Saturday, July 16, 2011

Grateful For ... Three

This week I am feeling super grateful for 3.

The 3 whole days (I choose to dwell on the positive here today) that Magoo is having with his Daddy between Hubby's work travel and our Ireland travel.

The 3 of us together at last - for now.

The 3 of us girls who ventured out for a 'Ladies Night' fundriaser with Magoo's daycare last night.
Public Service Announcement - photography is not permitted inside casinos.
Apparently, everyone else knows this.

The 3 passports (2 are mine - love that dual citizenship!) that are ready and waiting.

The 3 aeroplanes that will do for me what Dorothy's lovely ruby red slippers did for her.

The 3 sweet, caring, child loving air hotesses that I just know I'm going to encounter and adore for being so plain wonderful to Magoo and I.

The 3 very special peeps that will be waiting for us at Dublin airport on Monday.

The 3 weeks that we will get to spend immersed in Irish craic and Irish family fueds fun.

The 3 seconds it took for me to find plenty to be grateful for today.
Last week's misery marathon is behind me!

Thank you, Maxabella for 'Grateful For...Saturdays

Shar :-)


Being Me said...

Ha! Misery marathon, love it... well, I mean, I don't love *them* I just love your name for it ;P Good luck for your flight, how daunting but very very exciting.

Maxabella said...

It's a three fest! And three is my favourite number. Enjoy your trip to Dublin! x

georgi hampton said...

happy travelling! x

Bubby Makes Three said...

wow, a huuuge trip but hopefully an amazing one!!

Laura said...

Enjoy your trip. Get aways are always things to be grateful for :)

(popped over from Maxabella)