Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Gloss Goss

Tackling the big issues here again...

I'm a big lip gloss fan.
Not to be confused with a big lipped, gloss fan.

No, just like other parts of my body, my lips are far from buxom.
In fact, I've been known to have to send a search party out looking for my top lip at times.

Anyway, I am a big lip gloss fan.
I don't actually own a single lipstick
(mainly 'cause they makes me look and feel like a little girl playing with her Mum's dodgy make up)
but I've always got lip gloss at hand (or lip, as the case may be).

My theory being that no matter what's going on with my unwashed hair, freckly face, wrinkled clothing, large butt... the gloss will reign supreme!!
I keep one in the car, one in Magoo's backpack, one in a handbag or two and one at work.
Nothing expensive - my fave is a cheap and cheerful one.

Gloss of choice

Gloss is boss.

Except when running 'the lake'.
The lake that's often awash with midgies.

There's a lake a few kilometres from my house.
One of my favourite run routes is to run there, chuck a lap or two and run home.
One of my least favourite outcomes of this run is 'midgie lip'.

'Fly in the ointment' is one metaphor that springs to mind.

By the end of my run around the lake last weekend, my lips definitely had more volume - of the adhesive, small flying insect variety.
Hardly the 'bee stung' look favoured by Australia's Next top Models and not exactly of any nutritional value either.

Moral of the waffle...
Roll with the dirty haired, freckled faced, dishevelled, big ass look on lake run days.

Now, let's hope this hard hitting post doesn't divide the masses.

Shar :-)


Jacki said...

Haha! This post was so funny!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Love it Shar, you character! I can relate to the foreign objects getting trapped in the gloss, like flies to fly paper. I also love the gloss, but don't do the lipstick, funnily enough lippy washes me out too much, gloss just looks plumper... which I also need!
I carry a gloss in each of my bags also... and there is always a manky one lying around too... for real desperate times when a good one can't be found ;o) xo

Erin @ Eat Play Bond said...

Bahaha! That's hot! ;)
I have so many lip glosses but they rarely manage to make it to my lips cos I always forget.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yes, the insects stuck to lips, been there, bike riding!! I actually have decent lips, but rarely wear lipstick, i like gloss, Clinique do a great range, in the tubes!! No idea how motor cycle riders manage, the lady ones, assume the blokes don't wear fly trap glue on their lips??!! Love Posie

MultipleMum said...

I love a lip gloss but the Geege isn't partial to the sticky kiss that results from me wearing it. I can't say I have experienced the midgie lip but I think you should copyright the term because it is spectacular! x

Teresa said...

Shar, You make me laugh!

dosweatthesmallstuff said...

I love the glossy look too, but just hate the icky sticky feelin'! I could totally imagine the flies trapped hahahaha!!! So far no flies yet on me, but hair? Aaaacckkk! Hate all the hair sticking into my lips whenever I wore a lip gloss!