Sunday, July 24, 2011

De Dreaming

Last night's dream was not unlike dreams that I have had before.

In my dream...
I put a happy Magoo to bed with stories, songs and kisses and prepared to hit the town with my brother and sister.
After realising I had neglected to pack my one 'going out' top into my bursting at the seams - literally - suitcase, I improvised and went for a more understated look than originally planned!
Then, after spinning the heck out at the drag queen falsies (eyelashes) that my sister was batting at us we were set to go.
My mum papped a pic of her three babies before we left the homestead and then babysat Magoo for the night.

We headed out to paint the town red, but someone else had got there first - with the band of the moment, Raffiki, painting footsteps all over town leading to the bar where they were playing.
My mad siblings and I went into my cousin's pub for 'one' and then into another to watch my brother's friend rock the place with his brilliant singing & songwriting.
I called in Redbull to help me push through 'Mummy bedtime' and keep up with the young uns.

After the band's gig we moved to a nightclub where my sister and I continued to cause our young (local) brother to shake his head and roll his eyes.
My (not so local) sister and I danced, sang and laughed ourselves stupid.
I met cousin after cousin through the night and plenty of others who I'm pretty sure aren't my cousins - but you can never be sure. Better safe than sorry in a small town!

Reminiscent of my younger days, the dj caught me off guard when he rudely played the national anthem and called it a night at 2am.
My brother drove his two nutjob sisters home and pushed us into the house where we delighted our mother with tales of the night's craic.
I'm pretty sure her face told a story of family pride as we filled her in.

This morning I woke up from this version of a familiar dream with a fairly unfamiliar feeling.

As I listened to toddler talk about it being "moning time now, Mummy", I registered that my head was a tad fuzzy, I was mighty thirsty and I could happily have gone a grease fix.
Magoo was questioning why my wrist "had got that tattooed for" and I had a suspicious inkling I may have only had approximately three hours sleep.

I turned on my camera to be greeted with happy snaps like these :

It appears that some dreams do come true.
Tonight I'll try to channel some lotto dreaming while I'm on a roll.

Sweet dreams.
Shar :-)

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