Thursday, March 21, 2013

In The Family Way...

He he.
No, not in the traditional sense.
No bambino number three in the near future here.
I hope.

I'm soaking up this beautiful time with my family of four - and loving it.

But I'm also absolutely loving being the four of us - plus extras.
The 'plus extra' last month was my gorgeous sister who lives in Dublin, (Ireland) (and my nomination for 'Aunty of The Year').

Having my sis stay with us was just as brilliant as I had imagined
- you know, on all those occasions when you just craaaave some family and fantasise about getting a surprise call from the airport.
Or is that just me??

I just relished that comfortable familiarity, the sharing of everyday 'stuff', the in jokes, the way that the mundane can be anything but in the right company.

And my childrens?


 Well, I think they may just have been quite content to let me board that plane bound for Dublin if they could keep their beautiful aunty instead.

It's such a privilege to watch someone I love, love on my children so beautifully.
I don't even have the words to articulate how much I appreciate that relationship that my sister has created with my kids.

Of course, the goodbye part was horrendous.
It always is.
But this time Magoo got it.
My sweet, loving little man was as heartbroken as I was.
So, my heart broke twice - once for me and once again for the sobbing boy in my arms.
 Sniff. Sniff.

This week, the 'plus extra' is my baby brother.
He is returning to Australia after twelve years in Ireland -  per. man. ent. ly.
Yep, no goodbye.
No goodbye.
There will be no goodbye.
I don't think that it has actually sunk in that he will not be leaving us.
That I'm no longer alone all the way down under.

My bro flies in - with two of his mates - tomorrow.
I have some beds to make and meals to plan, so I bid you good day.

My home is full.
My family is full.
My heart is full.
My life is full.

And I daresay the blog will be empty!

I hope you are enjoying this crazy year as much as I am - even if 2013 does seem to have developed an unfortunate dependence on stimulants lately! April (and beyond), I can see you hurtling at me at warp speed.

Shar :-)

Sunday, March 3, 2013


I'm still here... kinda.

Just enjoying some precious time with my sister while she is in Oz,
getting my head around the new routines and commitments around our place,
immersing myself in my little ones,
trying to devote some quality time to my big one,
... and not really digging my whingy tone on the bloggy blog of late.

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful long weekend...
and loving the loooong part in particular.

Shar :-)