Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday to the power of 3

In more compelling evidence that my poor Hubby has been 'Shar exised', we spent a beautiful weekend celebrating his birthday - with three separate celebrations - very much my birthday-milking style coming through here.
Life's short. Celebrate. Everything.

We had a great dinner out on Friday night with a brilliant bunch.
Nothing better than overeating with some of your favourite people. :-)
Here's the Commando cake I made and Hubby hated.
Obviously not a connoisseur of khaki icing, my man.
(if only the 'Commando' had been there to cut it -
but then that would have been my birthday not Hubby's)
Saturday was Hubby's actual birthday and Magoo had a wonderful time opening all the gifts he and I had supposedly given to his Daddy.
We had a beautiful, relaxing day chilling at home, scoffing leftover (hideously delicious) cake, venturing to the dog beach and watching poor Hubby wrestle (read 'swear at') the kit army jeep that Magoo had gifted him.
That night, Hubby and I had our own little dinner date followed by Dave Hughes' hilarious stand up show.
Very funny guy, Hughesy. I was just thankful he didn't pick on us as we were in the fourth row (only time I'll ever be a DD!)

On Sunday, Hubby was competing all day so I cleaned myself into oblivion on my poor 27km legs. (Woo hoo, another early early morning 27km run under the belt). We had Hubby's family over for the evening and overate with more of our favourite people.
(Is that a theme? Biggest Loser, here we come!)

I must have been channeling my pre bub, innocent stupid childless days as I made perfectly lovely cupcakes and slathered them in blue icing and little fish. The kids had a great, blue, fun, blue time with them and I will curse myself silently every time I find little blue icing gifts through the house. Thankful for the pool. A swim constitutes a bath on a warm day, right?

Blue sugar bliss baby!

We were also toasting Hubby's new job -which I'm certain I'll blog about as it involves Hubby travelling a fair bit, which will involve Mummy unravelling a fair bit!

All in all, a very nice weekend, thank you very much.
A very happy pre birthday, birthday and post birthday were had.
Hope yours was a goodie too.
Shar :-)

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