Wednesday, July 25, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 45

An accidental selfie - spotto style!

Once you've spotted my not so covert possie - if you can spare a sec - take a second look at the pic above.

See the error?

You know when you make a mistake but it's too humiliating or costly or time consuming
(or all three) to go back now?

Or when you were little and told a little fib, which then escalated to a lie when it got complicated 
- until the whole thing was out of control and you had to maintain your story anyway?

Notice anything wrong with this picture yet???

In the weeks since our laundry revamp not one guest at our place has mentioned what seems fairly obvious to Hubby and I.

Either our friends and neighbours need to hone their skills of observation or they're all incredibly polite.
(Or more than likely people genuinely don't care what your home looks like - as long as the drinks are chilled.)

Either way our boo boo gives me a giggle on a daily basis anyway.

Formerly linking with the 52 Week Project @ My Mummy Daze, now out on my own to reach the big 5-2.

Shar :-)


sascedar said...

pah. the more the merrier! ;) sarah

Shelley said...

It took a while, but I see it!! Funny!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Too many handles?? Too funny! You will surely go for the wrong one more than once... but it does look very symmetrical and neat. And it's all about symmetry in these things Shar. Great cheeky selfie too... I'm looking for the big belly shots at this stage of the challenge though, thank you very much xoxo

Lou said...

Yep took me forever - almost gave up! Who can take the credit for that one?!

And yes, unrelated but important - I TOO need to see some baby girl bump shots!


Jane said...

If it weren't for Jules, I'd still be looking, Shar! What a classic. J x

Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

Funny! But I couldn't find it!!! Had to read everyone's comments! Ha! x

Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

Looks god to me! I had to read J's comments to work it out!

Michelle said...

Well it's nice and symetrical, I'd leave it and have a little giggle every time I walked past.