Saturday, February 19, 2011

School's In

I've been back at school/work now for a whole three weeks -
so why do the holidays seem so far gone?

Bye bye holidays!
I know that school's back because I have
  • adopted the frantic nature of the common headless chook twice a week
  • lost my purse (and possibly even accused someone with stealing it :-0 )
  • written the wrong date repeatedly
  • actually ironed clothes
  • followed Magoo around the house brandishing Weetbix on a spoon
  • sped
  • prayed for the bin truck to come super early so Magoo can pull his face off the screen door and get moving
  • drank (more) wine and ate (more) chocolate during the week
  • used our PC for something other than bill paying, blogging and Facebooking.
  • rolled my eyes when Magoo fell over again and considered how bad all this bruising looks to daycare / Mum in law
  • used an entire packet of post-it notes
  • only read about 10 pages of my book in three weeks
  • gone days without speaking to my besties
  • been told that my "arms smell real nice" and that I have "pretty hair"
God bless 5 year olds.

But, hee hee, our trip to Sabah is just around the corner.
I'm cheating this looong eleven week term with a week off in the middle - ish.
Clever. Naughty. Well, naughty for a rules girl like me (at a school where personal holidays are not permitted. Sssshhh.)!

Shar :-)

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