Sunday, July 10, 2011

Point + Shoot : Ball Boys

Saturday 4:30pm
My boys love nothing more than to be unleashed at the park of an afternoon.
I love to oblige.

Our dog, Jack, has only just allowed Magoo to be the keeper of the 'chucker'.
Before last week, "Jacky Boy" flat out refused to have anything to do with my little man's uncoordinated grasp and unpredictable throwing style.

Magoo is relishing his new role in the family as 'Chief Ball Chucker'.

His technique leaves a little to be desired.
You could say it's a throw only a mother could love.
And I do.

Magoo told me on the weekend that our "Jacky Boy" is no longer his best friend.
He's in fact his "brudder".
I know, I know. Only child needs a real companion and all that.

Point + Shoot(ing) with Lou @ Sunny + Scout

Shar :-)


Mama of 2 boys said...

Ahh, how delightful! A boy's best friend, that is for sure. What lovely memories you have stored here Shar. Beautiful pics too xo

georgi hampton said...

his 'brudder' - love it! lovely pictures as well! x

Michelle said...

I bet they both had a great night sleep too after all that fun and games!

Anonymous said...

Does it get any cuter. How beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Does it get any cuter. How beautiful.

Sarah said...

Times like that are so special. i'm glad you captured shots of those memories. x

Lou said...

Shar! The #1 spot- what can I say, I'm so proud :) I would say give that boy a REAL brother but I refuse to be one of the "so when are you...?" crowd you've already got standing on your front lawn! Love you guys!!