Thursday, April 26, 2012

Escape Routes

Something is going on.
My mind, she's wandering to funny places.

Right now, I'm perfectly happy and content - not feeling smothered, anxious, overwhelmed by domestic duty etc. etc, etc ....
but maybe I know a storm is brewing?

Maybe I'm preparing for times to come.
Like the nesting.
Man, I love the nesting.

But this forward planning has a different feel to nesting.
It's less about pretty colours, tiny clothes or super soft blankies.

For some reason I keep coming up with little escape routes in my head.
Little tricks of the mummy trade that make me giggle- and then want to swiftly store them away upstairs for tougher times on the home front.

Maybe I am missing my running more than I realise!

 Some ideas to escape the daily household grind, the incessant whining (of a junior or senior variety) or just squirrel away a few seconds of relative peace and quiet to gather yourself....

1. Start vacuuming.
Head towards a room and close the door (I choose the study - computer's there).
Keep the vacuum running  - but sit down and do whatever you feel like.

2. Take a leaf out of the man's book
Head for the shelter of the loo.
Heaven forbid, close the door. (Watch for inevitable little fingers.)
Make disgusting noises to ward off door chatters.
Drop small rocks (or similar) into the toilet at irregular intervals to avoid detection.
Do whatever else it is you feel like.
ie. read the magazine you stashed in there earlier.

3. Tell Hubby you're out of an essential sanitary item and must go to the shops. Alone.
Tell the children you're going to the change rooms at the shops.
Go anywhere you like. Do whatever you like.

Muuum, why you running away??
Got anything to add to my repertoire?
How do you 'escape'?

Shar :-)


SportyMummy said...

I so understand...even though everything seems to be going fine I still need a few minutes to myself....and it can be so hard to get those few minutes!! All my best thinking is done in the shower...but even that's not uninterrupted!

Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

Oh how this makes me laugh Shar!! I am a shocker for telling hubby I just have to do the bookwork then sneak in a bit of time on the computer surfing the net and catching up on my blogs!
Hope you get some precious alone time! Keep the ideas coming I just may use that vacuum one!

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

Ha yep you are clearly missing the running.. That is my ticket., and groceries. X

Posie Patchwork said...

Giggles, yes, it can take 3 hours to 'need to stock up on maternity pads' but see, my husband was raised with only sisters, he knows all the tricks & happily purchases tampons for me, he has no shame. Oh honey bee, you're so funny with nesting, i feel like i'm nesting now, mainly as i'm so desperate to leave this house & start a new life. Take care of that precious belly & you'll be running again in no time, love Posie

Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha! I am notorious for 'popping up to the shops for a moment', only to come back two hours later. Well... time just gets away. The way I see it is I very rarely get to just 'be' or just 'do' the things I love doing. So when I get a leave ticket to get a few groceries... I take that ticket and hit a few clothes or stationery or homewares shops too!
I also often disguise blogging as kitchen work. Having the laptop set up in the corner of my kitchen bench makes for a perfect escape. If I hear hubby making his way to the kitchen from another room, I just quickly pick up a tea towel... after all there is always something that needs doing! xo