Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm a bit worried that I've accidentally done what so many women want to.
I'm a bit worried I've taken my husband's essence, his soul, his character and manipulated it to be a whole lot more like mine!!

Hubby is (was???) the coolest cucumber, unshakable (to the point of frustration) and oh sooo easygoing.

This week I've seen him be as impatient as me (with good reason as we're waiting on some important information). I've seen him check our email account continuously as if he can send/receive this baby into being if he presses that icon enough.

I've heard him make plans. Little, minute, detailed plans for the future. Huh? That's my job.

We're a team , my husband and I. Usually a pretty good team.
We got together through competing in triathalons as a team. A winning team I might add. :-)
We have regularly competed in events as a team and built a family life together as a team.

The day we vowed to never ruin one another's
Australia Day, among other things.
We have lots of shared passions, goals, ideas and interests. But lots more differences too.
I've learnt we don't need to be in each other's everything.
I have given paddling a red hot go many times over the years because it's Hubby's 'thing' and I want to be his 'thing' too.
But the seas were angry that day, my friend, and so was Hubby when I mistakenly put my life before his expensive, coveted new paddles and surf ski.

We have different roles within our team - that's why we work.
He's the sane, chilled (but very competitive) one and I'm the nutjob trying to put a firecracker under him.
(Until we go camping - military style, but that's a whole nuther story - unleash the beast!!)

I run, Hubby swims.
I worry, Hubby laughs.
I plan, Hubby tries to at least turn up.
I lie awake thinking, Hubby slumbers deeply.
I budget, Hubby blows it all in one night.
I organise, Hubby improvises.
I discipline, Hubby gets walked over.
I multitask, Hubby does one. thing. at. a. time
I clean, Hubby messes.
I wash, Hubby dries.... and so on.

This is why we work. Ying & Yang, opposites attract and all that.

His tatt says "carpe diem" - seize the day.
Mine says "don't put off until tomorrow, what can be done today". Lie. It's a dolphin, but that's probably what my dolphin is thinking in a self righteous, know it all voice.

I don't want to look at my gorgeous husband and see me!!! Uugghhh!!
I don't know how my awful impatient, worrisome, neurotic self has infiltrated poor Hubby's armour of chill, but I will retreat waving that white flag, taking my terrible traits with me.


NB - on the upside, maybe we're in some cheesy, 90s, role reversal rom com.
Hubby may just come home tonight to find my clothes strewn all over the bedroom floor. When he asks what's for dinner, I'll look up from the X Box and go "huh??". When he goes in search of what has been defrosted or prepared, I'll drain my Corona and say "chill hon, let's just cruise to the beach and then swing by your Mum's on the way home." ;-))


Life In A Pink Fibro said...

LOL. Hopefully it's just a little glitch in the programming and he'll be back to being a cucumber very soon.

Visiting via the Rewind.

Janelle said...

So 8 months on, is the universe back in alignment again? Sounds a lot like my hubby and I actually!
Visting from rewind.

MultipleMum said...

Love this Shar. The only thing I know about husbands is that they continue to surprise! Thanks for joining the Weekend Rewind. A little late but better late than never huh? x