Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wax On, Wax Off

First, a confession.
I have the selfish wish that both my hairdresser and my beautician do not fall pregnant or rethink their careers any time in the near future! It's a compliment (and a disgusting reflection of my character) because they are both so absolutely awesome. I have searched for these two stars for a long time and am quite attached to their respective skills.

So, moving on.
I had on one of my precious lists "make beautician appointment before Sabah". 
Of course, who wants to be hairy on holidays?
Or for the Rottnest Channel Swim 2011, it appears.
Hubby saw said list and piped up with "can you make an appointment for me too?"
Images of a certain St. Kilda football player immediately sprang to mind as I grunted "what for?!"

Years ago, Hubby used to wax his legs for swimming, cycling and running.
But not lately. Not last year for the Rotto swim, nor the year before or the one before that either. Not since we have been married actually.
But this year, he has decided that he wants to be footloose and hair free for the crossing.
Fair enough... I guess!! I quite like(d) Hubby's hairy (manly) legs myself, but it is just hair. Or was.

Hair today...
 My beautician is a beauty. But she is also brutal -  'good brutal' considering I go there for a specific reason and that is to be (relatively) hairless. She doesn't hold back, is speedy and is extremely thorough. I usually leave there with the urge to giggle stupidly at what just took place. All of which make her a brilliant beautician  - for me.
For hubby is a different story. Flashes of a particular St. Kilda star again!

So, off Hubby went for his 3.20pm appointment today.
He has returned to us no less a man, but a considerably smoother version.
Chicken anyone?!
Hubby didn't focus too much on the pain factor in his recount of the wax files, but as I had my own appointment with said brilliant, brutal beautician at 5.40pm he did admit to handling it a little less bravely than I do!

Hubby is super impressed with the results of his 80 minutes (!!) in the lilac torture chamber - and hopefully will be chafe - less after Saturday's swim.
Me ? I'm jealous - I want sleek, shiny arms too - and worried  - can this marital bed handle four silky, smooth legs?!!

Quote : "She made me bleed, Shar"

Shar :-)

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rncalnon said...

Oh Shar, this post has made me laugh soooo much. How funny if our Beautiful Beautician read this post. Good effort 'Hubby' he was very brave. Did he make another appointment? Tell him to make the next wax an 'extended' one hehe.