Monday, July 25, 2011

Point + Shoot : My People

Friday 5:30pm Irish time
Saturday 12:50am Aussie time

From L-R : my Mum, my brother, my son, my self

Take a look under my feet.
That's air, baby.
I'm walking on it. 

Playing Point + Shoot with snow bunny Lou from Sunny + Scout 

Shar : -)


weissbunt said...

What a fun picture :-)

Tamsyn said...

What a gorgeous picture :)

Leese said...


Anonymous said...

lovely photo!

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

So lovely reading about all of your family fun. How wonderful for you and just what you needed. Great photographs of your 'peeps'.

'If we only had old Ireland over here..!' Do some dancing for us.

HappeningsOfUs said...

awesome pic!

Michelle said...

Now that is a family portrait :)

Bubby Makes Three said...

so so jealous!!!!