Thursday, July 19, 2012

52 week Project : Wk 44

Come 'ere gran kiddies.
Sit on my knee.
Dear ol' Nanna wants to show you a picture.
Now this is Nanna, just sitting in her car one evening checking where she was going...

No, it wasn't electric. It ran on petrol, love.
What's what?
Oh, that? It's a street directory.
Well, it's a book...
Yes, made of paper love. We used to get it from trees. When we had them.

So, it's a book that helped me find my way, say if I was meeting my girlfriends at a restaurant and I didn't quite know where it was...
Yes, meeting. Like in person - actual face time, yes.
For fun, love. To chat, eat and get together.
Yes, of course I chatted online too - but this was even better.

So, as I was saying it was a book with an index. I looked up the street name and then found the corresponding page and coordinates. The page had a map on it...
Well, yes. There was SatNav - but there was only room for one bossy, mouthy, know it all in Nanna's car at that time - and that was me - until your uncle and mother were in the car.

Ok, so the map had coordinates to help me find the street and then I could work my way back through the maps to follow the streets and find my way...
Well, lots of things did take longer in those days, yes.
Oh, I wouldn't call it stupid. That's not a nice word.

No, Nanna was not 'fat' love. She had your Mummy in her tummy actually.
Alright, back to your screens kids.
We can skype, email, facebook or whatever else you lot do later if you want to ask Nanna any more questions.

Shar - resisting change since 1978 or so!

The 52 Week Project has officially wrapped up over @ My Mummy Daze,
but my personality type dictates that I  absolutely cannot leave the 52 week project on week 43,
so I will persist out here on my own!!


Miss Mandy said...

that's bloody hilarious.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha, you're such a card Shar, love this! I find it especially close to home, as I still use my old Gregory's to get around town. No SatNav in my car, just my old noggin and some pretty poor navigational skills.
You're looking beautiful by the way, hard to believe you're only a few weeks away from babe no.2, pregnancy suits you xoxo

Posie Patchwork said...

You are so cool!! Yes, meeting up in person, i can't believe that might become a thing of the past!! I tell my teenager to call her friends, not Skype or email, have an actual conversation, but most of her friends aren't allowed to use the phone?? Why?? So weird. I liked my 80's & 90's teenager style, tonnes of parties, sleepovers & hour long phone calls.
We just bought a new car with built in navigation system, it's amazing, love Posie

Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

hahaha love your work Shar! I am a street directory girl through and through, somehow I find it more reassuring than the lady on the GPS!
You look fabulous Shar.