Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Time To Go...

The tribe has spoken.

With my Mum pretty seriously unwell, the time has come for me to take the plunge.
The '25 hour flight with a child' plunge.
Magoo and I will head over to Ireland to be with my Mum this weekend
(not FOR the weekend, as the travel itself takes pretty much a weekend).
The plan is for us to cheer Mum up and spend some precious time together - or drive her so demented that she makes a miraculous recovery in order to get rid of us.

I've held this blissful fantasy for about three years now, that one random day
(well, Christmas Eve, my birthday, Magoo's Christening and birthdays - in particular)
my Mum would ring me from Perth airport or just turn up at my door.
We've offered so many times to fly her here and I've been known to beg more than ask in my darker hours of motherhood and marriage.
Anyhow, that fantasy has been put to the side with the reality that my Mum won't be flying anywhere in the near future.
So it is time for Magoo to meet his Nanny - and for his Mummy to face one of her greatest fears*.

I'm not afraid of flying as such.
I'm a nervous flyer, but I'll happily suck it up to get to point B.
Especially if B is for Borneo, Bali, Broome, Brisbane - you know, locations within a 6 hour flight path of home.
I am fearful of mind numbing boredom on an epic scale.
Of toddler whinging, tantrums and repetitive questions with no escape hatch.
Of a cramped, confined space for a whole day.
Of prolonged, seated discomfort and serious sleep deprivation.

I have made the flight from 'Home Australia' to 'Home Ireland' many times, hating it each and every one.
I feel physical pangs of guilt and anxiety when I think about putting Magoo (and our fellow passengers) through such a looong flight.
Yep, I'll be that woman who no one makes eye contact with on boarding in case they end up as my neighbour. As if just looking at us will somehow render their seat next to ours.
I also feel butterflies of excitement at the prospect of seeing some much longed for family at the end of the haul.
At the thought of introducing Magoo
(who will be like a feral animal and probably be quarantined, I'm sure)
to his Nanny, Uncle, Grandad, 2nd cousins and all my crazy clan.

Magoo is delighted at the thought of visiting more 'planeports' and seeing his beloved Aunty Fiono again. He just wants to know if his Nanny will have a car seat for him (is cabin fever hereditary?!) and if he can go on the plane with the red tail (QANTAS Club, anyone?!). He has sweetly asked me if I think my brother will like him. Bless.
(My brother will LOVE Magoo as his nephew is a mini him. Scarily so.)

I have a coupla hundred things to do, buy, pack and organise before Sunday - but for some strange reason I don't really care.
I'm going home to my 'people'.
If your own people won't lend you a damn toothbrush or a pair of knickers, who will?

Here I am preparing for an Irish Summer!

Any 'air travel avec little person' tips?

Shar :-)

*I will not even entertain writing about what my actual greatest fear is, because I'm nowhere near ready to acknowledge it in print.


Tara @ Mum-ments said...

eeeek good luck lovely!
I hope the flight isnt as bad this time and that Magoo behaves ;)
fingers crossed he sleeps
well one can only hope right?

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Have a wonderful, wonderful time. What a beautiful place and how lovely to be visiting your family and having them all meet adorable Magoo!


Lou said... are about to realise one of MY biggest fears! Gosh, I cringe at the thought of flying back to Perth in less than 2 months! Our saving grace = iPad. Go on, treat yourself!! That or sedatives?!

Oh boy. HAVE FUN!!!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh good luck Shar! You'll do great and so will Magoo. You are doing a wonderful thing, precious quality time with your Mama can never be replaced, you will be so glad you did. Look forward to hearing about your adventures in Ireland.
Cute photo ski bunny ;o) xo

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

You can do it! I have done 2 return trips from HK to Melbs now with two kids - I will not pretend it was easy, but you can do it. Just right off 24 hours. Take lots of deodorant. Take extra food, esp breakfast cereal, crackers, mueslie bars. I have found the staff, and so many passengers, to be wonderfully helpful - some even offered to carry my bags when we landed after one flight. People are usually lovely, and ones that have had small children before, will empathise and help you if they can.
I always pack a "goodie" bag for my girls, with a new book, colouring book, and some other toys/age appropriate activities for them. My 5 year old gets so excited, for hours before the flight, she asks constantly for her goodie bag - but she only ever gets it when we are at the boarding gate, and if she has been good.
It is just one day out of your life - so worth it to see your mum and family. Have fun!!
Cat (I hope you get this before you fly out?)

Maxabella said...

I happen to know that it all went (reasonably) well for you in the end. That doesn't stop me from having a panic attack for you as I read this. That's a loooooong time in an enclosed space with the small people. Even when kids aren't your own on a flight, they drive you a bit crazy. It's so hard to fly with them. But we get there in the end! x

MultipleMum said...

It is great to know that you survived this. I have only flown four hours (I think) and that was bad enough. Car from Raspberry Rainbows has some good advice huh? Thanks for joining the Weekend Rewind x

Seana Smith said...

Hello there, that posts seems like a long, long time ago... must say I don't mind the long flights at all, and even enjoy them when I am ALONE... but can understand why you don't... it's madness when you think about it, so many hours in a metal tube.

Happy New Year!