Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Village

I have a dream...

A village (with the essential modern conveniences and unlimited internet access) in a perpetually warm climate, nesteld in a forest with a tepid river on one boundary and the ocean in all it's stunning glory on another.

The village is inhabitated by genuinely friendly, welcoming, non bitching, don't-care-what-your-clothing-label says women and their respective gorgeous children.
Stay a day, a week, a month, a year or a lifetime.

The afore mentioned hormonally blalanced women co exist in harmony and raise their children the way nature must've intended...

Sister ___, you are such a morning person. You can rise with the crack-of-dawn children and enjoy activities with them while your sleeper Sisters have a rest.

Oh, Sister __, you like to swim? Go take a long swim while we watch over the children. We might send them down to bathe when you're done.

Sister _____, you love to read to children. Knock yourself out. The floor is yours.

Sister _______ aka 'The Craftmaster', you delight the children with your wonderful work.

Sister ______ Dolittle, the way you care for our animals is beautiful. The children (and menagerie) are in good hands with you.

Oh Sister _____ who aches to run, why don't you take a quick run for yourself before taking the children on one of those little bushwalks you love?

Sister ____, you love to sew? Here's each child's measurements and off you go. Hee hee.

Sister ____, you feel fulfilled by going out to work, so go ahead while your children are well cared for. (We gots to eat!)

Sister ____ of the green thumb, you and the children are doing a magnificent job in our gardens, veggie patch and orchard!

Meals are prepared communally, with each 'sister' going with her own strengths.
Other chores are divided among the village, again with each 'sister' choosing where she wants to pour her energies.
Discipline is shared, mummy meltdowns are non existent, whinging and swearing unnecessary.
Once the little people have drifted off to sleep (to the soothing sound of Sister _____'s beautiful harmonies) the wine drinking sisters gather and have a lovely old time celebrating their day.

You may have noticed that men do not feature heavily in this scenario - but I guess the gorgeous children have to come from somewhere.
(I considered a dream IVF clinic, but conjugal visits could be accomodated.)

For the record -
In my dreams I am the early rising, running, bushwalking, reading to and playing with children, laundry organising, occasionally cooking,  wine drinking sister.

In my reality, I'm struggling to adjust to the world of single parenting!
(Kudos to those who've been doing it a lot longer than my four months.)
But am so, so, so appreciative of my own pseudo village.
Thank you a thousand times 'sisters'.

Come join me.
What would you like to bring to the village?
We're short a great pastry chef ... and a winemaker would go down a treat!

Shar :-)


Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

I'm not so good at wine making, but wine pouring I'm excellent at!

Sounds brilliant, sign me up!

Tara @ Mum-ments said...

Oh it sounds perfect too me hun!
Whens the bus leave so i can be ready?