Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thursday On My Mind

So, I've cleaned the bathrooms and washed anything that isn't pinned down.
'Cause I'm not thinking about Thursday's appointment with the neurologist.

I've created invitations, capes, eye masks, decorations, gift bags and tableware for a party that is weeks away.
'Cause I'm not thinking about Magoo's tests results that we'll get on Thursday.

I've made list upon list, planned meals and organised myself into a frenzy.
'Cause I'm distracting myself from fixating on 1.30pm this Thursday.

I've made (overcooked) cupcakes, wrapped gifts and sorted photos.
'Cause I am avoiding the whole 'Thursday's appointment' thing.

Are you as 'clever' at ignoring something that's eating away at you as me?
Hey, look.
 There's a cute kid in the bath.
Let's think about that.

Shar x

Monday, July 30, 2012

Point + Shoot : Ahoy There!

These pics were taken as we walked the plank headed to our gorgeous Godson's 2nd birthday celebration on Sunday afternoon.

Although it looks suspiciously as though Magoo was trying to save us a small fortune in obstetrician and hospital fees, he assured me he was just showing his baby sister his pirate hook.

The 'Under The Sea' birthday party in honour of a very special - and hilarious -  little man was just adorable.

I love when all the cute little details come together - and of course the kids are having an absolute ball. 
I also love a fellow Mum and brilliant friend who shares my tendency to lovingly go a little OTT with a theme!
That shark infested toilet was a classic! :-)

Limking with Lou's Point + Shoot
point + shoot

Shar :-)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Grateful For... Washing??

With a month to go and a little Miss who has decided to check into a room on a lower floor here @ Hotel Utero,
I thought I'd better pack our bags - you know, just in case.

So, today's washing involved these novelty items...

I'm sure when they become everyday items, the novelty will be long gone.
But for now, I'm revelling in oooohing and aaaahing over these pretty little things.

I'm also sure that post birth I'll be ever so grateful (and maybe aaaaahing) for button down tops and a lovely 'soft pant' from my own bag too.

I'm grateful for the privilege and excitement of preparing to meet a special little someone.

What are you filled with gratitude for this weekend?

Linking with Maxabella Loves' 52 Weeks of Grateful.
Shar :-)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 45

An accidental selfie - spotto style!

Once you've spotted my not so covert possie - if you can spare a sec - take a second look at the pic above.

See the error?

You know when you make a mistake but it's too humiliating or costly or time consuming
(or all three) to go back now?

Or when you were little and told a little fib, which then escalated to a lie when it got complicated 
- until the whole thing was out of control and you had to maintain your story anyway?

Notice anything wrong with this picture yet???

In the weeks since our laundry revamp not one guest at our place has mentioned what seems fairly obvious to Hubby and I.

Either our friends and neighbours need to hone their skills of observation or they're all incredibly polite.
(Or more than likely people genuinely don't care what your home looks like - as long as the drinks are chilled.)

Either way our boo boo gives me a giggle on a daily basis anyway.

Formerly linking with the 52 Week Project @ My Mummy Daze, now out on my own to reach the big 5-2.

Shar :-)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Real Person

Magoo wasn't much of a drawing, crafting kind of kid until recently.

Yes, his lack of 'penchant for the pencil' niggled a little at my teacher self.
However, always one to subscribe to a good stereotype when it suits me, I consoled myself with the 'he's a boy' scapegoat.

In the last few months he has taken to the whole caper though - drawing, painting, cutting, colouring, writing, gluing, crafting, creating his heart out.

Yesterday morning he was at his table having himself a little drawing, cutting, gluing fun and narrating to me as he went.
Then he asked me to come over and help with some rubbing please.
He was using a pencil with an eraser on the end and wanted me to rub out a part of his picture - a picture of a person.

Magoo told me proudly that the person was Daddy and that I needed to rub out just a bit of the "big willy please".

Sure enough, there on the paper was an new addition to the basic head, body, arms, legs and face scenario.
A new addition that Magoo had decided he'd been over generously with!!

In fairness, the 'big willy' did come very close to Daddy's feet - and would surely have impeded walking.
So, I did as I was asked and rubbed out "just a little bit of it, Mum".

When I enquired why there was a willy in the picture today, Magoo simply replied "'cause it's a real person".
Daddy - post reduction.
Thank goodness I've already received my beautiful Mother's Day portrait from him though.

We might just work on drawing some items of clothing before kindy next year.

Shar :-)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Point + Shoot : House Rules

They forgot the - AND DON"T MESS WITH MUM.
On the weekend I fell in love with this bus scroll print (a style that I'm well aware is overused and a bit corny at the moment - meh) and Hubby bought it for me.

By 'bought' - I mean that he was standing right there when I decided I wanted it and didn't stop me from buying it.

Potayto. Potahto.

Once we got it home, the print practically begged to be placed in our entryway.

By 'practically begged - I mean that I walked around the house holding it against every wall and surface until one felt right.

Once in place, it became obvious to us that the existing (and despised anyway) blue wall just had to go.

By 'obvious to us' - I mean Hubby could literally see what I was thinking with my squinting eyes and agreed to repaint the wall before I had to grovel.

When buying the paint for the wall, I realised that new stones in the hideous brick thing below it would set the colours off nicely.

By 'I realised' - I mean that I got all the way to the car with the paint before bolting back into Bunnings and heading for the garden section, while Hubby and Magoo just took deep breaths and let me unravel at my leisure.

So, by the end of the weekend - hey presto.
A totally unplanned and not entirely necessary project complete - while 'the list' remains largely unchecked.

By 'hey presto' - I mean my back is now aching and my Hubby is slightly fed up with me.

Plus, now that I look at the pics - maybe the blue wall wasn't that bad??!!
Ain't pregnancy grand?
The rule says SMILE, people.

How was your weekend? Irritate your family much?

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Shar :-)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Grateful for... A Revamp

This week - and for many, many weeks to come I imagine, I am super grateful for my home office renovation.

Well, technically a laundry reno.

But in reality this room is where I do my best work.
Washing, drying, folding, ironing, cleaning, rinsing, bum wiping - all specialities we Mums excel in.

And the pay's not too bad.
Just this morning I found a dollar in Hubby's jeans. Score!

Speaking of score...
I might do some seriously stupid things, but at times my subconscious impresses me.

In the last few years we've completed DIY project after DIY-until-you-have-to-call-in-a-professional/father in law-in-an-emergency project.

I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty or roll my sleeves up and I certainly don't avoid working when we're renovating.
Hubby and I both love the satisfaction of renovating and the potential value we are adding to our home - that we have no intentions of selling!

But, I have realised that the timing of much of our work has been pretty fortuitous for me in particular.
Coincidentally, of course.

Just before I left work to bring my very own little person into the world, we installed ducted air conditioning.
Cue temperature controlled comfort day after day when home with a baby.

As the baby grew (and coincidentally started eating food) we replaced the ancient, hazardous kitchen appliances with brand spanking new ones.
Cue much more comfortable cooking conditions for the house 'chef' (very loosely used term - definitely minus the 'master').

As the bubby grew into toddler-hood, we completely overhauled the backyard and created a pool/play space that I sincerely love.
Cue afternoons in the sunshine or sitting on the deck with friends, 'supervising' our children as they swim and play.

Last year, it was time to renovate our disgusting en suite.
We created a much cleaner, prettier space for the two of us to enjoy.
Particularly me - as I fell pregnant not long after.
Cue spending a great deal of my first trimester 'enjoying' the fruits of our labour.
It was a great comfort to raise my head from the brand new tiles and admire my lovely fittings though.

Now- with a second bub (and all of her linen/clothing/staining) about to come on the scene - the old, dilapidated laundry received a mega-makeover.
Cue a much lovelier space to wash load after pink load and eventually partake in the wonderful time that is toilet training again.

It was somewhere towards the end of this laundry project that it dawned on Hubby that he may have been duped gently manipulated - again.

After another frustrating night of our bickering sterling teamwork in the confined space of the laundry, he put his hands up and muttered
"Why do I even care? When am I ever in here?"

You're not honey. I am.

And I thank you love. Honestly.
You can even keep your dollar.

Linking with Maxabella Loves' 52 Weeks of Grateful - pop over and take a squiz.

Shar :-)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

52 week Project : Wk 44

Come 'ere gran kiddies.
Sit on my knee.
Dear ol' Nanna wants to show you a picture.
Now this is Nanna, just sitting in her car one evening checking where she was going...

No, it wasn't electric. It ran on petrol, love.
What's what?
Oh, that? It's a street directory.
Well, it's a book...
Yes, made of paper love. We used to get it from trees. When we had them.

So, it's a book that helped me find my way, say if I was meeting my girlfriends at a restaurant and I didn't quite know where it was...
Yes, meeting. Like in person - actual face time, yes.
For fun, love. To chat, eat and get together.
Yes, of course I chatted online too - but this was even better.

So, as I was saying it was a book with an index. I looked up the street name and then found the corresponding page and coordinates. The page had a map on it...
Well, yes. There was SatNav - but there was only room for one bossy, mouthy, know it all in Nanna's car at that time - and that was me - until your uncle and mother were in the car.

Ok, so the map had coordinates to help me find the street and then I could work my way back through the maps to follow the streets and find my way...
Well, lots of things did take longer in those days, yes.
Oh, I wouldn't call it stupid. That's not a nice word.

No, Nanna was not 'fat' love. She had your Mummy in her tummy actually.
Alright, back to your screens kids.
We can skype, email, facebook or whatever else you lot do later if you want to ask Nanna any more questions.

Shar - resisting change since 1978 or so!

The 52 Week Project has officially wrapped up over @ My Mummy Daze,
but my personality type dictates that I  absolutely cannot leave the 52 week project on week 43,
so I will persist out here on my own!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Things We Do...

Today, Julie @ Mama of 2 Boys spent her day - and sanity -  constructing fabulous bunk beds for her beautiful boys.

Earlier in the week, a gorgeous friend spent a VERY rare few hours to herself doing nothing but making wholesome food to freeze for her young boys.

1 set down, only 33 to go!

After telling friends this morning how I'm that 'mean Mum' who doesn't even entertain the notion of trying five different coloured cups/bowls/plates/foods/blankies to keep my darling satisfied...

Here I sit making 30+ (dodgy) Superhero capes and 30+ Superhero eye masks for Magoo's birthday party - weeks away.
You know, when I'll have a newborn in my arms - or attached to another part of my anatomy.

What slightly cur-azy things have you slaved over for your little people?

Shar :-)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Point + Shoot : Any Excuse

Merry Christmas ... in July.

Fantastic company, some traditional feasting and a great laugh are welcome any time of the year, really.
(And not a family feud or sibling spat in sight!)

I hope you enjoyed a festive weekend too.

Linking with snow bunny Lou's Point + Shoot
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PS - Despite what I was assuring Magoo - Santa DID come mid year.
I won the $200 Rudy and the Dodo giveaway over @ Maxabella Loves!!
Just another kickback of being grateful!!!

Shar :-)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Grateful For...'A Day'

This week I enjoyed the luxury of a day to myself.
I refuse to feel guilty about it.
I do.
No guilt.

Maybe just a little.

Usually, if Magoo is in care I am on my way to work, at work, or on my way from work.
During the school holidays I still go into work on the day that he is at care to prep and meet with colleagues.

With maternity leave looming, I decided weeks ago that I wouldn't go into work this week
- but Magoo still went to daycare.
Sinful, I know.

We're pretty much a package deal, Magoo and I.
Like most pre schoolers and their Mums - we go almost everywhere together.

Especially seeing as he's currently an only child and fairly well behaved (hee hee - watch me eat those words in the coming days!)  - I can usually manage appointments, catch-ups, chores, shopping and all the rest with my little sidekick.

Even on weekends with home renovations, family outings and Hubby's paddling commitments, Magoo and I tend to spend most of our days together.

Not on Thursday.
I flew solo.
It felt weird - but a pretty fantastic weird!

I went to the gym, met a gorgeous friend for coffee, made my way through a mammoth list of shopping, gift buying and cluck cluck clucking at some teeny,tiny clothes -  before meandering back to pick up Magoo.

Magoo who asked me "how woo work was, Mummy?"

No guilt, remember?

Mummy niggles aside, it was a terrific day.
So much so, I plan to do it again next week before I go back to work the week after!

(Hmmm. Do I need to include the disclaimer about how much I truly love my little man here?     Nah.      Didn't think so.)

Linking with Maxabella Loves' 52 Weeks of Grateful.

Happy weekend!
Shar :-)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Definition Of 'Mother'

Reading beautiful Elisa's Grateful post @ With Grace & Eve last weekend served as a great reminder of what motherhood really means to moi.

The Oxford dictionary definition really sells us short :
'a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth'

For many (most?) of us, motherhood transcends a physical experience of gestation or birth.
For some of us it doesn't even include those factors.

When I think of my own Mum, her beauty certainly goes well beyond the gifting of life.

Whilst there's no words to accurately or fully convey the depth of this 'mothering' gig (just try explaining it to an expectant Mum), there's definitely more to it than a single day (or more - eeeek!) of labouring.

I couldn't describe all my 'Mummy' feelings/thoughts coherently if I sat here for nights on end, but I do like to remind myself of the 'truth' of Mumming when I get a little bogged down.

It's not in the everyday (usually mundane) tasks that we do for our families - although the washing, cooking, shopping, cleaning, taxi-ing, provision of basic essentials etc. etc. etc. are all important to our children and/or partners.

I give too much emphasis to these things much of the time.
All those lists and chores and 'must remember to...s' that cloud my perspective.

'Real' parenting/mothering is in the comforting, nurturing, encouraging, exploring and engaging.
(And I'm only in my 'Mum infancy' four years and one (almost two) children in.)

It's in the stuff they'll recall far more easily than the state of our floors.

It's in...
The being called in the middle of the night to soothe fears.
In the attempts to bring down a fever or ease pain.
Tending to superhero injuries.
Encouraging them through a challenge.
Being there at the end of a tough day at school/sport/care.
Advocating for them when necessary.
Deciding when to push them beyond their comfort zone so that they can grow and when to pull back and give them time to get there by themselves.
Treading that fine line of teaching them about the reality of failure or disappointment and protecting them from pain or heartbreak.
Yes, I absolutely feel like a Mum when I'm filling my trolley and answering question after question after question or singing silly songs in the car.

But, I have never felt so 'motherly' than when in the throes of the heavy stuff.

I have felt the weight of motherhood so distinctly when rocking my baby in the Emergency Department as he asked for help in the only way he knew how - loudly.
When tapping into instincts I didn't know I had, to care for a convulsing Magoo.
During sleepless nights of worry and analysing.
When forcing myself to fib, smile and reassure my child when inwardly I want to crawl into someone's lap and sob as he is.
As when watching proudly (or anxiously) as he negotiates unfamiliar territory all by himself.

What does 'Mother' mean to you?

Shar :-)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 43

Exhibit A :
'Gestational Drowned Rat Syndrome @ 31 weeks'

Model's own stretch marks, veins and weird freckly things.
Bathers possibly borrowed from a nursing home somewhere.

The sight of myself in bathers makes me laugh.

The feeling of weightlessness and the facade of 'working out' when I'm at aqua aerobics
with my new posse of pregnant, injured or elderly friends is worth it.

I'm confident there's no future for me in synchronised swimming - but it would wreak havoc with my hair anyway.

Linking with Fi's 52 Week Project
The 52 Week Project

Shar + 1 :-)

Apologies if this image offends.
However I suggest you stay away from European beaches, in that case.

And to the woman who approached me to tell me that she just wants to put a band-aid over my belly button - maybe you could find another use for it hey?! :-)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Just Add Watermelon...

On the weekend, we attended a 'Naming Day' celebration for a gorgeous bub and his family at their home.

There's nothing better than socialising when your child/ren play happily with the child/ren of friends  - as this little gang do.

Especially when the backyard happens to be a veritable outdoor adventure playground.
A magical place yet untouched (spoiled) by Mummy safety sanctions and with lots of fantastic areas to let the imagination run wild.
A place where a 'walk the plank' scenario is just begging for pirate play, the rocky mountains are calling and the sand hills are beyond inviting!

In my opinion, there's something so uplifting about seeing kids engage in good old fashioned play.
There's no amount of plastic fantastic that can replace the mind of a child (or 6).

These kiddies didn't disappoint on the weekend.
In fact, they taught me a brilliant, brand new game that I would like to share with you.
A game that still brings a smile to my old face.


Pre Game - dress in some lovely clothes appropriate for a Sunday afternoon ceremony, including new or 'special' shoes.

1. Discover a large, overripe and inedible watermelon around the side of the house.

2. As a motley crew of 3 and 4 year olds - roll, push and pull the big watermelon across the length of the large garden.

3. Stop at the incline that leads down to a brick wall and a drop to another section of the garden.

4. Giggle and plan your next move as a team.

5. Push and roll the watermelon down the slope, releasing as it gains speed, hits the top of the brick wall and catapults over the edge into the garden below.

6. Clap, cheer and laugh yourselves silly.

7. Jump down into the garden and work together to roll the large watermelon back to the wall. Join forces to hoist the heavy watermelon back up over the wall, up the hill and prepare to do it all over again.

8. Repeat - until finally the watermelon cracks open when it hits the garden below.

9. Look at one another and realise that the fun has only just begun.

10. Break apart the melon. Merrily stomp, stamp, trample and throw bits of watermelon around - reminiscent of some long forgotten 'European Naming Day tradition'. (Stopping only when the oldies decide to step in after an incident involving watermelon on the fence.)

11. Lo and behold - discover another huge watermelon and repeat steps 1 - 10.

Happy playing!

**Currently  unavailable at in any spectacular, giant, monster, biggest, bumper toy sale.
   Don't keep an eye out for the catalogue.

*** How's my restraint?
     I refrained from using a single Dirty Dancing 'I carried a watermelon' reference in this whole post.

Shar :-)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Point + Shoot : Recapture This

Right, when we get back I'll get cracking on a, b, c and after dinner, try to squeeze in d.
I wonder how much work we can manage on the laundry with five nights this week?
Ugh. I think those iron supplements are making me feel worse, not better.
I hope I turned the roast down low enough and it doesn't dry out while I'm over here.
Must remember to shift some cash between bank accounts tonight.
What will I cook for tomorrow night's dinner at our place?
Don't forget to wrap the present for tomorrow.
Dear God, 26 whole days until our next appointment with the neurologist.
Why is my ob so keen on me getting the flu jab? I hate the flu jab.
What am I going to wear to tomorrow's celebration? Nothing fits.
Must ring Mum after dinner and text poor Jen that number later.

Look down.
Bless him.

When did I get so damn old and bogged down with rubbish?
When did I lose sight of this gorgeous clear day?
Of the joy in Magoo's voice?
Of the important things around me?

Wake up, woman.
Shed a few unnecessary layers of dull.

Actively seek - and create -  what is written all over this sweet boy's face.

Linking with Lou's Point + Shoot.
point + shoot
Shar :-)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Grateful For... My New Best Friend

While the celebs are still toting their Birkin bags as the accessory of choice -
I'm favouring my own tried and true 'fave' - the Wheat Bag -  this week.

This little beauty has been my saviour as my back has finally succumbed to
a combination of hormones, old age and the bub on board here.

As it did four years ago, the ol' Bag of Wheat has received the call to duty and sadly,
 I look forward to our warm reunion at the end of each day.

I'm only slightly ashamed to admit that I considered rocking the 'Wheat Pack look'
at work today too.

As I enter the last two months of this pregnancy...
it is all about  the simple pleasures I tell you -
a humble shoe horn, my irreplaceable body pillow, elasticised waistbands or a soothing wheat bag.

Linking with Maxabella Loves for the  52 Weeks of Grateful

Shar :-)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 42

This one was a selfie (plus companion) snapped as Magoo and I headed to the football on the weekend.
It's one of the few photos of myself that I love.
Possibly because my eye is drawn straight to my gorgeous little man's peeper.

It could also be a warning/illustration (R-L) of what 30 years of sun damage and poor skin care will do to the face!

Do you marvel at the 'original skin' on these babes too?
I can't get enough of that smooth, soft, pristine, little person complexion.
(It's almost enough to make you crave another newborn to snuggle and delight in, isn't it?!)

Linking with Fi's 52 Week Project
The 52 Week Project
(Only 10 pics to go and I have plastered/subjected you to my mug on the blog for a whole year.)

Shar :-)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When The Cat's Away...

Between you and I...
Hubby was away on a work trip for a few nights recently.

You know what they say...
when the cat's away, the mice will play.

This ol' mouse went wiiiiiiiild, baby.

The nightlife around here got mighty curazzzzyyy.

Once Magoo was snuggled safe and sound in his bed- out came the hard stuff.

Between the lego cleaning and the receipt sorting, I'll admit things got a little out of hand.

Like any unhealthy vice, really.

What starts out innocently can very swiftly take a turn for the hardcore.

You begin with intentions of just indulging in a 'taste' and soon enough
- the need for more and more has taken hold.

Before you know it, it's well into the night and your poor, punished body is paying the price.

Thankfully, Hubby's home to keep an eye on things now.

I'd much appreciate it if we could keep my indiscretions between ourselves, though.

Shar :-)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Point + Shoot : Footy Fever

On the weekend, we joined some friends at the football to watch the West Coast Eagles boost that percentage 
 - and managed a spot of unexpected sun baking into the bargain.

When the kids weren't playing on the floor with their backs to the play,
they were model supporters.
Magoo even got his 'Sheedy' on towards the end.

This pic of Magoo and his gorgeous lil buddy makes me laugh every time I look at it.
I wonder if the woman in front realised she was being watched so intently!

Linking with lovely Lou's Point + Shoot
point + shoot
Did you enjoy a 'winning' weekend?
Shar :-)