Saturday, February 12, 2011

Step Away From The Scales

As Facebook would say -
"it's complicated."
My love / hate relationship.

How on Earth can my self worth be determined by a little, blinking digital number?

How can one single digit (or more!) cause me to really dislike what I see in the mirror?

How can a particular number be so pathetically important when I have so many other fantastic aspects of my life to focus on?

Why do I really quickly and covertly jab those numbers into the computer on the stepper at the gym when it dares to ask my weight?

Why do I have a bunch of clothes that don't even get a look-in if the number is too high?

Why is it that I take a deep breath before I step on and close one eye, grimacing before I look down?

Why can't I just not weigh myself?

If I turn my back, let my guard down and neglect to step on that stupid glass pad - is that weight just going to creep up from behind (and the sides too!) and bam - attack me with an extra 10 kilos?

Do I think that by checking on my weight regularly it won't be allowed to run amuck behind my back like a naughty child?

and...Whhhyyy did I eat so much food last night??    :-)

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