The internet.
What is your 'pet peeve' in other people? Coffee slurpers...
What's your favourite meal? At the moment it's anything that doesn't make me feel sick...
Who do you wish you could meet? You!
The toughest thing you've ever had to do? Write my thesis while pregnant and working full time.
What do you avoid at all costs?