Thursday, October 6, 2011

Suddenly Thirty (again)

Turning thirty is such a terrific, significant milestone that I have chosen to do it four times now. Each time as good as the last
(and infinitely better than the first - let's blame the newborn).

This year, as my (next 30th) birthday king hits me from behind rolls over me
(excuse me, who let October in while my back was turned?) 
I feel content and balanced.

This year has been one of serious growth with a serving of achievement thrown in the mix.

I feel that I've learnt so much about myself, my family and what really matters to me.
It's too bad Oprah hung up her couch 'cause I would love to jump around on it in my newfound joy!

Since my last 30th...

  • I have ran a marathon. It probably escaped your attention as I don't like to bring it up - but I did. Run a marathon.
  • I have finally introduced Magoo to my family and been a mother in the presence of my own mother.
  • I have reconnected with my Dad and happily watched Magoo turn him to mush.
  • Circumstances tested my marriage - and I'm (thankfully) still his wife and happier than ever.
  • My baby turned into a kid. A kid with quite the temper. Which, ironically, has helped me curb mine.
  • I was thrown in the deep end at work and have moved from survival backstroke to a relatively fluid style (even if my legs are still going hell for leather under the surface).
  • I've reached a point of understanding and appreciation in my friendships. I truly 'get' the adage 'those who matter don't mind - and those who mind, don't matter.' I'm blessed with plenty that matter and I choose to focus on them.
  • I've made some progress along the path of no longer constantly apologising for the way I live my life, instead throwing my energy into people and pursuits that are positive and healthy for me. A year ago the magnets that read 'I can only please a certain amount of people today and you're not one. Tomorrow's not looking good for you either" would have seemed quite rude. These days I think that's amusing. so much so, I bought one. For a colleague.
  • I've travelled over(many)seas with a toddler and some serious luggage in tow.
  • I've absolutely loved the tropical family holiday of a lifetime in paradise.
  • I have delighted in marriages and births around me, wept with sorrow at illness and deaths.
  • I've developed an 'online' space of my own and (virtually) met some pretty fabulous people.
  • I've reached an age where it's perfectly acceptable to admit that I've forgotten the rest.

This aging gig really isn't as bad as The Rolling Stones and Meatloaf make it look.

So, happy unbirthday to you and happy birthday to me.

Shar :-)


Mama of 2 boys said...

What a terrific ode to your year just gone and a most Happy Birthday to you for tomorrow Shar... in case you don't post and I forget to acknowledge it xo
Love both The Rolling Stones AND Meatloaf... of old... when I say that I really mean what they USED to be. Now it's just getting a little worn. Though that performance at the AFL grand final will go down as one of those gobstopping/cringeworthy/train wreck moments forevermore. Gotta love that! ;o)

My Mummy Daze said...

I love this post Shar! You sounds so reflective and insightful. It must feel good to just accept you for who you are and begin to push away those people who can't support you. Oprah always said that your 50's are the best years, so I wouldn't feel worried about being in your 30's. There's some amazing days ahead!

Peggy said...

Shar I love where you're at, you've obviously recently taken steps on a path that is lit up with knowledge and wisdom and experience. What a great place to be. :)

I look forward to joining you on your journey towards your NEXT 30th. Happy birthday lovely. xo

Tamsyn said...

Happy Birthday Shar, it has been a fabulous year!!

Being Me said...

Happy birthday! For yesterday...
I really love that you have discovered these pearls of growing older. I prefer to just see it as "growing"!

Teresa said...

Happy birthday Shar!!

Some great lessons and achievements there - has been quite a year!

I particularly loved reading "..been a mother in the presence of my own mother." That is quite beautiful.

Have an absolutely fabulous day/weekend/year of 30 again! xo

Bubby Makes Three said...

Love all that, great reflection! happy birthday to us!!!!! X nic

Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Happy birthday! That's an impressive list.! You should be proud. x

Kate Sins said...

Happy, happy birthday lovely! I presume I'm a day late though...

This post is yet another reason why you are one of my favourite bloggers - insight, thought, humour, irreverence, genius, wit, perfection.

I have your magnet in an apron! Love love love it. And I can't believe you've run a marathon. So fabulous.

Hope the next year is wonderful.