Sunday, July 17, 2011

Up In Arms

I do love a bit of AFL football.
But to get me to park my butt for over two hours in one sitting is a biiig ask.
Live? Yes. Can do.
With a little plastic glass of something bubbly, a few pieces of sushi and fellow spectators to keep me entertained.
In front of the box, not so much.
So, I love a bit of AFL football. A little bit at a time.

I'm interested in the scores, so check in every now and then when a game's on. I like watching the end of quarters and particularly, the final minutes of games.

When I do have to watch for extended periods, like when 'spending time' with Hubby, I find that engaging in a bit of innocent 'Armwatch' is a most pleasurable way to pass the time. It's a little like 'Baywatch' but instead of watching sets of (often artificially enhanced) jugs bounce along the sand I'm watching sets of (sometimes artificially enhanced - but the AFL are onto it) guns bounce around the field.
*Thank you, The West Australian.
I read the sports section for the articles, I swear.
Well, ahem, developed arm muscles seem to be part and parcel of AFL football. I won't becomplaining about that aspect of 'footy club culture' anytime soon.

You don't even have officially 'perv', crane your neck or stand over the players to catch glimpses of arm action. It's all right out there, with the uniforms specifically chosen to allow us unlimited visual access to the guns. There is no requirement for elbows to be digitally pixelated or appeals for players to show some decency and only reveal a teaser of the arm.

Bring on bouncedown!
Are you a sports fan / perv?

Shar :-)



Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh AFL players have THE most exceptional arms in sport! They are usually tanned, greased and bulging with definition... Phew!
I'm a big Swannies follower, have been supporting them for years. Don't go to the games so much anymore, but I do enjoy watching the odd match on tele.
Nothing like a good ol' perve ;o) xo

Teresa said...

Shar, This is so funny! My husband (and his entire family in fact) are massive AFL fans...we're members of our local club (I'm not mentioning them by name because we are having a shocker season) I go along every once a while and looove to look at the players arms...AFL players are the best looking sportsman in my opinion. My husband thinks its great that our seats are just above the injured players seats - because he gets to perv on their wives who all look like super models - but he doesn't realise that I'm taking in some eye candy of my own. T xo

Tamsyn said...

I agree with you 100% on this topic. I like the game, prefer watching snippets to the whole thing, an LOVE their uniforms :)