Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Change Is As Good As...

Here's to changes.
Changes that on Monday looked challenging, draining and uninviting.

Here, less than a week later, I would like to celebrate these changes.
Preferably with a beverage of the sweet and bubbly kind. Cheers!

Here's to one bunch of 32 ten year old rockstars instead of one hundred and something little lovelies.
To the refreshement of students who say "excuse me" rather than pull on your skirt, or top, or leg.
Here's to independence and witty humour, as opposed to the same cute 'knock, knock' over and over.
To legible writing that doesn't require reading aloud repeatedly to decipher what word was intended by the author.
Here's to parents who have learnt to trust the system, the school, their children.
To clean noses and fingers unphased by shoelaces or yoghurt tubes.
Here's to hitting the ground running and slowly hotfooting it up that mountain of curriculum.
To coming home to "I missed you Mummy" over and over and over, while Daddy feels slighted that he's put in the hard yards all day - for once.
Here's to realising you can be adaptable, flexible and spontaneous after all.
Well, within reason. :-)

I'm sure there's a lot of merit in the wisdom of "A change is as good as a holiday."
But, just to be sure, I'm going to take the holiday anyway!!

Shar :-)

1 comment:

Romina Garcia said...

Love your blog!
Will definitely be back :-)
I'd take the holiday too!! haha!!