Monday, February 21, 2011

Cruise Control - Off

What has happened to our year of cruise?
2011 - the year when we were going to coast along, same same, breathe a little.
Plan a few holidays, camping trips, attempt a marathon to keep life interesting but generally cruise.

Somebody has flicked the switch and all hell is breaking loose here!!
Not in any bad ways.
Just in manic, turning my life upside down ways.
(Remembering, I'm a planner, a lister, a routine-r.)

First, Hubby was approached out of nowhere and presented with a career opportunity and an offer to good to refuse. And a chinese visa????????????
Starting early March, contract signed, but don't have many more details yet.
Cool, Hubby will be away some. We can do this.

Then my work ring in a spin with a crisis and an offer to good to refuse. And a higher workload, totally different year level, the first tandem my school has ever considered and new work days - starting TOMORROW, if you don't mind. 
The grapevine informs me there's parent backlash as well as a whole new curriculum to contend with in the morning. Woo hoo!

I've spent my day organising daycare, rescheduling hair appointments, moving weekly swimming lessons, begging besties to care for my baby, prepping lessons for someone else to teach my juniors and shopping for our trip next week.

Ummm, we go overseas for a wedding on Sunday. Hubby is without a car from Wednesday, the Chinese consulate are keeping his passport til the end of the week, I'm working Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, Magoo stole tampons from Progressive SupaIGA this afternoon, Hubby is doing the Rottnest Channel Swim on Saturday  - and I need my hair done people!!!

Okay, vent over.
Thank God for lists. Beautiful, be cool, lists.
How exciting, right? Who needs cruising anyway?

Shar :-)))


Louise said...
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Louise said...

This makes my brain hurt Shar!! xx