Friday, July 8, 2011

Grateful For...The Girls

This week I'm so, so very grateful for 'the girls'.

Unfortunately I don't mean those 'girls'.
Underwhelming, deflating, mis-shapen, disaster zone are a few endearing phrases that come to mind when reflecting upon those puppies.

No, the girls I'm referring to are anything but disappointing.
In my eyes, they haven't suffered any wear and tear at the hands of age, gravity, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

They've blossomed through all that jazz and have come out even more fabulous than before.

The 'girls' I have been well endowed with are the beautiful women in my life who are more supportive than Dolly's own Playtex.

I'm beyond blessed with the girls who 'get' me - yet, strangely have stuck around. There are a bunch of wonder women in my life who are an endless source of love and laughs. I can happily blame a large proportion of my not-so-fine lines on these moles!!

I honestly don't know where I'd be without such a beautiful network of inspiring, understanding, generous, caring and damn funny women to bounce off, laugh/snort with and cry to.

Grateful doesn't even begin to describe it - but it's a start.

Being grateful with Maxabella Loves. 

Shar :-)


georgi hampton said...

such a lovely thing to be grateful for, and so true. I popped over from maxabella. hope you have a lovely weekend! x

Abbie said...

It is wonderful to have special people in your life where you can be just you and its ok!!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha! You are funny Shar. And don't worry, I feel EXACTLY the same way about my 'girls'... not even sure I can call them that anymore. Two breastfeeding boys will do that to you :o/
Lovely grateful though... I think we are all eternally grateful for our girlfriends, the genuine ones, who know everything about you... and still like you! ;o)
Have a great weekend xo

Miss Mandy said...

Friends are soooo important. I must say my closest friends are not so close. I've yet to find girlfriends that meet their level in my local area.

Maxabella said...

I have loads of friends and lots of 'girls', but I don't have 'the girls' and that's something that has always made me a bit sad. You are very lucky indeed. My sisters fill that role for me, but I think sometimes they wish I'd just get out there and find my own damn girls! x

jody said...

A lovely post, so important to have 'girls' in our lives. Happy weekend :)

Kellie said...

Now those ``girls'' are definitely something to be grateful for! I'm not so thrilled with my other breastfeeding girls either! ;)

Kate said...

Friends are vital and I lack female friends in my life and miss them as it was not always like that.
Great post

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