Sunday, July 8, 2012

Point + Shoot : Recapture This

Right, when we get back I'll get cracking on a, b, c and after dinner, try to squeeze in d.
I wonder how much work we can manage on the laundry with five nights this week?
Ugh. I think those iron supplements are making me feel worse, not better.
I hope I turned the roast down low enough and it doesn't dry out while I'm over here.
Must remember to shift some cash between bank accounts tonight.
What will I cook for tomorrow night's dinner at our place?
Don't forget to wrap the present for tomorrow.
Dear God, 26 whole days until our next appointment with the neurologist.
Why is my ob so keen on me getting the flu jab? I hate the flu jab.
What am I going to wear to tomorrow's celebration? Nothing fits.
Must ring Mum after dinner and text poor Jen that number later.

Look down.
Bless him.

When did I get so damn old and bogged down with rubbish?
When did I lose sight of this gorgeous clear day?
Of the joy in Magoo's voice?
Of the important things around me?

Wake up, woman.
Shed a few unnecessary layers of dull.

Actively seek - and create -  what is written all over this sweet boy's face.

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Catherine said...

It's easy isn't it to get bogged down with the 'things' that need doing but it's the giggling little ones and their voices that we'll remember the most. Enjoy your week. x

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine that there would be too many people who can't relate your post in one way or another.
Thanks for the reminder to 'stop and smell the roses'

Em said...

That sounds all too familiar, today I intend to concentrate on the kiddos and be more present, thanks for the reminder.

Jane said...

Oh Sweetheart. That's like 5 minutes inside my head. Thinking of you J x

Vicky said...

Love this post.

Good on you for capturing the moment, and recognising that you need to stop the noise in your head, and be mindful to the moment your in.


Mama of 2 boys said...

You know, I get this, I so totally get this. Not a day goes by where I don't have to stop myself and remind my mind to just enjoy these boys of mine. It is way too easy to get bogged down in everything else. Happens to all of us.
Oh and iron supplements and the flu jab, icky parts of pregnancy right there.
Gorgeous shot of Magoo though, he's a darling xo

Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

That's how I feel whenever I'm at the playground too!

"Wake up woman. Shed a few unnecessary layers of dull." Love it.