Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mam On De Run - De Irish Version

(Insert Irish accent here.)
Well, lads.
How's tings dare?
Hope yere de finest.

Ah, shure lads tis grand to be home.
For feck's sake.
De Mammy is delighted to have us and de little fella is a pantomine apparently.
Magoo's de best buy according to my Mam and "lads, dya tink he's very advanced, now?!"
Haven't I been runnin like a mad ting every mornin and lovin de time wit de rest of dem here...

(Lose Irish accent here.)
Well, as Magoo kept saying when we arrived at Dublin airport "we maded it"!
It's so fantastic to be (Ireland) home. I'm finding it difficult to find the words to adequately articulate the feeling of contentment and peace I feel, especially considering that I only decided to cross the world with a toddler in tow a week ago.
Magoo just isn't cut out for the Irish pub scene!
He fell asleep on me before he could touch his dinner and didn't wake again until the next day!
As if to cement my uncharacteristically unplanned decision, while we were enjoying the fruits of Emirates Airlines labour, my Mum received news that she would be having keyhole surgery on Tuesday with a full bypass being the emergency back up plan.

We're meant to be here and despite the circumstances, it is pretty great.
I'm absolutely loving seeing my little man meet and lap up the attention of my Mum, Dad, sister, brother, aunties and cousins. (I hereby nominate my sister and brother as the greatest aunty and uncle to grace the Earth!) It took my Mum approximately ten minutes to start singing Magoo's praises and decide he's the most intelligent child in the world. No bias there at all!
Carving up the dance/lounge floor with Aunty Fi!
I love coming back here to where people I don't know somehow know who I am and where I fit into the picture. I love walking the streets that trigger all sorts of memories and feelings. I love that I think in an Irish accent here. I love that within hours of arriving, I took Magoo for a stroll up town and saw my uncle, two cousins and bumped into my own Dad! Magoo met his Grandad as he drove past, yelled out the window and screeched to a stop! The five greyhounds in the back of the van were an added extra!
It's been a completely different trip home to those of years ago.
I've not been here as someone's wife or as a Mum before.
Different but beautiful.
Less pub time, less alcohol, less partying, less pandemonium.
More down time, more quality time with the family, more Magoo friendly fare.
It's even better than I imagined. Sharing the load, having a laugh, reminiscing, constant company, forcing my parents to be in the same room, so many people for Magoo to bounce off (and be spoiled by)...

I have always watched other Mums in shopping centres and envied those with their own Mum or family with them. I'm living out my pathetic fantasy of doing everyday, mundane things with Magoo and my Mum & co. 
Grocery shopping has never been so lovely!

Right now, I'm even too relaxed to string words together and type!!

Sla'n go fo'ill'
Shar :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh my dearest shar, ever so happy for u right now. U brought tears to my eyes. Xxxxx

Romina Garcia said...

Loving the pics - hope you have a ball xx

(visiting Ireland is on my bucket list )

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

So, so happy for you both. Love the pictures and wonderful to hear about your trip so far. Sounds like you and Magoo are having such a great time.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.