Friday, July 20, 2012

Grateful for... A Revamp

This week - and for many, many weeks to come I imagine, I am super grateful for my home office renovation.

Well, technically a laundry reno.

But in reality this room is where I do my best work.
Washing, drying, folding, ironing, cleaning, rinsing, bum wiping - all specialities we Mums excel in.

And the pay's not too bad.
Just this morning I found a dollar in Hubby's jeans. Score!

Speaking of score...
I might do some seriously stupid things, but at times my subconscious impresses me.

In the last few years we've completed DIY project after DIY-until-you-have-to-call-in-a-professional/father in law-in-an-emergency project.

I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty or roll my sleeves up and I certainly don't avoid working when we're renovating.
Hubby and I both love the satisfaction of renovating and the potential value we are adding to our home - that we have no intentions of selling!

But, I have realised that the timing of much of our work has been pretty fortuitous for me in particular.
Coincidentally, of course.

Just before I left work to bring my very own little person into the world, we installed ducted air conditioning.
Cue temperature controlled comfort day after day when home with a baby.

As the baby grew (and coincidentally started eating food) we replaced the ancient, hazardous kitchen appliances with brand spanking new ones.
Cue much more comfortable cooking conditions for the house 'chef' (very loosely used term - definitely minus the 'master').

As the bubby grew into toddler-hood, we completely overhauled the backyard and created a pool/play space that I sincerely love.
Cue afternoons in the sunshine or sitting on the deck with friends, 'supervising' our children as they swim and play.

Last year, it was time to renovate our disgusting en suite.
We created a much cleaner, prettier space for the two of us to enjoy.
Particularly me - as I fell pregnant not long after.
Cue spending a great deal of my first trimester 'enjoying' the fruits of our labour.
It was a great comfort to raise my head from the brand new tiles and admire my lovely fittings though.

Now- with a second bub (and all of her linen/clothing/staining) about to come on the scene - the old, dilapidated laundry received a mega-makeover.
Cue a much lovelier space to wash load after pink load and eventually partake in the wonderful time that is toilet training again.

It was somewhere towards the end of this laundry project that it dawned on Hubby that he may have been duped gently manipulated - again.

After another frustrating night of our bickering sterling teamwork in the confined space of the laundry, he put his hands up and muttered
"Why do I even care? When am I ever in here?"

You're not honey. I am.

And I thank you love. Honestly.
You can even keep your dollar.

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Shar :-)


Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

hahaha You are one smart cookie Shar!
It looks fabulous and no doubt will get lots of use. Now you just need to install a bar fridge in it and you can enjoy a quiet bevvy while waiting for the washing machine to finish!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Amazing how we wives tend to know just how to work it in our favour... for the better of the wider household, of course!
Love those lazy dollars in the washing machine. What is it about finding a tiny gold coin that gives us such a thrill!?
Love the pics, I have laundry envy... and your gorgeous helper is adorable xo

Kate Sins said...

A dollar in the jeans?! SCORE! I love finding money in pockets.

Yay for all your serendipitous home-renos! I have a bit of laundry envy right now. Mine's so small I can't do anything but put the clothes in the machine...

sascedar said...

One of my favourite things is finding pocket money in the laundry. Awesome! The reno looks great. We did the same thing, slowly renovating our way through our house, especially right at the end of pregnancies. Then we sold up and made a sea change! But I did love the drawer that never fit quite right in the kitchen- hubby was trying to fit it while I was walking around having contractions ;)sarah

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i only made 30c last week in the laundry.
Love the combination of family & renovation in your world, love Posie

Tat @ Mum in search said...

Love finding forgotten money in pockets! You found it, it's yours, I think you should keep the dollar ;)

Amanda @ mammajoy said...

Haha love it! So funny and very clever. The laundry looks great, I dream of having a big bench and a nicely sealed big laundry tub. My pay is pretty crap, I never find money in my husband pockets, only those annoying little connector things that sparkies use. I should collect them all and sell them on ebay!

Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

hahaha! I love this! Brilliant work by you! x

Seana Smith said...

So funny Shar, it's the history of the family told through renos. Poor you in the bathroom, but at least it looked good.

Laundries are such flabby Aussie inventions, I'm sure they're still unknown in Scotland. They almost make all the washing worthwhile.... then again....

My Mummy Daze said...

I'm envious Shar! I don't have a laundry!! Mine is a small dusty corner in our back shed. Sounds like heaven. Plus I never get

My Mummy Daze said...

I'm envious Shar! My laundry is a small dusty corner of our back shed. You'd sounds like heaven!!

Lisa H said...

Tehehe! I love finding money in pockets, although it's usually only silver. Small ones. I need a laundry makeover - love yours!